Back to Homeschool Season

Miss me? I know I haven’t posted anything here in over a month, but I have been busy with the family and critters this summer and I’m also incredibly bored by all the stupidity I see and hear in the “news” lately.

I write at DaTechGuy’s Blog on Fridays, so please come visit me there and also check out all the other good stuff that is there every single day.

I will still blog here, of course, when time and circumstances allow and when I am inclined to do so. It is always nice to have your own place available to say what you want when you want to!

It is back to school prep season for everyone who sends their kids off to a school somewhere, and, for those of us who homeschool from fall to summer, it is also back to homeschool season (some families homeschool year round, but my family enjoys the summer break). Homeschool families of course must supply all of their own books and materials (while their property taxes still go to support the public schools they are not using) at their own expense.

I can never afford the fancy packaged complete curriculums (which I hear are very good) and I am not clever enough to do it all from scratch and for free the way some moms do, but I found a resource that I like and will share it here for anyone who is interested:

Amy Maryon is a homeschooling mom of ten(!) kids who has graciously made lessons available for anyone who wants them at her website Plain and not so plain, in addition to blogging about all kinds of other interesting and useful things. She has FREE pdf downloads covering entire grades worth of curriculum for Math and English, and other courses as well, and for people who would prefer to have physical books (it can get pricey to print hundreds of pages at home and sometimes it is just easier to just have a book), Amy put many of the courses from her website into book form that is very reasonably priced at Amazon.

Whether you are sending the kids off to a school or keeping them at home to educate them this year, Amazon has back to school deals in abundance. Anything you buy from my Amazon links sends a small commission my way, which will help me and my kids out, and it won’t cost you a penny extra!

I hope you all have been having a fabulous summer and that you enjoy the remainder of it. Summer has always been my favorite season, it is too bad that it goes by so fast!





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