#TrumpDay – Referendum Schmeferendum Edition

Huzzah! It’s TrumpDay again!

There was a special election in Georgia for Newt Gingrich’s old Congressional seat and it was supposed to be a “referendum” on the Presidency of My Donald where the leftist “Trump Slayer” carpetbagger propped up by Hollyweird would win as the media predicted he would and it would show everyone that President Trump can’t MAGA, but it didn’t quite work out that way. LOL

FoxNews morning crew with some analysis:


Democrats also lost in South Carolina last night.

Survey says: The kids are all right.

In case you missed it when it blew up in the dextrosphere last month, here is Chris Ray Gun with “Ain’t No Rest for the Triggered” (cuz it’s awesome):

This is sure to trigger some snowflakes – multiple Pepes doing the Peanuts Dance:

Until next time… Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!


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