#TrumpDay Classy Edition

Let us begin with something lovely – here is our First Lady, Melania Trump, as she receives a standing ovation at last night’s big speech to Congress by President Donald Trump:

No scowl there. How refreshing!

Here is the speech, in its entirety, for your enjoyment:

MOTUS reveals to us that President Trump was so awesome that even the fake news of the opposition party propagandist media had to admit it. Read all about it HERE!

Doug Ross has a virtual cornucopia of post-address coverage, with his inimitable Larwyn’s Linx, HERE – Doug’s site is a great place to find news and blog fodder every single day so bookmark his homepage if you haven’t already!

Pamela Geller kindly provides the full text of President Trump’s magnificent speech – and she also gives us the best headline of the day:

Trump’s First Joint Address: Historic, Spectacular — President’s Shining Hour: Trump Era is Born

The Democrats in attendance showed their standard level of class in their behavior last night:

Democrats Refuse To Applaud America Putting Its Own Citizens First – iOTWReport

Dianny at The Patriot Retort sums up how the commies Democrats in the audience responded to President Trump’s fantastic address, HERE, be sure to read it all!

A bunch of frumpy sourpuss dems commies in attendance wore white last night, apparently a nod to the Ku Klux Klan’s white robes (the KKK was founded by the Democrats, after all). The ugly marshmallows gesticulated a bunch of thumbs downs, and they booed and hissed at the President, especially when he announced that the government would be doing outreach to the American victims of foreign criminal invaders. Stay classy, bitches!

The Communist Democratic Party “rebuttal” wasn’t any more winning than the way the jackasses behaved at the address, in fact, it sucked, bigly:

Weird, No? Democrats Replace Rebuttal Speech With Lunesta Sleeping Aid Commercial… – The Last Refuge

Lots of good stuff out in the Dextrosphere today. Here is a great quote from Professor Donald Douglas at American Power:

President Trump, more than any time I can recall, proved that he’s the man we need for this country at this moment in history. It was freakin’ beautiful.

It sure was!

Here are some more great headlines and links to entertain and enlighten as you go about the rest of this glorious TrumpDay:

#trumpaddress The Worst Day #NeverTrump and Democrats ever had – DaTechGuyBlog

Trump: ‘A New Chapter of American Greatness Is Now Beginning’ – The Other McCain

Do the Democrats Have Anything Left But Vapid Gestures and Derangement? – Gay Patriot

It Was A Bases Loaded Home Run – Diogenes

Jamiel Shaw, Sr. – Father of Son Killed by Illegal – on Democrats in Congress: “I Ignore Them Like They Ignore Me” (Video) – The Gateway Pundit

Dems Response Address After Trump Punctuates How Lost They Are – iOTWReport.com

Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!



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