Puppy and Kitten Update

Today’s puppy & kitten update unfotunately brings sad news.
One of Sky’s kittens, poor little CC, who was born up in and had to be rescued from our basement ceiling, passed away during the night despite our best efforts to help him (which included giving him kitten formula with an eye dropper because he was too weak to nurse and had no suckle instinct). We knew he was at a disadvantage given his rough start and significantly smaller size than his sibling, Pumpkin, and the facts that not only did Sky not show a big interest in him but also because when puppy momma, Bellah, managed to get out of her baby cage & onto our bed to greet kitty momma Sky, Bellah had actually attempted to remove CC from Sky’s box yesterday. I think the two mothers knew he wouldnt make it, but for as long as he could draw a breath, hubby, the kids, and I knew that we wouldn’t give up on trying to help sweet little CC. Sky is doing OK, she seems content caring for her remaining kitten, Pumpkin, but Pumpkin is crying a lot more, maybe Pumpkin misses her sibling. Pumpkin is crawling around already although her (or his, we dont know yet) eyes have not opened yet, and (s)he got the name for her (his?) big head. Pumpkin is the stripey kitten who looks almost exactly like momma Sky. Poor little CC was more grey and less stripey except for his tail. I hope CC is now in the comfort of our Creator and at peace.

The puppies bring us happier news, as they are all growing and showing more personality every day, although I am still concerned about our special needs “swimmer puppy”, Breezy, the stiff limbed little runt:



Yesterday was National Puppy Day, and little Boscoe was happy to strike some charming poses:

IMG_20160323_221548IMG_20160323_172512Big Moose is humongous compared to the other pups but he likes to sleep while plotting his escape from baby jail:

IMG_20160323_172920Here are some more pictures of The Critters of the Resistance:

IMG_20160323_1906516_rewindIMG_20160323_110935_hdrBellah gives us the look which expresses something all new moms feel sometimes:

IMG_20160321_101600_hdrOreo doesn’t get to play with the pups as often as he’d like to, so he fills the void with cats, and Slatey misses playing with Sky, so he accommodates Oreo. Smooshie is the black & white cat who loves EVERYONE:



Well, it is time again for little Breezy’s homemade physical therapy (thanks to Adrienne for the helpful suggestions). He is doing a little better, his arms aren’t quite as stiff and (maybe because his big brothers crowd him out of the milk bar) he is the first to take an interest in a bit of puppy food. All the pups have little teeth now and every living creature in their vicinity is now their chew toy. They are learning that funky Husky woowootalk from their momma as well, so now the yips and yaps are also accompanied by little howls and happy growls!

Please keep our baby animals in your prayers. We know that lots of veterinarian visits need to happen soon, so the fundraiser note below will continue to be included in my blog posts, even when I’m not writing about pets.



With the arrival of puppies and kittens following quickly on the heels of some unexpected financial obstacles, I am holding a fundraiser to help get meet the expenses of veterinarian visits and supplies – especially for our pup Breezy, the runt, who appears to have some kind of birth defect with his front legs. Please consider helping, if you can, and prayers are also welcome and appreciated.

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