Kittens and Puppies – Fresh New Pics!

The puppies are three weeks old, the kittens are enjoying their second day on earth today, and I’ve got new pictures for you to enjoy…





The top photo is a close-up of baby Breezy, the runt of the pups. While the two bigger puppies, Moose and Boscoe, are starting to walk, Breezy’s front legs are stiff and pushed out sideways and he has a very flat chest. Apparently Breezy has what’s called Swimmer Puppy Syndrome which will require extra special care if he’s to grow up without being handicapped or worse. So at the bottom of my blog posts I’ll be putting a special appeal on his behalf (and the other baby animals too).

Sky’s kittens seem to be doing OK except that the one who spent hours stuck in my basement ceiling before rescue is much smaller and needs lots of help finding the mother’s milk. Sky is unlike any new momma critter I’ve ever seen in that she WANTS human & animal attention to her and her babies. I have to keep her kitten box with me or Sky gets upset, so last night the box was between me & hubby on the bed so we could sleep without Sky complaining the way she did when we tried to give her & the kittens a quite and private area of the house. Maybe because Sky was so very young when we got her, or maybe just because she’s a sweet loving thing, I dunno.

I have lots more pictures, including some with the other cats & dogs, but something kooky is going on with my internet today and I keep losing things I put in this post before I can save the draft, so I’m gonna wrap this one up now and try to get more critter blogging on later.

If you’ve any experience with helping “swimmer” puppies, please share your wisdom in the comments section below.

Happy Spring, everybody!



With the arrival of puppies and kittens following quickly on the heels of some unexpected financial obstacles, I am holding a fundraiser to help get meet the expenses of veterinarian visits and supplies – especially for our pup Breezy, the runt, who appears to have some kind of birth defect with his front legs. Please consider helping, if you can, and prayers are also welcome and appreciated.

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