Puppies of the Resistance!

Last August, hubby brought home a white Siberian Husky who needed a home. Her name is Bellah and she has beautiful ice blue eyes. Our dog Oreo (a Dalmation/Lab mix) immediately fell in love with her and finally learned some doggy manners in an effort to impress Bellah. Oreo’s efforts eventually paid off as winter’s cold set in and Bellah decided that starting a family might be more interesting than eating Oreo’s face, although she still likes to chew on him and he still lets her.

Two weeks ago Sunday, on Leap Day, Bellah brought three new little puppies into our world. I had learned about the things I might have to do to help her delivery, but Bellah was a champ & took care of it all – including the cleanup. She left no mess and six hours after she started, we had soft and clean fuzzy little puppies to love. She was very protective at first, but she soon let us cuddle the pups so she could get a break once in a while and now she lets Oreo kiss his babies occasionally without getting bitten. She has finally let me take some pictures to share with you all too. Enjoy!







The dogs are benefiting from my refusal to discard the baby equipment that I had for my kids. That’s the old crib mattress the happy parents are relaxing on and that’s the old baby cage that kept the Lil’ Resisters out of trouble before they were big enough to figure out how to escape.

We’ve had many talks here about what to name the puppies, with the exception of the first born who we’ve always called Big Moose (Moosey) cuz he is so very large compared to the other two. Hubby insists that the brown one is Boscoe; I liked Brownie, but I got to name the black ones (Boscoe was originally named NotBlack by me) so he wins (pick yer battles), the littlest one is the third born who we used to call Threezey who now is called Breezy and he’s the runt grunt of the litter. None look like their momma but all have Husky type markings on their sweet little faces and they all have white tipped tails like their daddy. Their eyes opened this weekend and they look like they might be blue like their mom, but it is too early to know for sure.

We were going to give the puppies away to close friends, but now that they are here I don’t think any of us can bear to do that because we love them so much. The cats seem to like them too, so far, although Bellah warns them off if they get too close. Our dogs & cats have always been good friends.

So that’s the latest happy news from The Resister House, I look forward to sharing more with you all as they continue to grow.



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