Puppies of the Resistance!

Last August, hubby brought home a white Siberian Husky who needed a home. Her name is Bellah and she has beautiful ice blue eyes. Our dog Oreo (a Dalmation/Lab mix) immediately fell in love with her and finally learned some doggy manners in an effort to impress Bellah. Oreo’s efforts eventually paid off as winter’s cold set in and Bellah decided that starting a family might be more interesting than eating Oreo’s face, although she still likes to chew on him and he still lets her.

Two weeks ago Sunday, on Leap Day, Bellah brought three new little puppies into our world. I had learned about the things I might have to do to help her delivery, but Bellah was a champ & took care of it all – including the cleanup. She left no mess and six hours after she started, we had soft and clean fuzzy little puppies to love. She was very protective at first, but she soon let us cuddle the pups so she could get a break once in a while and now she lets Oreo kiss his babies occasionally without getting bitten. She has finally let me take some pictures to share with you all too. Enjoy!







The dogs are benefiting from my refusal to discard the baby equipment that I had for my kids. That’s the old crib mattress the happy parents are relaxing on and that’s the old baby cage that kept the Lil’ Resisters out of trouble before they were big enough to figure out how to escape.

We’ve had many talks here about what to name the puppies, with the exception of the first born who we’ve always called Big Moose (Moosey) cuz he is so very large compared to the other two. Hubby insists that the brown one is Boscoe; I liked Brownie, but I got to name the black ones (Boscoe was originally named NotBlack by me) so he wins (pick yer battles), the littlest one is the third born who we used to call Threezey who now is called Breezy and he’s the runt grunt of the litter. None look like their momma but all have Husky type markings on their sweet little faces and they all have white tipped tails like their daddy. Their eyes opened this weekend and they look like they might be blue like their mom, but it is too early to know for sure.

We were going to give the puppies away to close friends, but now that they are here I don’t think any of us can bear to do that because we love them so much. The cats seem to like them too, so far, although Bellah warns them off if they get too close. Our dogs & cats have always been good friends.

So that’s the latest happy news from The Resister House, I look forward to sharing more with you all as they continue to grow.



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The Unfortunate Side Effects of #TDS

Trump Derangement Syndrome’s unfortunate side effects include, but are not limited to:

Fanatical leftists rioting like the idiot savages that they are

Republican political hacks getting into bed with violent fanatical leftists

Conservative bloggers giving tacit approval to violent fanatical leftists by refusing to condemn the violent attacks against free speech and the right of people to peaceably assemble

Fits of the verbal equivalent of explosive diarrhea by conservatives condemning Donald Trump because leftist savages in the throws of full blown TDS are acting like leftist savages


Incendiary douche baggery, as exemplified by the National Review’s Kevin Williamson who wants working class white people to DIE. (You first, Williamson, you stuck up self righteous asshole).

Ted Cruz, the Canadian candidate who claims to be Mr. Constitution, revealed himself as just another hollow weenie by sympathizing with violent leftist rioters and condemning the target of the violence rather than the rabid rioters for their disgusting behavior. Not to worry though, to his fanatical supporters he can do no wrong and they will likely cheer if/when the #occupy mobs return and Canadian Cruz joins them in pooping on cop cars and packing rape tents.

Little Marco Rubio, trying in vain to not to be outdone by the Canadian, sounded like a whiny little child while paraphrasing Barky Oblather’s schpeel about how words mean things and “have consequences” or whatever. I can’t say I paid much mind to what he was saying because his high pitched voice threatened to make my ears bleed, as opposed to Ted Cruz’s smug face which threatens the same to my eyes.

And of course, Kasich also failed to support the Republican front runner’s supporters’ right to attend political events unmolested, but few are paying much attention to the hand puppet guy anyway, so he’s not worth a whole lotta pixels here.

Before the Chicago TDS riot, I could have voted for any of them if they were the GOP nominee (even though the Canadian renders himself less likable every time he starts speechifying in either lawyer talk or preacher speak) but now, after the way these dummies pandered to the hostile jackasses who’ve been fucking shit up for normal people for years with impunity, screw them. They leave me little doubt that they’d be about as effective as Cryin’ John Boehner and Milquetoast Mittens Romney were in opposing anti-American hostile jackasses and their destructive agenda if given the opportunity to hold our nation’s highest office. They are buckling to the slightest breezes blowing from the left through the corrupt media, how could they possibly stand strong against leaders of regions of the world that have declared themselves our mortal enemies?

Am I supposed to infect myself with a rabid strain of TDS because acolytes of the Canadian and the ManBoyRobot say that Donald Trump is not conservative? Yeah, fuck that noise, they can take their mealy mouthed hand wringing panty waisted brand of “conservatism” and shove it.

These chumps are doing more damage to the Republican brand than Donald Trump could ever hope to do if he were so inclined. Not that I care about the Stupid Party much these days anyway, but still, screw them.


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They Stole All That I Had And More

If it hadn’t been for the pizza joint, I have no idea when I would have finally found out that I’ve been robbed.

Being that today is a Friday during Lent, I called to have a pizza delivered for dinner. My car gasped its last a week ago so I’m housebound for the foreseeable unless hubby is home from work and I can use his car. I don’t have any paper money handy here, so I put the pizza on my debit card. A few minutes after I ordered it, the restaurant called me saying that my card had been declined.

I knew there was around $400 in my bank account so it made no sense to me that a two digit dollar amount would not go through. I checked my balance online and to my horror I saw that my account was overdrawn by nearly $150 due to a pending electronic check of about $500 that I never authorized. I have no idea who made this fraudulent check and unlike every transaction that I ever actually made, there is no information available about who this fake check is even going to! 

I called my bank hoping to find out what the heck was going on and they could not tell me who is stealing my money and they can’t (or won’t) stop the unauthorized transaction from going through, so I can’t access my money until after they do an investigation and there’s nothing I can do except wait the five days they say it will take to look into it. The fake check is “pending” but the bank won’t stop it from processing and giving the criminals my money – if the bank would stop the crook’s fake check from processing then I would not be overdrawn and I’d still have access to my money instead of some criminal getting it while I wait, penniless, for the bank’s procedure to play out.

It’s almost as if the bank is more interested in protecting thieves than it is in protecting its customers. Five hundred bucks might not seem like a big deal to some people, but that was my freaking grocery money. And money to buy dog food for my dog who just had puppies and needs extra nutrition to make good milk for her babies. So the criminal and the bank are not just hurting me and my family, they are also hurting sweet innocent helpless little 11 day old puppies. How evil is THAT?

Too bad my bank didn’t use some of the taxpayer funded bailout money they got a few years ago to make it so customers didn’t lose all access to their funds when a some unknown criminal makes a fraudulent transaction against a customer’s account.

I just had to get that off my chest.

I will be blogging about those sweet little puppies soon, I’m waiting for my dog to let me take pictures and she isn’t ready yet. Momma dog is very protective of her pups. Too bad I can’t feed the crook who robbed me to her, because she is gonna be hungry and since she had those babies she is also perfectly happy to try to bite people.




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U.S. Trade Deals: What Do We Know About Them?

One of the big stories today and I hope stays a big story is how fundamentally hosed America has been on its trade deals.  Just like the genesis and history of the housing bubble that flamed-out our economy back in ’08/’09, the decades-old history of trade legislation and the who’s who behind it all, including all the crony capitalists, is coming to the fore.   And, as it turn out, it’s not all that complicated to understand.  In fact, when it comes right down to it, none of our problems are  that complicated to understand.  That’s just what the people who don’t want us to know the truth are always telling us so we can feel stupid and inadequate about discussing any of these things.  The challenge is to understand the issues of foreign trade from the 40,000 foot level where you can see the patterns, connections and results over decades.  You know the phrase well:  “There are just a lot of moving parts.”  Don’t you believe them!

This piece from Pat Caddell, done for Breitbart, is a good summary of one of the driving forces behind our economic woes and why Americans are getting behind Donald Trump.  Note, particularly, Caddell’s writing that the Republicans have looked upon this “nexus issue” as politically “ancillary.”  Whaaat?   The contempt the Establishment has for Americans becomes clearer and more stunning with each passing week.


Pat Caddell: ‘The American People Have Figured Out They’ve Been Screwed’ By Free Trade

Read the Entire Article


Caddell said Ted Cruz has been on “both sides” of the recent trade authority dispute, a position Cruz clarified during the Thursday night debate by saying he was in favor of the authority process, but against the trade agreement that emerged. Caddell thought Trump has done a far better job of tacking into the wind of the Republican base voters’ disenchantment with trade agreements, saying he “struck there” first, at a time when the issue was still largely regarded as “ancillary” by Republican strategists.

He argued that the press has fundamentally misunderstood the Trump phenomenon all along, because they think Trump’s personality and celebrity shifted GOP voters’ positions on issues like free trade and immigration, when in truth Trump was tapping into a “free-floating anxiety” about economics, and sense of “political alienation,” which had been building in those voters for years.

“The ‘independent variable’ is the American people who are driving the election, and Donald Trump is the dependent variable,” Caddell declared. “He has been the vehicle closest, for many, many Republicans – despite all of the other problems – substantively, on the issue, and it is economic nationalism.”

Don’t let your knowledge begin and end with one or two articles.  Dig deeper to understand the subject of trade and economics so that you can identify who is and who is not defending America’s right to a secure economic future.

Guaranteed to be the Best Interview You’ve Ever Heard!

Donald Trump’s former butler, Tony Senecal, who says he worked for Mr. Trump for “20-some” years, went on CNN today to respond to some of the meager smears the media and the Establishment are hoping will take hold.  Like that other interview (which will be posted below this one), the media minion went on a fishing trip and got skunked bad!

Then there was this comedy gold:

Aren’t the media pathetic?


Hey Ted, You’re Next! The Establishment Is Calling.

Cruz Rubio

On the heels of Trump’s Tuesday trampling of the Establishment’s carefully executed barrage of anti-Trump missiles, including the hilarious visage of Willard — “Never saw a Crony I didn’t adore” — Romney warning us all  how awful it would be to vote for someone who wasn’t part of enacting socialized medicine (!), the same folks who backed Jeb!, Rubio, Kasich, Graham and the rest of the GOP insiders, are at the end of their rope!  And sweeter still, it is probably the same rope with which they thought they would hang the Republican party’s front-runner, Donald Trump.

Now, having run through the list of so-called Silver Bullets, those Trumpire Killers, Jeb!, Rubio, Kasich and the rest have turned out to be nothing but noisy blanks.  But like their insider cohorts of elections past, Trump refused to go down in favor of the GOPe’s selected candidate.  He refused to play the crazy game they play every four years, “Let’s Pretend Voters Have a Choice.”  Nothing surprising about that.  He’s not one of the insiders and he doesn’t play by their rules.

Politico reports:

Republican elites are begrudgingly embracing Ted Cruz—and hanging Marco Rubio out to dry.


“He seems to be the only guy who’s got some momentum, and is probably the best situated if there is anybody out there to beat Trump,” said Austin Barbour, a prominent Mississippi-based GOP operative. “That’s why there are many people like me—Ted Cruz wouldn’t have been our first choice, but as we go through the process, we’re reevaluating our vote, and he seems to be the guy at the top of the list.”

Now the GOP Elitists have to turn to their back bencher.  Ted Cruz, the guy who has spent his entire campaign trying to convince everyone that he is a true political outsider has been tapped by the Committee to End America as We Know It.  Oh my!  This is turning into quite a cliff hanger, isn’t it?  Does Edward Cruz play the game, knowing that he will be the next target of the GOPe’s wrath?  Does he cut a deal to keep Trump from having a clear claim to the nomination?  And what does he say to all those people who believe him to be fighting for them, leading the charge against  the Establishment?
Rubio Phone
“Hey Ted, it’s for you.  D.C. calling.”

America’s Mayor Gets On Board

The Trump Train.

Of course that means he’s “not conservative“, right? Pfft.

Rudy Giuliani isn’t “severely conservative” like Milquetoast Mittens. The guy who cleaned up the crime infested cesspool that New York City had become under the Democrats and saw NYers through the horror of the September 11, 2001 islamic terror attacks is now a “bad republican”, right?





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Take Your Pearl Clutching Conservatism and Shove It!

MOTUS links to and highlights a terrific article from a life long Republican voter and war veteran who explains why he no longer considers himself “conservative”:

Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate who seems to have any inclination to act strictly in America’s interest…the first people to condemn him and deny the obvious were conservatives. Somehow, being conservative now means denying the obvious and saying idiotic fantasies like “Islam is the religion of peace,” or “Our war is not with Islam.” Uh, sorry but no it is not, and yes it is. And if getting a president who at least understands that means voting for Trump, then I guess I am not a conservative. MORE

If the definition of “conservatism” means kissing the raised hindquarters of people who want to kill us, have killed us, and will continue to try to kill us no matter what we do, in an attempt to not offend the perpetually offended, then I guess I’m not a conservative either.

There’s a whole lot of hullabaloo in the dextrosphere over Donald Trump’s skipping out on the islamic supremacist infested CPAC, and of course if you don’t have a problem with Trump having better things to do then you are not conservative. Oops, another strike for me!

If you have a problem with foreign invaders coming into this country and receiving preferential treatment at the expense of American citizens and legal immigrants, then you are not only not conservative but you are RAAAAACIST as well (what “race” is invader?). Got it. Strike three, I guess I’m out.

If you’re not mortified by Donald Trump’s tone and don’t think it’s necessarily evil to discard mild manners in the face of non-stop hostility and aggression, whether it’s coming from the right or the left, then you’re not conservative. Ah hell, got me again.

If you’re disgusted by how republicans have cowered and folded at every opportunity rather than stand up against destructive leftism and if you are fed right the hell up with all their FAIL, then you’re not a conservative and neither am I.

Oh well, if that’s the price of thinking that American leadership should put the interests of Americans first, instead of worrying about the opinions of foreigners and those who wish us harm, then I will gladly pay it. Fuckum. They can take their handwringing islamoblowing invadercoddling leftykowtowing brand of conservatism and shove it.


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The Art of (Political) Warfare — Bugs Bunny Style

So the Gates of Hell have opened.  Mitt Romney is next up in the MMA grudge match with Donald J. Trump. The GOP elites, their media mouthpieces, and the Leftists led by Van Jones are waist deep in their own bodily fluids!

And there’s Trump, cool as a cucumber, looking for all the world like someone who is remembering a simpler time, a gentler time, a time when we all sprawled on the living room rug watching…Saturday Morning Cartoons.  He’s..he’s remembering that one episode of Bugs Bunny…  and how he let the other guy bury himself under his own steam and with his own shovel.

Poor, poor Willard.  He doesn’t stand a chance.   Let’s get it on!


Pre #GOPDebate #NonTDS Roundup

So, there is yet another “let’s give the democrats more talking points” and “hate on The Donald” GOP debate tonight. Whoopdie freakin’ doo.

The Ruling Class are in full blown Trump Derangement Syndrome, as are large swaths of the right wing punditry, and Mitt Romney is doubling down on douchebaggery following up his imitation of Harry Reid with some anti-Trump speechifying. Romney just can’t adMITT that he’s irrelevant.

If Milquetoast Mittens and the rest of the GOP establishment had spent half the energy that they’re now wasting to attack Trump on fighting Obama four years ago, we’d have a Republican President running for a second term right now and Donald Trump would probably be supporting his re-election. Butt NOOOO, they were afraid of getting called RAAAAACIST then, so they decided the best thing to do now is scream RAAAAACIST at Trump. Jackasses. Republican pansies are apoplectic at the thought that they may reap what they have sewn.

Below is a roundup of 100% TDS-Free blog posts of awesomeness for your Trumptastic enjoyment. Cheers!

Adrienne on the Trump Derangement Syndrome of self righteous Catholic gasbags.

American Power reveals who the Democrats most fear this election year.

The Daily Pundit on the Trumpophobic Denial of the fraidypants elitists.

Don Surber with a strong hot serving of TDS-Free reality.

Sundance weighs in on “ceilings“.

The Gateway Pundit has Andrea Tantaros’ Trumpnificent rebuttal to Mitt Romney’s appalling TDS BS.

BigFurHat at iOTWreport has Trump’s response to Mittens’ “Weird Pot/Kettle Attack“.

Cold Fury on why Republicans are attempting to smear Donald Trump as a RAAAAACIST:

Because they’re sneaks, cowards, and shitweasels, that’s why. And they still don’t know any better than to leap obediently to their feet and start their little me-too-me-too dance when the Left calls that same old tired tune–every single time.

The correct response to any such charge from any blithering Left idiot has always been a Trump-like shrug and a half-hearted “meh.” Because no answer any conservative can ever give will placate the libtards one iota–their base assumption is always going to peg the needle at the big red RACIST!!™ detent no matter how vehemently said hapless conservative may protest.

So why bother about it?

A party whose supposed leadership can’t bring itself to sneeringly dismiss obnoxious, thinly-veiled insinuations about irrelevant non-entities like David Duke and the KKK–preferring instead to eagerly bark on command and reinforce those insinuations with their usual groveling subservience–is a party that has entirely earned its perpetual also-ran status.



Nothing that happens in tonight’s debate will dissuade me from Donald Trump as my first choice to top the GOP ticket this year, but there’s sure to be plenty that will make me like the other candidates much less and hate the media much more, so I’ll probably just put it on during commercial breaks of less annoying teevee shows.



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