Puppy & Kitty Families of the Resistance – Today’s Pictures

Here are the puppy & kitty families during the one quiet moment I enjoyed today – I only got two good shots before critters & kids woke up, but I hope you like them!


Clockwise from the top that’s baby Big Moose, Daddy Oreo, little Breezy, Boscoe, and Momma Bellah.

Below are Sky and her surviving baby Pumpkin, who is growing fast. Pumpkin opened her (or his, we don’t know yet) eyes yesterday and is already climbing around in the box on my bed where Sky insists I keep them:


That’s it for now, as all the young here are in need of my attention. Please say a prayer for little Breezy, he doesn’t give up and we’re working hard to help him, but he has a long way to go. Thanks!


With the arrival of puppies and kittens following quickly on the heels of some unexpected financial obstacles, I am holding a fundraiser to help get meet the expenses of veterinarian visits and supplies – especially for our pup Breezy, the runt, who has Swimmer Puppy Syndrome. Please consider helping, if you can, and prayers are also welcome and appreciated.
Please Help The Critters of The Resistance




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There It Is

While Barky & Mooch were on vacation in Communist Cuba, islamic savages once again launched major attacks against Western Civilization with violent mass murders against non-muslim targets.

Barky took a break from praising Cuba’s dictatorship, and saying that the Castros’ criticism of the United States has merit, to spend about fifty seconds to acknowledge that he heard about the atrocity in Brussels that was committed by apparently generic “terrorists”. Then Barky took in a baseball game and later danced the Tango, while being led in the dance LED BY A FEMALE, while Mooch moved awkwardly on the floor with a male dancer. The hectoring of the American people against the imaginary threat of islamophobia and praise of Obama’s beloved islamic faith would just have to wait – but not for long!

Via Bare Naked Islam:

After the latest Muslim terrorist attack in Brussels, the Muslim-in-Chief warns Americans against “stigmatizing” Muslims

Time-Obama-MuslimIn the wake of even more Islamic terrorism, we don’t need a lecture on Islamophobia, we need a commander-in-chief whose loyalties are to America, NOT Islam. Barack Obama stated that it was important to avoid measures that might “stigmatize” Muslims – but the Republican presidential candidates did not agree.

Breaking IsraelNews  (h/t Mike F) In his weekly media address, President Obama responded to the double attack in Brussels that left 31 dead and approximately 300 wounded. Two of the dead and 14 of the wounded were American citizens. The Islamic State (ISIS) took responsibility for the attack.

Obama said that targeting Muslims would be “counterproductive.” MORE

Barky Hussein then went on to remind us of all the imaginary good things muslims have contributed to our country, yada yada, bla bla bla let in more unvetted and undocumented muslims who will never assimilate but will try to assimilate US to islamic servitude bla bla bla religion of peace yada yada bla bla, you know the drill.

The Obama administration also let the public know that muslims blowing stuff up and killing innocent people in Western cities is a sign that we’re, like, totally winning at degrading ISIS. I don’t have a link for that one, but I heard it on the TV news so you can probably find it parroted at PuffHo or WaPoo or some other hopenchange state media propaganda outlet if you’re interested. Go back to the BNI story for what Donald Trump and Ted Cruz had to say in the aftermath of these islamic terrorist attacks and what should be done (but won’t be until the left is out of power) to try to stem the body count of islamic terrorism here in the United States of America and in Europe.

By the way, Easter was celebrated in Pakistan by muslims who deliberately murdered at least 65 Christians and wounding 300 more (mostly women and children) with bombs detonated at a playground.

Also, ISIS, crucified a Catholic Preist on Good Friday. There does not appear to be a video or cartoon handy to blame these heinous islamic acts of depravity on, so it must be the fault of islamophobes or something because it would be meaniepants to blame islamic savages for acts of islamic savagery committed by muslims for islam.




With the arrival of puppies and kittens following quickly on the heels of some unexpected financial obstacles, I am holding a fundraiser to help get meet the expenses of veterinarian visits and supplies – especially for our pup Breezy, the runt, who appears to have some kind of birth defect with his front legs. Please consider helping, if you can, and prayers are also welcome and appreciated.
Please Help The Critters of The Resistance


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Puppy and Kitten Update

Today’s puppy & kitten update unfotunately brings sad news.
One of Sky’s kittens, poor little CC, who was born up in and had to be rescued from our basement ceiling, passed away during the night despite our best efforts to help him (which included giving him kitten formula with an eye dropper because he was too weak to nurse and had no suckle instinct). We knew he was at a disadvantage given his rough start and significantly smaller size than his sibling, Pumpkin, and the facts that not only did Sky not show a big interest in him but also because when puppy momma, Bellah, managed to get out of her baby cage & onto our bed to greet kitty momma Sky, Bellah had actually attempted to remove CC from Sky’s box yesterday. I think the two mothers knew he wouldnt make it, but for as long as he could draw a breath, hubby, the kids, and I knew that we wouldn’t give up on trying to help sweet little CC. Sky is doing OK, she seems content caring for her remaining kitten, Pumpkin, but Pumpkin is crying a lot more, maybe Pumpkin misses her sibling. Pumpkin is crawling around already although her (or his, we dont know yet) eyes have not opened yet, and (s)he got the name for her (his?) big head. Pumpkin is the stripey kitten who looks almost exactly like momma Sky. Poor little CC was more grey and less stripey except for his tail. I hope CC is now in the comfort of our Creator and at peace.

The puppies bring us happier news, as they are all growing and showing more personality every day, although I am still concerned about our special needs “swimmer puppy”, Breezy, the stiff limbed little runt:



Yesterday was National Puppy Day, and little Boscoe was happy to strike some charming poses:

IMG_20160323_221548IMG_20160323_172512Big Moose is humongous compared to the other pups but he likes to sleep while plotting his escape from baby jail:

IMG_20160323_172920Here are some more pictures of The Critters of the Resistance:

IMG_20160323_1906516_rewindIMG_20160323_110935_hdrBellah gives us the look which expresses something all new moms feel sometimes:

IMG_20160321_101600_hdrOreo doesn’t get to play with the pups as often as he’d like to, so he fills the void with cats, and Slatey misses playing with Sky, so he accommodates Oreo. Smooshie is the black & white cat who loves EVERYONE:



Well, it is time again for little Breezy’s homemade physical therapy (thanks to Adrienne for the helpful suggestions). He is doing a little better, his arms aren’t quite as stiff and (maybe because his big brothers crowd him out of the milk bar) he is the first to take an interest in a bit of puppy food. All the pups have little teeth now and every living creature in their vicinity is now their chew toy. They are learning that funky Husky woowootalk from their momma as well, so now the yips and yaps are also accompanied by little howls and happy growls!

Please keep our baby animals in your prayers. We know that lots of veterinarian visits need to happen soon, so the fundraiser note below will continue to be included in my blog posts, even when I’m not writing about pets.



With the arrival of puppies and kittens following quickly on the heels of some unexpected financial obstacles, I am holding a fundraiser to help get meet the expenses of veterinarian visits and supplies – especially for our pup Breezy, the runt, who appears to have some kind of birth defect with his front legs. Please consider helping, if you can, and prayers are also welcome and appreciated.

Please Help The Critters of The Resistance


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Kittens and Puppies – Fresh New Pics!

The puppies are three weeks old, the kittens are enjoying their second day on earth today, and I’ve got new pictures for you to enjoy…





The top photo is a close-up of baby Breezy, the runt of the pups. While the two bigger puppies, Moose and Boscoe, are starting to walk, Breezy’s front legs are stiff and pushed out sideways and he has a very flat chest. Apparently Breezy has what’s called Swimmer Puppy Syndrome which will require extra special care if he’s to grow up without being handicapped or worse. So at the bottom of my blog posts I’ll be putting a special appeal on his behalf (and the other baby animals too).

Sky’s kittens seem to be doing OK except that the one who spent hours stuck in my basement ceiling before rescue is much smaller and needs lots of help finding the mother’s milk. Sky is unlike any new momma critter I’ve ever seen in that she WANTS human & animal attention to her and her babies. I have to keep her kitten box with me or Sky gets upset, so last night the box was between me & hubby on the bed so we could sleep without Sky complaining the way she did when we tried to give her & the kittens a quite and private area of the house. Maybe because Sky was so very young when we got her, or maybe just because she’s a sweet loving thing, I dunno.

I have lots more pictures, including some with the other cats & dogs, but something kooky is going on with my internet today and I keep losing things I put in this post before I can save the draft, so I’m gonna wrap this one up now and try to get more critter blogging on later.

If you’ve any experience with helping “swimmer” puppies, please share your wisdom in the comments section below.

Happy Spring, everybody!



With the arrival of puppies and kittens following quickly on the heels of some unexpected financial obstacles, I am holding a fundraiser to help get meet the expenses of veterinarian visits and supplies – especially for our pup Breezy, the runt, who appears to have some kind of birth defect with his front legs. Please consider helping, if you can, and prayers are also welcome and appreciated.

Please Help The Critters of The Resistance


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Surprise! KITTENS!

Three weeks ago, our dogs had puppies. One year ago, as some readers may recall, hubby rescued two feral kittens from getting crushed by construction equipment at his job. The kittens, Sky and Slatey, have grown up. Slatey got big, and we thought (hoped) that Sky had simply gotten fat. Yesterday, Sky showed us that “fat” wasn’t the correct word.

There was a pet disturbance in the basement with kitties staring at the ceiling and what sounded like mouse squeaks up above. And then Sky came out of the ceiling with a wet bottom. I had a feeling that it was a new kitten, not a mouse, up there. Sky wanted to eat and then back in the ceiling where she would growl. But mostly, Sky wanted to follow me wherever I went to meow at me. So, I sent the kids to fetch hubby and he tore apart the basement ceiling until he pulled out a very tiny, very cold, live little kitten. I put Sky and her baby in a box with some towels, and after helping the kitten to warm up, I helped the kitten find its momma’s milk supply. Sky still wanted to be with me wherever I went, so I ended up brining the kitty box into whatever room I had to be in and all the pets inspected the baby and kissed little Sky, the new mother. Bellah, who just had puppies, took it upon herself to help clean Sky’s uh, lady stuff. Eventually, Sky finally let me leave her and the baby in the bathroom with the door closed and when I checked on her a little later, she had just delivered a second kitten. The second baby is much bigger than the first and much better at nursing. I think the little one is struggling due to its first few hours being stuck inside the basement ceiling, hopefully it will get stronger now that it is freed and warm.

We will be needing lots of visits to the veterinarian for all these mommas and babies, but we recently got clobbered with some obstacles to being able to do so including hubby recently losing a over a week of wages after an unfortunate accident with a log splitter, my car self destructing, and my primary care doctor no longer accepting my insurance (I’m still not recovered from nearly dying in November and I still need medical care), and our local grocery store going out of business which forces me to borrow husband’s car to travel further and pay much more than I used to have to in order to get groceries.

We could use some help, if anyone can spare it, and prayers, and maybe encouraging words to keep me going while kittens and puppies, and their mothers, show me that they want my attention desperately every time I try to close my eyes to sleep at night.

Of course the silver lining is: PUPPIES AND KITTENS!!!!!! I will post pics of both whenever I can. The other silver lining is that being overrun with animals born right here, hubby ought to be cured of his taking home every stray that crosses his path – I hope! 😉

Here is Sky with her kittens:


Here is a pile of puppies (I just took this):




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Puppies of the Resistance!

Last August, hubby brought home a white Siberian Husky who needed a home. Her name is Bellah and she has beautiful ice blue eyes. Our dog Oreo (a Dalmation/Lab mix) immediately fell in love with her and finally learned some doggy manners in an effort to impress Bellah. Oreo’s efforts eventually paid off as winter’s cold set in and Bellah decided that starting a family might be more interesting than eating Oreo’s face, although she still likes to chew on him and he still lets her.

Two weeks ago Sunday, on Leap Day, Bellah brought three new little puppies into our world. I had learned about the things I might have to do to help her delivery, but Bellah was a champ & took care of it all – including the cleanup. She left no mess and six hours after she started, we had soft and clean fuzzy little puppies to love. She was very protective at first, but she soon let us cuddle the pups so she could get a break once in a while and now she lets Oreo kiss his babies occasionally without getting bitten. She has finally let me take some pictures to share with you all too. Enjoy!







The dogs are benefiting from my refusal to discard the baby equipment that I had for my kids. That’s the old crib mattress the happy parents are relaxing on and that’s the old baby cage that kept the Lil’ Resisters out of trouble before they were big enough to figure out how to escape.

We’ve had many talks here about what to name the puppies, with the exception of the first born who we’ve always called Big Moose (Moosey) cuz he is so very large compared to the other two. Hubby insists that the brown one is Boscoe; I liked Brownie, but I got to name the black ones (Boscoe was originally named NotBlack by me) so he wins (pick yer battles), the littlest one is the third born who we used to call Threezey who now is called Breezy and he’s the runt grunt of the litter. None look like their momma but all have Husky type markings on their sweet little faces and they all have white tipped tails like their daddy. Their eyes opened this weekend and they look like they might be blue like their mom, but it is too early to know for sure.

We were going to give the puppies away to close friends, but now that they are here I don’t think any of us can bear to do that because we love them so much. The cats seem to like them too, so far, although Bellah warns them off if they get too close. Our dogs & cats have always been good friends.

So that’s the latest happy news from The Resister House, I look forward to sharing more with you all as they continue to grow.



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The Unfortunate Side Effects of #TDS

Trump Derangement Syndrome’s unfortunate side effects include, but are not limited to:

Fanatical leftists rioting like the idiot savages that they are

Republican political hacks getting into bed with violent fanatical leftists

Conservative bloggers giving tacit approval to violent fanatical leftists by refusing to condemn the violent attacks against free speech and the right of people to peaceably assemble

Fits of the verbal equivalent of explosive diarrhea by conservatives condemning Donald Trump because leftist savages in the throws of full blown TDS are acting like leftist savages


Incendiary douche baggery, as exemplified by the National Review’s Kevin Williamson who wants working class white people to DIE. (You first, Williamson, you stuck up self righteous asshole).

Ted Cruz, the Canadian candidate who claims to be Mr. Constitution, revealed himself as just another hollow weenie by sympathizing with violent leftist rioters and condemning the target of the violence rather than the rabid rioters for their disgusting behavior. Not to worry though, to his fanatical supporters he can do no wrong and they will likely cheer if/when the #occupy mobs return and Canadian Cruz joins them in pooping on cop cars and packing rape tents.

Little Marco Rubio, trying in vain to not to be outdone by the Canadian, sounded like a whiny little child while paraphrasing Barky Oblather’s schpeel about how words mean things and “have consequences” or whatever. I can’t say I paid much mind to what he was saying because his high pitched voice threatened to make my ears bleed, as opposed to Ted Cruz’s smug face which threatens the same to my eyes.

And of course, Kasich also failed to support the Republican front runner’s supporters’ right to attend political events unmolested, but few are paying much attention to the hand puppet guy anyway, so he’s not worth a whole lotta pixels here.

Before the Chicago TDS riot, I could have voted for any of them if they were the GOP nominee (even though the Canadian renders himself less likable every time he starts speechifying in either lawyer talk or preacher speak) but now, after the way these dummies pandered to the hostile jackasses who’ve been fucking shit up for normal people for years with impunity, screw them. They leave me little doubt that they’d be about as effective as Cryin’ John Boehner and Milquetoast Mittens Romney were in opposing anti-American hostile jackasses and their destructive agenda if given the opportunity to hold our nation’s highest office. They are buckling to the slightest breezes blowing from the left through the corrupt media, how could they possibly stand strong against leaders of regions of the world that have declared themselves our mortal enemies?

Am I supposed to infect myself with a rabid strain of TDS because acolytes of the Canadian and the ManBoyRobot say that Donald Trump is not conservative? Yeah, fuck that noise, they can take their mealy mouthed hand wringing panty waisted brand of “conservatism” and shove it.

These chumps are doing more damage to the Republican brand than Donald Trump could ever hope to do if he were so inclined. Not that I care about the Stupid Party much these days anyway, but still, screw them.


This post is linked at The Daily Pundit. Thanks, Bill!

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They Stole All That I Had And More

If it hadn’t been for the pizza joint, I have no idea when I would have finally found out that I’ve been robbed.

Being that today is a Friday during Lent, I called to have a pizza delivered for dinner. My car gasped its last a week ago so I’m housebound for the foreseeable unless hubby is home from work and I can use his car. I don’t have any paper money handy here, so I put the pizza on my debit card. A few minutes after I ordered it, the restaurant called me saying that my card had been declined.

I knew there was around $400 in my bank account so it made no sense to me that a two digit dollar amount would not go through. I checked my balance online and to my horror I saw that my account was overdrawn by nearly $150 due to a pending electronic check of about $500 that I never authorized. I have no idea who made this fraudulent check and unlike every transaction that I ever actually made, there is no information available about who this fake check is even going to! 

I called my bank hoping to find out what the heck was going on and they could not tell me who is stealing my money and they can’t (or won’t) stop the unauthorized transaction from going through, so I can’t access my money until after they do an investigation and there’s nothing I can do except wait the five days they say it will take to look into it. The fake check is “pending” but the bank won’t stop it from processing and giving the criminals my money – if the bank would stop the crook’s fake check from processing then I would not be overdrawn and I’d still have access to my money instead of some criminal getting it while I wait, penniless, for the bank’s procedure to play out.

It’s almost as if the bank is more interested in protecting thieves than it is in protecting its customers. Five hundred bucks might not seem like a big deal to some people, but that was my freaking grocery money. And money to buy dog food for my dog who just had puppies and needs extra nutrition to make good milk for her babies. So the criminal and the bank are not just hurting me and my family, they are also hurting sweet innocent helpless little 11 day old puppies. How evil is THAT?

Too bad my bank didn’t use some of the taxpayer funded bailout money they got a few years ago to make it so customers didn’t lose all access to their funds when a some unknown criminal makes a fraudulent transaction against a customer’s account.

I just had to get that off my chest.

I will be blogging about those sweet little puppies soon, I’m waiting for my dog to let me take pictures and she isn’t ready yet. Momma dog is very protective of her pups. Too bad I can’t feed the crook who robbed me to her, because she is gonna be hungry and since she had those babies she is also perfectly happy to try to bite people.




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America’s Mayor Gets On Board

The Trump Train.

Of course that means he’s “not conservative“, right? Pfft.

Rudy Giuliani isn’t “severely conservative” like Milquetoast Mittens. The guy who cleaned up the crime infested cesspool that New York City had become under the Democrats and saw NYers through the horror of the September 11, 2001 islamic terror attacks is now a “bad republican”, right?





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Take Your Pearl Clutching Conservatism and Shove It!

MOTUS links to and highlights a terrific article from a life long Republican voter and war veteran who explains why he no longer considers himself “conservative”:

Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate who seems to have any inclination to act strictly in America’s interest…the first people to condemn him and deny the obvious were conservatives. Somehow, being conservative now means denying the obvious and saying idiotic fantasies like “Islam is the religion of peace,” or “Our war is not with Islam.” Uh, sorry but no it is not, and yes it is. And if getting a president who at least understands that means voting for Trump, then I guess I am not a conservative. MORE

If the definition of “conservatism” means kissing the raised hindquarters of people who want to kill us, have killed us, and will continue to try to kill us no matter what we do, in an attempt to not offend the perpetually offended, then I guess I’m not a conservative either.

There’s a whole lot of hullabaloo in the dextrosphere over Donald Trump’s skipping out on the islamic supremacist infested CPAC, and of course if you don’t have a problem with Trump having better things to do then you are not conservative. Oops, another strike for me!

If you have a problem with foreign invaders coming into this country and receiving preferential treatment at the expense of American citizens and legal immigrants, then you are not only not conservative but you are RAAAAACIST as well (what “race” is invader?). Got it. Strike three, I guess I’m out.

If you’re not mortified by Donald Trump’s tone and don’t think it’s necessarily evil to discard mild manners in the face of non-stop hostility and aggression, whether it’s coming from the right or the left, then you’re not conservative. Ah hell, got me again.

If you’re disgusted by how republicans have cowered and folded at every opportunity rather than stand up against destructive leftism and if you are fed right the hell up with all their FAIL, then you’re not a conservative and neither am I.

Oh well, if that’s the price of thinking that American leadership should put the interests of Americans first, instead of worrying about the opinions of foreigners and those who wish us harm, then I will gladly pay it. Fuckum. They can take their handwringing islamoblowing invadercoddling leftykowtowing brand of conservatism and shove it.


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