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So here I am, ticking out letters, one at a time, from my phone again, because I need a laptop to be able to blog properly. I also need a decent computer to help me with the Lil’ Resisters homeschool, and if I had a good computer I might even be able to find some work from home or writing gigs.

I miss blogging, and the treatment for my tick diseases has finally gotten my brain back to where I could write a lot if I had the technology to do so. Using my phone to blog is frustrating and incredibly time consuming – it has taken an hour just to get this far!

So, I’m blegging for help to get back to what I love to do, and what I love to do is to write for you!

Not only do I promise to post new stuff every single day regardless of how crummy my illness may make me feel, if I am able to get a laptop, but I also promise to write about things that you tell me that you want to see!

Have you ever been frustrated about a lack of coverage for an issue that you think is important? Did you ever wish that you had your own personal writer who would tell the world about something for you? Well, if my plea for my ticket back to the Dextrosphere is answered, I will be that writer for you!

If I ever have a portable, functional, computer again, in addition to my daily blog postings, I’ll also do Blogger On Demand posts where YOU TELL ME in the comments section what you want to see here and I WILL do the research and write about WHAT YOU WANT!

I’ll write about anything, nothing is unimportant to me if it is important to you! Want to see an article about your church, cranberry soda, tree frogs, pink elephants, flying cars, or some person that most people have never heard of? I’m on it! Well I would be on it if I had the computer that I need.

If the glorious day arrives when I have the technology I need to do this, I’ll open the Blogger On Demand Department and write what you tell me to write. If by chance a lot of people like the idea & I get more orders than can be immediately handled, I’ll put up a poll with all the ideas and readers will choose what I cover first for them in the Reader’s Choice posts.

All I need is help getting the equipment that I need. Please, let me be your writer, please help me get back to being a good blogger, if you can, and I’ll give you whatever you want (written).

I can’t start Blogging On Demand from my phone, but I’d love to know what kinds of things you’d like to see here if I ever get a computer again. Please feel free to tell me what interests you in the comments section below.

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