Kittens of the Resistance

On April 24th, 2015, my husband was working in an industrial park when he found these two tiny baby kittens just before they would have been crushed by construction equipment that was being moved around. He didn’t have time to think about anything other than saving their little adorable lives, so he grabbed them and put them in a box for safe keeping until he was done working. I didn’t know about it but I figured it out pretty quickly when he walked through our door with a “cat that ate the canary” look on his face before he even pulled the box out from behind his back and opened it in front of me and the Lil Resisters. Of course we fell in love with them immediately!


The stripey kitten had the biggest bluest eyes I have ever seen and Lil Zilla asked if we could name it Sky, and the more solidly grey cat was the spitting image of my beloved cat named Grey who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November of 2011 after blessing my life and the lives of everyone (people and animals) who knew her for 13 years. I named the new little grey cat Slate, or Slatie if it turned out to be a girl, or Slatey if it turned out to be a boy. Of course we would be keeping the kittens, that is simply who we are, and the other pets know this and generally accept it.

Our youngest adult cat, Smooshie, was treated kindly by the other pets when she was a new kitten and after a short period of pretending to be jealous, she fell in love with her new playmates and cuddle buddies. Here they are together:



Initially, Slate was much smaller than Sky and we assumed that maybe Slate was the “runt of the litter”, but as the kittens have grown, Slate is now much bigger than Sky. We have also learned that Slate is very clearly male and we’re pretty sure that Sky is female. Here are more recent pictures of them below.




This last photo is my favorite, I think it was taken about a week after we got them, look at little Slatey smile!


They were so young when they arrived that we had to hand feed them liquid kitten formula, but they sure are growing fast now and they get into the most hilarious mischief when they aren’t too busy eating or sleeping so cutely!

These little kittehs have brought so much love and joy to our family and it is our great delight to be their Forever Home.



This post is linked at Blazing Cat Fur. Thank you, Black Mamba!



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