Blather Fatigue

The man who never stops talking plans to talk even more, because he thinks his message is getting lost (actually, his insulting, inane, impeachable, incompetent insanity is so incessant, that, much like the people that live near the airport who no longer hear the planes, they’re just kinda tuning him out – you can call it Blather Fatigue), so Teh Won will be playing MORE pool, and planning surprise walks through neighborhoods to find more people to corner so he can chat them up in person – between vacations and golf trips, of course.

It could be that the emperor really believes that he needs to talk more so that his subjects will come to adore him the way he adores himself, or it could be that it’s all a distraction, just more jibber-jabber to add to the noise that is grinding us all down to the point of tuning out so that we won’t notice all the other malicious evil things his regime is inflicting on us.

I suspect it’s the latter.



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