Scrambled Brains or Something

I worked myself into a tizzy Friday night and early Saturday morning fretting over the MRI that I need for my injured left hand, because I’m claustrophobic, and then it turns out that I suffered premature freakout due to the fact that I’m an idiot and I got the dates wrong. I choose to blame brain-fog from my chronic illnesses for my error.


The MRI is actually scheduled for June 6 and then the Monday after that is the follow-up with the hand doctor. Who makes you wait three weeks for an MRI of an acute injury? Things have changed in Medicine’s New America, I guess, now they make you wait so long for crap that maybe they hope you won’t need or want it anymore by the time you can finally get it.


My left hand still hurts and the little bone is still sticking out at the base of my thumb, but it is better than it was and I don’t think they can do anything about that little bone so maybe I can learn to live with it if I’m careful about using my support brace and not over-using my hand while it heals. Maybe I can talk to the doctor this week and get out of getting fed into the big magnetic anxiety tube of doom. I really do hate those freaking things, even the so-called “open” MRI machines have you laying under a big slab of menace just inches from your face.


Thank you to everyone who has prayed for my healing, I think you are the reason why I may not have permanently ruined my left hand the way my right hand got ruined forever so many years ago.


I’m just putting this little update here for folks who knew I was worrying over the MRI that I thought I was supposed to be getting yesterday. I hope that the next few days will have my hand healing enough that I can avoid the thing altogether, because, as I already said but don’t mind repeating, I really do hate those freaking things, and I have to visit my Lyme doctor this week too, and too many trips for medical junk too closely together sucks the life right outta me and makes me not only cranky but also largely useless for quite some time afterwards.


In happier news, the kittens remain adorable all the time and everything they do is cute. They are sleeping near me now, here are some pictures I just took with the Kindle Fire that I’m blogging from:




Maybe I’ll take some videos (or have the Lil Resisters do it) when they are awake and frisky to post at the blog, because they are hilarious when they’re chewing on each other’s faces and their own tails or stalking the other pets or trying to kill my feet. Silly kittehs.




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