#TrumpDay – Happy Birthday, Mr. President Edition

Today is not just another TrumpDay, it is also President Trump’s birthday, yay!

If you are looking for stuff about that shooting this morning (which was committed by a leftist, BTW), I suggest you visit America’s Last REAL Reporter, Stacy McCain.

I prefer to keep things light hearted when I can on TrumpDays, so here is a lovely family wishing My Donald a Happy Birthday:

Today is the 242nd birthday of the Army:

Today is also Flag Day:

A joyous celebration in India for President Trump’s birthday:

It is summer blockbuster trailer season! Pepe First Blood – They picked the wrong meme to mess with:

Until next time… Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!


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#TrumpDay – Bard Edition

MAGA and Shadilay, dear friends, TrumpDay is upon us once again!

Shakespeare in the Park has caught a homicidal strain of TDS.

Aussie anti-Trump antifa goons get their asses handed to them.

Daily Pundit shares a poem from American Digest:

I SAW the second-best minds of my not-so-Great Generation destroyed by Trump Derangement Syndrome, pasty, paunchy, tenured, and not looking too sharp naked,


with the absolute loss of political significance butchered out of their own body politic good to lose a thousand years.


ICYMI: Almost Too Much Schadenfreude

Don Surber uses the precise and correct word to describe the so-called #resistance.

Trump supporters send a commie running from her own town hall.

Melania is still lovely.

Today’s post is short, I know. I had my once every six month endocrinologist appointment today and not only was it a long drive, but the awful harpies of The View were on the waiting room tv while I was there and all the hatred from those awful “ladies” has me feeling tired. The blatant ignorance and willful dishonesty of celebrity TDSers is tiring. Endo visit was routine, and the nurse enjoyed my explanation for the high blood pressure reading she got (she also loathes The View).

Ciao for now. Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!


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Thank You

I spent my morning at the dentist today for my broken tooth, the visit made possible by some kind and generous readers, and I now have some temporary filling action going on where there had been sharp jagged edged painful holes.

The dentist thinks I may be able to keep the tooth and avoid root canal, but because so much of the tooth is gone, permanent fillings aren’t possible and I’ll need a crown after they build the tooth back up.

It definitely feels better right now than it has in a long time and I’ll be able to (carefully) chew on that side again. I go back in about two weeks so they can start working on it, and a few weeks after that it will be crown time.

Now there is time to see if I can qualify for one of those dental loans that they do now to finance the thing.

Thank you to everyone who helped, prayed, and/or offered some kind words to me. I love you all.

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#TrumpDay – #Covfefe Edition

Salutations and shadilay! On this glorious TrumpDay, our President has gifted us with a new meme, #covfefe.

Honey Badger don’t care:

Smart puppy:

Covfefe explained in images:

Text accompanying above video on YouTube:

Published on May 31, 2017–I thank Covfefe for creating this beautiful song, way ahead of the curve there pal.
Hello all thanks for clicking on my video. As you will learn, Covfefe is a divine word, one which should never be uttered from any lips other than those of the God-Emperor Trump. Covfefe is a sign of the blessings of Kek and it is an ancient and highly esoteric prayer word to signify balance with Kek and the living earth, or terra firma. With the guidance of Kek and the leadership of Donald, America shall now conquer the world. If you aren’t American, I feel sorry for you. We have several thousand nuclear waheads and the premier military force in the history of mankind..and we’re feeling a wee’ bit crazy right now. So strap on in and get ready for the ride, the Century is just getting started.

My Donald has returned from bringing MAGA to the World, but Melania has the glory. More Melania.

Kathy Griffin is gross, mean, and stupid, but she fits right in at CNN, despite Anderson Cooper’s being “apalled” over Griffin’s dumbassery.

OK, friends, I hope you enjoyed the videos and the links, and that the rest of your week is fabulous. Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!

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This post is linked at Fishersville Mike, where I am given the honor of a spiffy new title. Thanks, Mike!



Dental Fundraiser

I need some help to get some bad teeth pulled.

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A Little Help, Please?

Ever since I died & came back, I have been avoiding discussing my health and trying to stay out of medical offices, because I hate doctors now and I’ve come to accept a certain level of pain and misery as part of my every day existence.

But there are some things I can’t ignore, like the persistent cellulitis infection I’ve had in my left earlobe that multiple rounds of strong antibiotics since the fall, over and over again, just won’t kill so I keep going back to urgent care for it just to get it to calm down but knowing that I’m ruining my kidneys with the medicine and knowing that as soon as the scripts are finished my ear will blow up again and bring with it fever, chills, serious fatigue, and more body aches on top of my usual pain from nerve damage (leftover from the Lyme and other tick diseases I spent so many years in treatment for). What really drives me nuts about the ear thing is that it itches like crazy, before it gets so bad that it becomes a deep pain. Urgent Care is out of ideas and have suggested I go to the ER to try to get IV antibiotics and to see a plastic surgeon to see if maybe they can dig the infection out. Both ideas fill me with all kinds of anxiety. I wonder if anyone reading this might have better ideas?

The other thing I can no longer ignore is this damned toothache that has been bothering me for a while. It’s on the same side as the bad ear and comes from some broken molars that used to have fillings until a few years ago. It used to be my “chewing side” since you all helped me get some teeth pulled on the upper right side two years ago. So now I try chewing on the missing teeth side but that hasn’t stopped the broken tooth side from hurting and now it is becoming unbearable. I suspect they can’t be saved and will need to come out and it is scary because dental surgery is always risky for people with Addison’s Disease. I have always been prone to the types of abscesses that require serious care, but because I have to take steroids daily for the Addison’s my immune system is compromised so these bacterial infections are more of a recurring issue.

I never thought I would wish for dentures, but they would probably make my life easier at this point.

I hate to ask, after you all have been so kind to me over the years, but I’d really like to get a handle on the dental stuff before it gets worse and I end up really sick again, so I’m asking anyway, if you can spare it, please help a blogger out.

I don’t like talking about or thinking about my health, I guess I’m all burnt out on it after so many years in a medical nightmare before my near death experience, which had seemed to actually help some things, and I’ve been treated so badly by the local Emergency Rooms where they are clueless about my condition despite always having my medical records, that I have let my anxiety get the best of me but I don’t think I can put off the stupid toothache much longer because it is becoming disruptive and I don’t want it to get dangerous. Unfortunately, I don’t have comprehensive dental coverage and I’ll need to pay the dentist or oral surgeon at any appointments I make, and I just don’t have that kind of funding available. Hence this bleg.

I don’t want to become a bore again, so I will try to avoid discussing my health junk again except to thank people if they can help, but I’ll be linking this post at the end of my regular posts, for a while.

Thanks for reading, and helping if you can.


Dental Fundraiser

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#TrumpDay – #MAGA to the World Edition

Rejoice! TrumpDay is upon us, Shadilay!

This week, My Donald, accompanied by our lovely First Lady and First Daughter, is reminding the world what real American strength and leadership looks like.
He made us proud in Saudi Arabia.
Then my President went to Israel, and he also undid the Obama policy which pretended that Jerusalem isn’t in Israel.
After that, he went to the Vatican and met with Pope Francis.
Next, to Brussels, for meetings with NATO, the EU, and France’s new president – and euroweenie leftists are all kinds of triggered about it.

Our own triggered snowflakes continue their demonstrations of organized manufactured outrage.

Here is a neat song parody, poking fun at SJW commies:

Russia! Russia! Russia! In this short video, a MAGA man attempts to educate some dumbasses:

Swamp creatures Can’t Stump The Trump – Comey edition.

That’s it for me for now. I hope you’ll check out the links and enjoy the rest of the week.

Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!

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 Please Help Zilla’s Critters

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#TrumpDay – Nontroversy Nonsense Edition

Guess what day it is? OK, I gave it away in the title, yep, it is TrumpDay!

Another week halfway down and another batch of lies from the leftist media. They just make crap up and the snowflakes set their hair on fire and run off to riot “protest” with whatever the “scandal” of the day is, and then the lying media reports on THAT as if it were relevant. Are any normal people even still paying attention to this garbage?

Bill Quick doesn’t care:

This whole Trump Derangement Syndrome noise machine is, at least for me, finally subsiding into little more than a dull and inchoate roar slowly fading away in the background.  Apparently there will be a new TDS hair-on-fire moment every three days or so for the next seven years of Trump’s presidency.

I think that more and more people are simply tuning it out.  None of this crap is the sort of end-of-the-world stuff we are being told it is.  And as that becomes more and more obvious, it will become easier and easier to ignore.

I suggest ignoring this, as well.

Mike Hendrix has some thoughts about America’s sore losers:

Having been spited and thwarted—some of them for the first time in their lives—by people they hate, despise, and fear, these reasonable, tolerant, freedom-loving folks immediately turned to rioting, looting, smashing, burning, and other acts of random violence. They have repeatedly demonstrated their intention to implement a semi-soft coup and negate the results of a legitimate national election by manufacturing absurd scandals, hogtying Trump himself by any means they can concoct, intimidating and even assaulting Trump supporters and Republican elected officials whenever they get the chance, resisting or defying laws and executive orders, and generally carrying on as if the election had never taken place—more accurately, as if they had won rather than lost.

Sadly, it’s not entirely unreasonable of them to expect this, because Republicans themselves went along with it for years, acting as if they’d lost whenever they managed to win. No wonder they’re completely gobsmacked; against all expectations, they have a guy in the White House who seems to have meant what he said, and is acting on it, and doesn’t seem in the least ashamed of himself for harboring such otherworldly notions. Why, it’s indecent—damned near unprecedented!

They are crazy as shithouse rats; they are used to having things their own way with little to no serious resistance; they are juvenile in both outlook and action; their political leaders enjoy their power and perks, and have no intention of surrendering them even temporarily, to any degree at all, without a fight.


Notice that I haven’t even mentioned what the supposed terrible, awful, no good, rotten, meaniepants, unpresidential thing My Donald is alleged to have done this time, because I am really not paying much attention to all that bullshit these days since it is all just made up by commies and malcontents anyway and has no basis in reality or actual fact – so why bother?

Dumbasses whining in the streets continues unabated:

Is anyone else experiencing protest fatigue? I predict the endless protests will succeed in making normal people treat these demonstrations the way people who live near airports treat plane noise: they will eventually be ignored to the point where they won’t even be noticed at all anymore.

Except for when they get in the way, and there is still only one appropriate way to handle that situation.

Worse than TDS! Diogenes diagnoses a severe mental affliction:

Media Suffers From ‘Trump Unacceptance and Resistance Disorder’ (TURD)

Russia! Russia! Russia!  Actually, it was a Democrat operative who did the wikileaking on the DNC – and then he got killed. Another floater for the Clinton Dead Pool, probably.

Russia! Russia! Russia! The left lerves the rooskies again. For the moment.

MOTUS on leakers and plumbers, and leftist liars.

The #NeverTrump morons of the GOP are still assholes.

At DaTechGuy’s Blog, Fausta fisks the NY Slimes’

Shadilay! Marching MAGA Kekistanis troll SJWs with a bullhorn in Boston:


Stacy McCain doesn’t say it, but I suspect he still wants that embassy job in Vanuatu since he’s now offering free advice to President Trump.

I hope you enjoy the links, and the rest of the week. Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!

This post is linked at The Daily Pundit. Thanks, Bill!

This post is linked at Adrienne’s Corner. Thank you, Adrienne!



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#TrumpDay – Fire and Frogs Edition

Oh, yes, TrumpDay is upon us, hooray!

Of course the big news is that My Donald finally fired that jackass, James Comey, who had hacksplained to us back on July 5, 2016 that Crooked Hillary is a criminal who committed crimes and that if anyone other than Crooked Hillary had committed similar crimes they’d be in trouble but because this is Crooked Hillary we are talking about nothing was gonna happen. Of course the TDS crowd is in full meltdown over this, as to be expected.

Adrienne brings us Newt on the Comey affair, and MOTUS knows what should be done with both Comey and Crooked Rotten Hillary Clinton.

Political Clown Parade offers a selection of Mean Tweets about the whole thing, my favorite being this one:

PCP commenter sig94 had this to say, which I find immensely quote-worthy:

Nothing says “You’re an incompetent, corrupt, ass kissing, double crossing, back stabbing, venal, unprincipled, faithless, dishonest, untrustworthy, clownish, two-faced, two-timing, perfidious, deceitful, treacherous political hack,” like a Termination of Employment Notice from the President of the United States.

Bunkerville has some more background on just who this James Comey really is, and The People’s Cube weighs in on the left’s love hate love relationship with the now former FBI director.

In other news, the cartoon frog that launched a million memes has been declared dead by its creator. Pepe is dead, long live Pepe. Related, by me and ICYMI, SJWs lost their fricken minds recently over a cartoon frog that wasn’t even Pepe. They are so easily triggered! Remember, if they are blocking your way, there is only one appropriate way to deal with them, and it might become fully legal to do so, at least in North Carolina, anyway! Odie has a suggestion for them:

Mike Huckabee seems to enjoy making snowflakes soil their red diapers nearly as much as Trump does, see my post about it at DaTechGuy’s Blog: The HuckaBadger.

The left really does intend to protest every single friggen day, all over the country, because they apparently have nothing better to do. Here is where you can find a schedule for their idiocy. Today, of course, among the dozens of other things that have them triggered to riot “protest”, block traffic, and make nuisances of themselves, they will be protesting the firing of James Comey. Today’s TDS protest is taking place outside of the White House.

Among the demoncrats who are bitching about My Donald’s firing of the con-Comey is Dick Blumenthal, who you may remember for having lied about serving in Vietnam. Trump calls him out on his stolen valor. Good.

Colbert is still a commie d-bag, and his fans are morons.

Professor Donald Douglas offers a dose of sanity for the fever-swampers.

Trump gets another cabinet pick confirmed, and the FDA gets a new leader.

Click the above links, read the stuff, and enjoy the winning. I gotta go do some things. Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!



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Welcome, again, to TrumpDay, may the MAGA be with you!

People hold My Donald in higher esteem than crooked pollsters would have you believe.

CNN haz teh butthurt.

Via iOTWreport, here is a Very Catchy Tune:

The Nastification of everything by leftists is their attempt to bully us into submission and it is not working.

Some of my recent stuff, ICYMI:

How to handle commie roadblocks

Stinking commies

Anarchists & Abortionists Unite!

Let’s wrap this up with MOTUS on the left’s SMUGgler’s Blues.

Have a Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!



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What To Do When Protesters Block Your Vehicle

Traffic snarling mobs of commie morons are becoming an every day occurrence, but normal people need to get to where they need to go (like to their jobs), so what is there to do about it when a bunch of losers block the road with their stupidness?


Don’t have a big truck? No problem! Watch:

… And that is how ya do it!

H/T: Milo



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