Post Surgery and #AdrenalInsufficiency Update

On Wednesday, I went in for the oral surgery that I needed to rid myself of a nasty infection in my jaw and the bad tooth that was causing it. I was very scared because it is dangerous for people with Adrenal Insufficiency to undergo invasive procedures and physical trauma because our bodies cannot produce the stress hormone cortisol like a normal person’s body would in times of sickness, injury, or other major stress events.

The surgery was more complicated than I had hoped it would be but survived it but there’s three teeth missing now since there had been a bridge held in place by the bad tooth over places were I’d already lost teeth since I am prone to this sort of thing (but I never had to have oral surgery with AI before).

When I thought it was over and the doctor had me stitched up, they took an X-Ray to make sure they didn’t miss anything and they found a root and some other stuff still up there so they had to open me back up and go digging around a lot more in my head. I passed out briefly while they were in there the 2nd time and felt like I was going to die right there, but I got through it.

I am having a lot of problems due to the adrenal insufficiency and my body’s inability to cope with the trauma and I am very sick and weak. I am on double plus even more doses of hydrocortisone tablets but they seem to wear off fast and my blood pressure keeps dropping and I keep feeling like I am going to pass out or vomit until the next dose starts working again. My endocrinologist told me to keep taking the high doses of HC for a few more days and to rest and drink lots of fluids. He thinks I will be OK in a couple of days and I hope he is right, but I do not feel well at all right now. I do have the emergency injection kit in case I go into a potentially deadly adrenal crisis, but I am hoping that it won’t be necessary.

Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement, and support. I hope to be back with you again soon. I love you all.







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