I Never Said I Was An Artist

… but I have drawn the “prophet” mohammed:

Offensive to the perpetually offended

Offensive to the perpetually offended

OK, I didn’t technically “draw” the murderous psychopathic pedophile who has caused 1400 years of genocide and terror around the world, I used MS Paint. I can barely read my own handwriting due to nerve damage in my hands and my attempts to draw on paper are sadder than my computer stick figures, but that’s besides the point.

Muslim terrorists recently tried to murder my friends because my friends refuse to submit to islamic sharia in America (where freedom of speech is protected without exception) and instead of rightful condemnation of the jihad attack against my friends I see my friends being slandered and villified by useful idiot islamocoddling dhimmi jackasses on the left and the right.

I stand with Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Bosch Fawstin, Geert Wilders, BigFurHat, and everyone else who has or will become a target of jihad for defending freedom and human rights from totalitarian genocidal misogynistic expansionist islamic tyranny. I proudly stand with the defenders of freedom and human rights and I do so without hesitation, reservation, equivocation, qualifying statements, or apologies – and you should too.

Please pray for the targets of islamic terrorism; may God protect them and give them continuing strength to endure all of the evil that is directed towards these brave people who have sacrificed so much of their own freedom to fight for ours.






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