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Last night, in the comments section of my most recent blog post, a person showed up advising me that I “need” to not only shut down this blog, but to remove it from the internet entirely, for my own good. I did not realize immediately that I was dealing with a concern troll, so I defended the fact that this blog will remain where it is even if I were never able to write again. Then the concern troll told me that I “need” to convert this blog of mine, which is my personal property, into a “health blog”, to which I responded that when I am able to write that I will write whatever I please on my internet properties and I will write about whatever subject I feel like writing about when I am able to. It was the concern troll’s next reply that revealed him or her for what he or she truly is, this person said that since I am still struggling with my (incurable) medical issues then I must either not WANT to get better or that I am committing a “charade” and faking being sick. I was halfway through crafting a reply in my defense when I realized that I was, indeed, being concern trolled.

Well, I have a long standing Official Policy for trolls of every variety, so I enforced it and deployed my mighty ban hammer because nobody has the right to use my internet properties as a platform to disparage me, make nasty accusations about me, or annoy me, unless they are willing to pay heavily to be granted that privilege by me.

By the way, Lil Zilla (my daughter) is aware of my low tolerance for trolls and she has kindly used her artistic skills to provide a visual representation of my Mighty Ban Hammer for all to see:

Designed by  Lil Zilla

Designed by Lil Zilla

Thanks, Lil Zilla!

In case you are unfamiliar with the “concern” variety of troll, here is an excerpt from a piece on the subject by Alexandra Petri at The Washington Post:

Enter The Concern Troll.

There are two ways of disagreeing with someone. One is to disagree openly. The other is to say, “I support you, but you’re doing it wrong.”

The second is insidious.

The second is condescending, insincere, manipulative. It even says so in the Urban Dictionary definition.

The darkest moment is always just after the concern trolls start pouring in.

“I’m with you,” the concern troll says. “But surely you must see how this looks to people. Not me, of course. But other people. They might think horrible things of you. People might think you were self-centered, fat, slow, rude. Not me, of course. I’m with you. I have your best interests at heart. That’s why I want to warn you. I, you see, know how this ought to be done.”

There is some Faceless Someone out there who is absolutely merciless. That Faceless Someone is saying or might say Terrible, Awful Things.

The concern troll does not agree, of course. But the concern troll wants to make sure you know.

Who might say these things, you ask?

Well, you know. People.

“Did you know that someone out there left a steaming bag of dung smoldering on a faraway doorstep?” the concern troll says. “Look. Here it is. Let me shove it in your face. I’m doing this FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, because I know How These Things Look.”

The concern troll takes no responsibility for airing these ghastly opinions.   RTWT

Kevin DuJan at HillBuzz has written often about all manner of trolls, including the loathsome concern troll, HERE is a great post about the CTs in our midst.

Now, as to my concern troll’s “concern” that I WANT to be sick, no I do not, I don’t like feeling like crap and being in pain all of the time, thank you very much. Do I WANT to get better? You bet your ass I do, but unfortunately, late stage advanced Lyme Disease and Babesia are not easily “cured” when a person has been infected for many years before finally finding proper diagnosis and competent treatment, and Adrenal Insufficiency, like other endocrine problems such as diabetes, is a permanent condition that I can only hope to learn to better manage with the help of my physician. It is my hope to get my symptoms under better control, but as of this writing, medical science has no cure for my conditions so I just have to live with them as best as I am able. I know other people with chronic illness often face similar accusations from both friends and strangers, so let me shine a little bit of a light by quoting something I wrote a couple of years ago about one of my “controversial” afflictions:

Imagine that people who are ill with Cancer or AIDS are misdiagnosed and are left untreated for their Cancer or AIDS while desperately going from doctor to doctor to try to find out why they are so sick, only to be repeatedly told over a period of many months or even years that they have illnesses which nobody really knows anything about or that they are hypochondriacs (and instead of any attempt to treat their illnesses, they are given antidepressants and told that it will make them feel better because it’s really just depression that is making them miserable, although it is more likely that being sick and untreated is actually what may be making them depressed!), before it is finally discovered that what has been making them sick is actually Cancer or AIDS and not a “mystery” or  psychosomatic illness as they had been previously told.

Now imagine that these people who have finally been diagnosed with Cancer or AIDS are given just 3 weeks of treatment with medication and then pronounced “cured” with no further testing and no further medical intervention whatsoever, despite there being no proof that the 3 weeks of treatment has eradicated the Cancer or AIDS from their bodies. When these Cancer or AIDS victims continue to exhibit symptoms of their diseases, months and even years later, they are told that they must be suffering from something else because their cancer or AIDS was “cured” with those few weeks of initial treatment; they are refused further treatment and denied further testing to see if the disease is still active in their bodies or if the disease has returned after having been “cured”. When their symptoms continue to persist and worsen, they are told that they are hypochondriacs, put on anti-depressants, and advised to seek psychotherapy because they have been “cured” with those few weeks of initial treatment and it is impossible to still be sick or to become sick again, so they must be imagining their symptoms, and they are continually denied any further medical intervention or new diagnostic tests even though there exists much evidence which indicates that these diseases often are NOT cured with a simple short term one-size-fits-all cookie cutter treatment and that these people CAN improve with long term medication.

This is what happens to people with Lyme Disease (and related Tick Borne Diseases) and few notice or even care – what do you think would happen if this were the standard protocol for people suffering from Cancer and AIDS?  MORE HERE

No, I don’t like being sick, and yes, I would like to be in better health, but I try to do the best I can with the hand that I have been dealt and if people do not want to read the things that I write about (regardless of whether I am writing about myself or some other subject entirely) they are free to choose to not read my stuff but they have no right to harass me and I am under no obligation to provide them with a platform to do so on my own property.

Of course if my trolls REALLY want me to permit them to have their say on my internet properties, I do provide a way that they can purchase that privilege from me:

Now although I have no qualms about removing the jackanapes, I do understand that it must be frustrating for them to come all the way over here and spam/troll my threads only to see their efforts disappear, so I will be kind and make them an offer:

If you wish to have your annoying comments not be removed from this blog, you can buy a subscription that will give you troll privileges here. Use the Troll Permission Subscription button to purchase troll privileges here and I will stop removing your comments for the length of time that you buy. Tell me your DISQUS profile name, and give me your email and IP address and I will whitelist you as an accepted designated troll so you can gleefully paste the lefty meme that your prog masters issue to you daily without it being removed (for the duration of time that you paid for). Since you all always post the same exact copy/paste of your daily meme, if my price is too steep, you trolls can all pool together and buy a subscription for one of you. That is the ONLY way you will ever be permitted to post your garbage here, if I am not being paid, I am under no obligation to humor you.  RTWT

If you want to annoy me in the comments section of my blog, PAY ME:

Subscription prices to be whitelisted as an accepted troll
Username to be Whitelisted


To recap a few points: I have no intention of removing this blog or myself from the internet. Nobody is forcing anybody to read my stuff so people are free to go elsewhere if I bore them. Nobody has the right to abuse or annoy me on my own property, but they may purchase the privilege to do so from me. I am under no obligation to provide a platform to people who want to shut me up, but they are free to complain about me elsewhere unless they want to pay me to allow them to do it here. I have a mighty ban hammer and will not hesitate to use it on trolls who do not pay the Troll Toll. There are no known cures or quick fixes for the medical conditions that I have, but my physicians are working with me to help get my symptoms under better control so I can feel less horrible and have a better quality of life. I think that’s about all I have to say about all of this for now. Thanks for stopping by.




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