Injury Update: A Matching Set

It’s been two and a half weeks since I damaged the tendons in my “good” left hand. I saw the hand surgeon this past Friday and he ordered an MRI, which I will get this coming Saturday, and then follow up with the doctor on Monday. The doctor approved of my use of the store bought thumb splint wrist support brace instead of the awkward cast I’d been given at the Urgent Care clinic the day after I hurt myself.


It still hurts quite a bit and it is difficult to avoid using my left hand since I’ve spent the past 16 years using it in place of the formerly dominant right hand after that factory accident in 1999. My left hand is damaged but my left arm remains much stronger than my right so I still instinctively reach for everything with the left before correcting myself or forgetting to and then the pain reminds me. Being forced to use my bad right hand has aggravated it immensely so now both hurt and I got myself a matching thumb splint support brace to help with the weakness on that side and hopefully prevent causing further damage to my already miserable and annoying right hand.


My left hand does seem to be healing, albeit too slowly for my taste, as it is somewhat less painful than it was last week and, while I surely should not be using it, I can use it a little bit now if I am careful – and I NEED to use it because my right hand is (as it has been for many years) unsteady and weak so relying on that alone is frustrating and messy because that hand drops things constantly and never quite gets the messages that my brain tries to send to it correctly.


So, things are improving, I think, and hopefully my left hand will recover instead of worsening like my right hand did. Prayers towards that would be greatly appreciated.


In other news, my husband rescued two adorable baby kittens three weeks ago and their adorableness has helped to cheer me up and get my mind off the pain. I have pictures of them which I will share in an upcoming blog post. They were only three weeks old when they joined our family so they initially required very special tender care, but now they are six weeks old and getting into all kinds of hilarious mischief.

Thank you for stopping by and for your prayers, kind thoughts and encouragement, and assistance. I’m think I am really starting to get the hang of this one fingered blogging thing with the Kindle Fire, so I’ll be back here again soon. If you’d like to contribute to the care of the tiny precious baby kittehs or to help me out with the non-covered expenses related to my medical care (and travel to said care), you can do so HERE; please know that no amount is too small to be helpful and your kindness would be greatly appreciated.




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