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If You Like Your Weird News Site You Can Keep Your Weird News Site

My weird news site, BatshitCrazyNews.Com, should be celebrating its two year blogiversary today, but the renewal of the server space and domain are due, and the price for them has been raised much more than I can afford at this time. If I have to choose between necessities at home or paying for a blog, the blog is going to lose. Sorry, but some priorities mean more to me than others.

If you like your BatshitCrazyNews.com you can keep your BatshitCrazyNews.com, but only if people want to help me to make that happen, because I can’t do it on my own. I am not sure how long they will hold it for me until it becomes too late. Apologies in advance to Evil Blogger Lady who is the person that has kept BsCN alive with exciting posts these past two years and will likely be surprised when she sees that BsCN isn’t there today. I should have paid closer attention to the dates, but I’ve been distracted by life stuff.





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They Keep Saying That islamic Scripture Doesn’t Mean What It Says

Islamic supremacists and their dhimwitted, treasonous, islamocoddling enablers (on the left AND the right) keep insisting not only the ridiculous lie that “islam is a religion of peace” and that muslim jihadis who rape, torture, and brutally kill innocent people because they are advised to do so by their “holy” books and … Continue reading

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