Just a thought.


Just a thought on Memorial Day greetings

Please, do not say “Happy Memorial Day”.

Memorial Day isn’t a day to be “happy”. It is not “celebrated”, it is observed. It is a day to be reflective, to remember the men and women that have sacrificed and gave all defending the freedom and liberty that we all enjoy today.

This is not to say we shouldn’t be happy to be alive in the best country in the world, we should. We should be happy that we have the freedom and liberty that our fighting men and women have sacrificed so much for. Grateful that God has seen fit to give us men and women who are willing to take on the task of protecting the rights and liberties that He has given us.

Just take a moment, pause, during the weekend and especially on Memorial Day Monday to remember, say a prayer for and honor those men and women who served and serve today and their families who sacrifice and have sacrificed as well.

Please, just remember to THANK a vet you may meet, for his or her service and God bless those who HAVE made the ultimate sacrifice. And to anyone that greets you with “happy Memorial Day”, politely remind THEM to do the same.

And for those who are left behind.

ALL those left behind……


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