#TrumpDay – Nontroversy Nonsense Edition

Guess what day it is? OK, I gave it away in the title, yep, it is TrumpDay!

Another week halfway down and another batch of lies from the leftist media. They just make crap up and the snowflakes set their hair on fire and run off to riot “protest” with whatever the “scandal” of the day is, and then the lying media reports on THAT as if it were relevant. Are any normal people even still paying attention to this garbage?

Bill Quick doesn’t care:

This whole Trump Derangement Syndrome noise machine is, at least for me, finally subsiding into little more than a dull and inchoate roar slowly fading away in the background.  Apparently there will be a new TDS hair-on-fire moment every three days or so for the next seven years of Trump’s presidency.

I think that more and more people are simply tuning it out.  None of this crap is the sort of end-of-the-world stuff we are being told it is.  And as that becomes more and more obvious, it will become easier and easier to ignore.

I suggest ignoring this, as well.

Mike Hendrix has some thoughts about America’s sore losers:

Having been spited and thwarted—some of them for the first time in their lives—by people they hate, despise, and fear, these reasonable, tolerant, freedom-loving folks immediately turned to rioting, looting, smashing, burning, and other acts of random violence. They have repeatedly demonstrated their intention to implement a semi-soft coup and negate the results of a legitimate national election by manufacturing absurd scandals, hogtying Trump himself by any means they can concoct, intimidating and even assaulting Trump supporters and Republican elected officials whenever they get the chance, resisting or defying laws and executive orders, and generally carrying on as if the election had never taken place—more accurately, as if they had won rather than lost.

Sadly, it’s not entirely unreasonable of them to expect this, because Republicans themselves went along with it for years, acting as if they’d lost whenever they managed to win. No wonder they’re completely gobsmacked; against all expectations, they have a guy in the White House who seems to have meant what he said, and is acting on it, and doesn’t seem in the least ashamed of himself for harboring such otherworldly notions. Why, it’s indecent—damned near unprecedented!

They are crazy as shithouse rats; they are used to having things their own way with little to no serious resistance; they are juvenile in both outlook and action; their political leaders enjoy their power and perks, and have no intention of surrendering them even temporarily, to any degree at all, without a fight.


Notice that I haven’t even mentioned what the supposed terrible, awful, no good, rotten, meaniepants, unpresidential thing My Donald is alleged to have done this time, because I am really not paying much attention to all that bullshit these days since it is all just made up by commies and malcontents anyway and has no basis in reality or actual fact – so why bother?

Dumbasses whining in the streets continues unabated:

Is anyone else experiencing protest fatigue? I predict the endless protests will succeed in making normal people treat these demonstrations the way people who live near airports treat plane noise: they will eventually be ignored to the point where they won’t even be noticed at all anymore.

Except for when they get in the way, and there is still only one appropriate way to handle that situation.

Worse than TDS! Diogenes diagnoses a severe mental affliction:

Media Suffers From ‘Trump Unacceptance and Resistance Disorder’ (TURD)

Russia! Russia! Russia!  Actually, it was a Democrat operative who did the wikileaking on the DNC – and then he got killed. Another floater for the Clinton Dead Pool, probably.

Russia! Russia! Russia! The left lerves the rooskies again. For the moment.

MOTUS on leakers and plumbers, and leftist liars.

The #NeverTrump morons of the GOP are still assholes.

At DaTechGuy’s Blog, Fausta fisks the NY Slimes’

Shadilay! Marching MAGA Kekistanis troll SJWs with a bullhorn in Boston:


Stacy McCain doesn’t say it, but I suspect he still wants that embassy job in Vanuatu since he’s now offering free advice to President Trump.

I hope you enjoy the links, and the rest of the week. Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!

This post is linked at The Daily Pundit. Thanks, Bill!

This post is linked at Adrienne’s Corner. Thank you, Adrienne!



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#TrumpDay – Fire and Frogs Edition

Oh, yes, TrumpDay is upon us, hooray!

Of course the big news is that My Donald finally fired that jackass, James Comey, who had hacksplained to us back on July 5, 2016 that Crooked Hillary is a criminal who committed crimes and that if anyone other than Crooked Hillary had committed similar crimes they’d be in trouble but because this is Crooked Hillary we are talking about nothing was gonna happen. Of course the TDS crowd is in full meltdown over this, as to be expected.

Adrienne brings us Newt on the Comey affair, and MOTUS knows what should be done with both Comey and Crooked Rotten Hillary Clinton.

Political Clown Parade offers a selection of Mean Tweets about the whole thing, my favorite being this one:

PCP commenter sig94 had this to say, which I find immensely quote-worthy:

Nothing says “You’re an incompetent, corrupt, ass kissing, double crossing, back stabbing, venal, unprincipled, faithless, dishonest, untrustworthy, clownish, two-faced, two-timing, perfidious, deceitful, treacherous political hack,” like a Termination of Employment Notice from the President of the United States.

Bunkerville has some more background on just who this James Comey really is, and The People’s Cube weighs in on the left’s love hate love relationship with the now former FBI director.

In other news, the cartoon frog that launched a million memes has been declared dead by its creator. Pepe is dead, long live Pepe. Related, by me and ICYMI, SJWs lost their fricken minds recently over a cartoon frog that wasn’t even Pepe. They are so easily triggered! Remember, if they are blocking your way, there is only one appropriate way to deal with them, and it might become fully legal to do so, at least in North Carolina, anyway! Odie has a suggestion for them:

Mike Huckabee seems to enjoy making snowflakes soil their red diapers nearly as much as Trump does, see my post about it at DaTechGuy’s Blog: The HuckaBadger.

The left really does intend to protest every single friggen day, all over the country, because they apparently have nothing better to do. Here is where you can find a schedule for their idiocy. Today, of course, among the dozens of other things that have them triggered to riot “protest”, block traffic, and make nuisances of themselves, they will be protesting the firing of James Comey. Today’s TDS protest is taking place outside of the White House.

Among the demoncrats who are bitching about My Donald’s firing of the con-Comey is Dick Blumenthal, who you may remember for having lied about serving in Vietnam. Trump calls him out on his stolen valor. Good.

Colbert is still a commie d-bag, and his fans are morons.

Professor Donald Douglas offers a dose of sanity for the fever-swampers.

Trump gets another cabinet pick confirmed, and the FDA gets a new leader.

Click the above links, read the stuff, and enjoy the winning. I gotta go do some things. Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!



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Welcome, again, to TrumpDay, may the MAGA be with you!

People hold My Donald in higher esteem than crooked pollsters would have you believe.

CNN haz teh butthurt.

Via iOTWreport, here is a Very Catchy Tune:

The Nastification of everything by leftists is their attempt to bully us into submission and it is not working.

Some of my recent stuff, ICYMI:

How to handle commie roadblocks

Stinking commies

Anarchists & Abortionists Unite!

Let’s wrap this up with MOTUS on the left’s SMUGgler’s Blues.

Have a Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!



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What To Do When Protesters Block Your Vehicle

Traffic snarling mobs of commie morons are becoming an every day occurrence, but normal people need to get to where they need to go (like to their jobs), so what is there to do about it when a bunch of losers block the road with their stupidness?


Don’t have a big truck? No problem! Watch:

… And that is how ya do it!

H/T: Milo



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Sh!tty Leftists

Remember when the #occupy mobs earned the name “occupoopers” by crapping on cop cars and sidewalks? Well their anifa commie comrades remember it fondly and have decided to kick it up a notch by pooping in their hands and throwing their poop at people who they want to deny the right of free speech to. I shit you not!
Gateway Pundit has the scoop.
The left is indeed full of it.
They keep escalating their hostile behavior, claiming they are fighting “hatred”. I suspect those assholes will soon be in for a rude awakening.


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#TrumpDay – #MAGA Milestone Edition

Oh, yes, it is time for another TrumpDay post, for the glory of MAGA. Everyone is all a buzz over the big 100 Days in office milestone for our badass POTUS. My Donald will be celebrating on Saturday by rallying with supporters and simultaneously sticking it to the hostile leftist press. Huzzah for multitasking!

Today is First Lady Melania Trump’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Trump!

Class vs. Crass (wait for it):

Over at iOTWreport, BigFurHat has a great piece about how the nasty media fell all over themselves to propagandize about the previous FLOTUS but they do everything in their power to ignore the lovely Melania Trump. Read it HERE.

That’s all I can give you for now; I have a toothache that I can’t immediately get fixed because we’re in the middle of getting all our young pets spayed and neutered after just having had to replace our house’s furnace, so I’m not exactly at the top of my game today. Apologies for brevity!

Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!


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#TrumpDay – Planet Moonbat Edition

The forces of MAGA are growing stronger while the moonbat left grows loonier, louder, and more violent.

Earth Day” is coming up soon – you know, the holiday founded by the Unicorn Killer, Ira Einhorn, that features leftists in the streets howling about how they want to protect the planet from evil meanie pants working people while said leftists leave a filthy mess of litter in their wake for somebody else to clean up.

An environMENTAList group is holding a series of concerts to #Resist the President’s awesome agenda of enforcing our immigration laws and promoting energy independence and employment for Americans. The Center for Biodiversity, which is suing the Feds over Trump’s proposed border wall because they think birds and bats (moonbats?) won’t be able to fly over it, are holding a series of left-wing activist concerts, one of which is taking place in Poughkeepsie, NY tonight (that’s near me). From their website:

It is a powerful opportunity to join a growing movement of resistance to all forms of oppression and all attacks on our environment. Join us in standing together in opposing every Trump policy that hurts wildlife, undermines Native American sovereignty, poisons our air and water, destroys our climate, or promotes racism, misogyny or homophobia.

The issue they are most protesting is the Dakota Pipeline, which they say will pollute “sacred” Indian land and water, but I wonder if they were this concerned when leftist protesters left a huge filthy disgusting mess for other people to clean up which caused a very real threat to that same sacred land and water? The protesters claim to care about animals as well, but that didn’t stop activists from abandoning their pets among the mountains of garbage that they left behind. Anyway, the concert series is called #EARTH2TRUMP and after Poughkeepsie, they will be going to Woodstock (of course), and Manhattan.

I found out about the anti-POTUS concert series through my county’s board of tourism website, but when I asked them why they were promoting a radical leftwing political event against the President, they said it was an accident, and then apologized and removed the link from their calendar. We want tourists to come and spend money on the many wonderful things there are to see, do, and buy in the Hudson Valley; we don’t want them to worry that they’ll be attacked if they happen to have a MAGA hat or shirt, right? The region has already has had its share of TDS dumbassery recently.

In happier news, via iOTWReport, POTUS & VP awesomeness:

Just quietly being a great president

Mike Pence Stares Down CNN Reporter

Get your schadenfreude on at Don Surber’s and at Bill Quick’s!

You can read about how Shrillary was the worst thing to happen to her presidential campaign in that new book that everyone is talking about, “Shattered” – and if you get it through my Amazon link I will get a small commission which costs you nothing extra and it helps my dogs!


Speaking of my dogs, I must go tend to them now, so it is time to wrap this up. Happy Trump Day, y’all, MAGA!




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This is what felonious #TDS dumbassery looks like

The dumbass pictured below is, sadly, from a town not far from where I live. Ronald Atzmon, of  Carmel, NY, has been arrested for stealing and damaging a New York State park sign that bears the name of Donald Trump. The fact that Donald Trump has nothing to do with the park (he donated the land and having it be named for him was part of the deal he made with the state in 2006 but other than that President Trump is not involved with the place) was apparently lost on this weirdo.

Ronald Atzmon, of Carmel, New York – DUMBASS

Creepy looking freak, ain’t he? And he was driving a van, completing the pervo vibe. Ronald Atzmon, of Carmel, NY, is 32 years old – old enough to know better but apparently not too old to be a felonious TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) afflicted moron. He was arrested by New York State Police and charged with third-degree criminal mischief, a felony, and a misdemeanor for petit larceny after publicly released surveillance footage helped to identify him. This was not some  Trump supporter’s cardboard lawn sign, this was government property, and a 32 year old should have better things to do than stealing anyway.

So far, there is one comment to the article at my local radio station’s website about this:

A shame to post his photo and name for such an insignificant incident!! – Jane LaLone

Those big state park signs aren’t cheap, Jane, and a 32 year old creepy man in a van committing a felony crime isn’t an insignificant incident. If 32 year old weirdo Ronald Atzmon, of Carmel, New York, didn’t want to be named and shamed then he shouldn’t have committed the crime, and his picture was already out there – from the surveillance footage showing his dumb ass at the scene of the crime.

Surveillance camera was at the scene of the crime


The Siberian Husky Dalmatian Lab Puppies are getting big and strong! We could use a lil help in keeping up stock on supplies for them…
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#TrumpDay – April 12, 2017 Edition

Welcome to yet another MAGAlicious TrumpDay!

The era of invadercoddling is over! President Trump’s Justice Department is ending the Obama administration’s suicidal and treasonous “catch and release” policy for those caught entering the country illegally. Remember, opposing invaders is not “anti-immigrant”, no matter what the leftist language butchering propagandists try to tell you. An invader is not an immigrant. An invader has no rights, other than the right to criminal prosecution and deportation. Also, what race is “invader”? That’s right, it ain’t raaaaacist to oppose invaders either. Americans and LEGAL immigrants to America first.

Patriots are growing bored of violent hostile leftist jackasses who keep rioting and attacking people for being non-commies, and the non-commies are fighting back.

Based Stick Man has a website and Twitter account, and a PayPal for bail money and legal fees since he keeps getting arrested for beating up on commie pinko rat bastard d-bags.

Apparently, Shia LaBeof isn’t done humiliating himself yet. Now he is off to Finland and has abandoned his silly “He Will Not Divide Us” thingy and his new “art project” is called “#AloneTogether”, where he will be texting from a cabin, or something. Okey Dokey! Thoggy is here to give you the scoop, and someone should get Thoggy a beer:


Here is another Trump movie parody video from Simon Bravery, this one spoofs The Truman Show. Enjoy:

That’s it for now, friends, I have got to go and do some things with my kids today.  Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!


The Siberian Husky Dalmatian Lab Puppies are getting big and strong! We could use a lil help in keeping up stock on supplies for them…
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#TrumpDay – War to the Knife Edition

Happy TrumpDay, everyone, Shadilay and MAGA!

Our buddy Mike at Cold Fury inspired the title for today’s TrumpDay post. Mike links to an article at Taki’s Magazine about how freedom loving right minded Trump Supporters are FINALLY fighting back against the violent hostile leftist jackasses  who have been attacking innocent people since last year. Definitely read the Taki article, and be sure not to miss Mike’s fighting words in their entirety at Cold Fury, but here is a taste:

A genteel insistence on fighting fair when your opponent is a dirty, sleazy, conniving scumbag willing to use every nasty, unfair, and/or illegal trick in the book against you is a recipe for one thing, and one thing only: defeat. Does anybody seriously think they’ll suddenly discover magnanimity, honor, and integrity once they’re well and truly victorious? Hell no; they’ll go right on as long as we allow them to until they’ve crushed us entirely, humiliating and scourging us as grotesquely as possible, allowing us not the slightest shred of dignity or hope. Then they’ll turn right around and blame us for the whole fracas, and see to it that we’re harshly punished for starting the whole thing.

Thanks, but…nope. Maybe it’s time to let them be the ones who fear to speak their minds in public for a change; let them have their longstanding assumption of general agreement with their position turned into a reluctance to be outed as a Leftist at all. Let them worry about finding themselves suddenly surrounded by a hostile group eager to slam them bodily to the pavement, or getting a swift sucker-punch in the mouth at one of their little protest melees. Let them get locked up for incitement to riot when they get beat down by ten or twelve fed-up, aggressive counter-demonstrators; let them lick their fucking wounds in the hospital, and then go straight to jail from there. Let them get their cars overturned and burned, their businesses destroyed, their homes picketed, their livelihoods lost for daring to dissent from traditional American beliefs.

And let them cry, cry, cry about it the unfairness of it all too. When they do, let them be mocked for it.

Yeah, I know, I know; its un-American, and it’s depressing as all hell to contemplate the prospect, too. But America was lost a long time ago; this is the world they’ve made, and now we have to live in it, until such time as we can find a way to unwind the skein of authoritarianism they’ve bound us with, if we even can. So why shouldn’t we see to it that they have to live in that world, too?

It’s ugly, and it’s awful, and we all hate it. But it’s becoming more and more apparent that they’re never going to rediscover the value of free speech, of tolerance for dissent, of decency and civility, until they’ve been made to suffer themselves for having deprived others of those things with impunity.



Joe Dan Gorman, of Intellectual Froglegs, reminds us that the lunatic #Resistance to everything Trump is trying to do for us is coming from both the left and the right, see Trump Train vs Crazy Train:

It’s not just liberal media that’s going crazy during these first months of the Trump Administration— Trump is also playing a little havoc with the right wing media too — albeit for different reasons.

We’ve watched as the hysterics of the irrational leftmorphed into white noise— their freshly acheived plateau of irrelevancy is second only to their wildly misplaced arrogance.  Yet amazingly, they seem undeterred and impervious to embarrassment.

Nobody’s paying attention to them anymore.

Well, except for a lot of our friends on the right, who jobs rely on news, news and more news. RTR

H/T iOTWReport

I have a piece at DaTechGuy’s Blog, Laughing at the Left, featuring funny tweets from spoof Antifa accounts. I hope you’ll check it out!

Bill Quick notes that TDS continues to show up in places where political activism really has no business.

Didja hear that stupid people are freaking out over a costume they find “offensive”? Amazon has a onesie that says, “Make Mexico Pay” over a brick wall pattern, and snowflakes are outraged – so they have demanded that the product be removed from the site. Sanely, Amazon refused and if you want it you can still buy it, and if you use my Amazon links (to buy anything) I will get a small commission. They look like perfectly reasonable pajamas to me:

If you have the time, read the reviews for fun; some of them are hilarious. If you have money, maybe buy one or ten of then of them and make some red diaper wearing crybabies lose what little remains of their closed up minds.

Today’s Deals at Amazon

Adrienne has a story & video about some looney LGBTers who held a dance party protest or whatever in Ivanka Trump’s neighborhood. Don’t those morons know that President Trump is on the side that frowns on gays getting murdered for being gay and that the left stands firmly on the side of the people who routinely and brutally murder gays for being gay? Even if they have no common sense, do they also lack a sense of self preservation? CRAZY!

Remember how people used to be afraid of criticizing the Leper Messiah during his miserable eight year reign? They would look around to see if anyone else was listening and even then whisper whatever it was that Obongo had done that was grinding their gears. Kinda like how folks look around to see what minorities may be in a room before telling an ethnic joke. Now we have a President that people are afraid to openly say anything good about because the TDS goons are so freaking rabid. Don’t contribute to it, fight it! Support our President, be loud and proud about it, but also be smart and be prepared to defend yourself (just about any damned thing can be turned into a weapon if you need it). I am NOT afraid! I love my country and I love My Donald, and anyone who doesn’t like that can go stuff themselves.

It’s time for me to wrap this up, I have got to get started cooking dinner now. Again I wish you all a Happy Trump Day. Be brave, stay calm, and MAGA on, y’all!



The Siberian Husky Dalmatian Lab Puppies are getting big and strong! We could use a lil help in keeping up stock on supplies for them…
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