Debate Wagers

Bookies are taking bets in advance of tonight’s big presidential debate between Donald Trump and Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton, placing odds on all kinds of stuff like the color of Trump’s tie to whether or not the phrase “basket of deplorables” will be uttered. No mention in the NY Post article, however, about what kind of straps will be used to hold shrillary upright behind her customized podium or if she’ll go grand mal onstage. Too bad the Post no longer includes a space for comments, cuz surely they’d be hilarious.



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Fantastic Idea

Regarding the leftist attack against law professor Glenn Reynolds’ livelihood by tyranical leftist freaks, commenter Steve F at the Daily Pundit has a heckuva great idea:

Let’s say Reynolds were to lose all of his jobs because of lefty assholery.

And let’s say President Trump were to notice he had a Supreme Court vacancy to fill.

I wonder if these two problems could solve each other.

Two birds, one stone, and everyone who isn’t an anti-American freak wins. The Blogfather would make that black robe look good.



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The Long Knives Are Out For @Instapundit – The Mob Demands He Lose His Job

USA Today, competing for the lucrative birdcage liner and fishwrap market, has suspended Professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds (AKA Instapundit, AKA The Blogfather, AKA the only reason to read USA Today) from his column there following hypocritical leftist “outrage” over a three word post on Twitter that resulted in Reynolds’ temporary suspension from Twitter.

Leftists can use violent rhetoric and actual acts of violence against people with impunity, but a politically incorrect statement by a non-leftist MUST be punished, according to our self proclaimed moral superiors, so the “offended” will scream and howl until the target of their rage is utterly ruined.

USA Today published an apology from Reynolds along with a statement from the paper that his column has been suspended for a month, but in the comments section, predictably, there is screeching that he should also lose his job at the university where he works.

The University of Tennessee is now investigating the good professor.

The PC mob will not be satisfied until they have utterly destroyed a good man’s reputation and ability to make a living.

Links via: Memeorandum.

This post is linked at Doug Ross. Thanks, Doug!

UPDATE: Donald Douglas at American Power is, like Glenn Reynolds, a college professor and he has long been subjected to a (thus far unsuccessful) campaign to get him fired for publicly being a non-leftist. Professor Douglas links to this post (thanks, Donald!) and says:

Frankly, it wasn’t what he said. It’s who he is. Leftists hate Glenn Reynolds and they want his scalp. The Internet’s one big lynch mob and demonic fever-swamp progs seized a chance to destroy the Instapundit.

Of course Donald is right about this; I honestly would not be surprised to learn that this was just the latest excuse leftists were using in attempts to cause Glenn Reynolds to become unemployed. This is the left we are talking about, and this is what they do.

This post is linked at iOTWReport. Thank you, BFH!

UPDATE II: The Blogfather appears to be keeping his cool despite all the hullabaloo. Keep your head up, Glenn, the Army of Davids has still got your back.

This post is linked at Politopinion. Thanks, Mr. Pinko!

UPDATE III: The legendary Bill Quick, The Guy Who Named The Blogosphere, weighs in (and links in – thanks, Bill!) at the Daily Pundit. Here are some highlights:

The hag-ridden zombies and ghouls scent blood in the water, and now seek to destroy a good man they regard as one of their Soviet/NORK-styled Enemy Number Ones.

Let’s not let them do it.


I’m not too pleased by the eager capitulation of USA Today, and the fact that UT would open an “investigation ” of one of the shining stars in their intellectual crown is disheartening.


If there are any sane alums of UT, especially those who are generous donors to the university I hope they weigh in on this matter, quickly, vigorously, and forcefully.

I hope there are some sane University of Tennessee alumni and donors who will do as Bill suggests.



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#TrumpDay Deplorable Montage Edition

Oh, yeah! It is #TrumpDay again and I hope you’re having a great one.

Here’s a cute pro-Trump video montage that has all kinds of stuff going on in it:

Here is the montage of Hillary’s googly eyes that has been in all the cool blogs recently:

Donald Trump often reads “The Snake” poem at his rallies and Fox News showed him doing it the other day, but this version on YouTube featuring images of what the islamocoddlers have inflicted upon innocent people went viral in Europe (H/T: 1389):

This one is “Could Be Trump!”; it is short and catchy. Trump is meme-tastic:

Oh yeah!

Some of the images in the following video made me actually laugh out loud, best ones are towards the end:

One more for the win, here is a truly deplorable montage of bad Clinton pictures. Warning: images cannot be unseen!

OK, OK, it would be cruel of me to leave you with those terrible Crooked Clinton pics as the last thing you see in this post so here is a fabulous palate cleanser: Donald Trump as King Leonidas in a parody of The 300:

Happy TrumpDay, everyone, MAGA!



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#TrumpDay: Powering Through the Deplorable Basket Edition

Welcome, once again, to another glorious TrumpDay (also known as Wednesday)!

The Donald is a classy guy so he’s not reaching for the low hanging fruit that is the collapse of Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton due to “pneumonia” at the September 11th memorial in Manhattan on Sunday, but that kind of thing isn’t beneath me so … here’s Hitler:

ABC News accidentally reported on Sunday that Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton had died, which is only going to add fuel to the rumors that the post-collapse staged photo-op outside Chelsea Clinton’s apartment had employed a stunt double stand in. Meanwhile, another obnoxious leftist is acting as her stand in on the campaign trail. Doesn’t Ear Leader have anything better to do, like uh maybe his JOB?

The pseudo-right-wing-pro-Hillary band of kooks known as #NeverTrump are as delusional as ever, whether they back that pickle, Gary Johnson, or that Egghead McNuthin’ guy:

They’re completely detached from reality as only a Big-L Libertarian can be, and taken in the context that nobody knows or cares about Johnson’s desperation bid for the presidency, completely hilarious. Especially the forced, calculated faux-optimism that Johnson and his team seem to think is necessary for winning—whatever that might mean to them.
But funny as all that is, nothing could be more gut-busting than the feeble protestations of the increasingly-forlorn fans of Ewan McMuffin. He has even less hope of winning anything than Johnson, who has no hope at all. His supporters know it full well, and it hurts them in an almost-palpable way, as they rationalize helping to make the vile Sick Hillary president by referring to “principles” that are suddenly a lot less malleable than when they were demanding the rest of us “fall in line” to vote for “severe conservative” Mittens Romneycare. How making Hillary president is supposed to “restore conservatism” and “rebuild the GOP” is left to your imagination, which had damned well better be both florid and hyperactive in order to be equal to that monumental task.

Another Donald, Don Surber, who literally wrote the book about the American political punditry’s Trump Derangement Syndrome, has a great read at his blog about how Trump beat the press this past month.

Bill Quick answers a question I asked recently, and also shares some good news about Donald Trump’s poll numbers.

The media have been pushing a meme about Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton “powering through” her bad health, and Big Fur Hat kindly provides a visual for that.

Another tack for the enemedia is to say that questioning the terrible health of Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton is “sexist”. Go see MOTUS about that and to laugh at how absurd the pro-Hillary crowd is becoming.

Of course, if you’re not down with the Cult of Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton then you are deplorable and the left thinks they can just stick you in a basket and the Monster Vote won’t hurt their near-corpse of a presidential campaign. Good luck with that, dummies.

Happy TrumpDay, everyone, MAGA!



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Worse vs Explosive

Smartphones are all over the news right now.

The big story about the new iPhone 7 is that the iPhone no longer has an earphone jack. Here is an ad parody about it:

“Because please.”

The new iPhone’s top competitor, the Samsung Galaxy 7, has an explosive problem: it freaking explodes into fire when the battery charges. Here is a “Hitler finds out…” Downfall parody about that:

When Hitler finds out about the lack of a jack on the new iPhone, he decides that an explosive Samsung Galaxy is the better option:

Here is Hitler again, in the classic Downfall parody format, flipping out over the missing jack. He is more ranty in this one:

How about another ad parody for the “slipperiest” iPhone:

One more for the road, and this one is clean:


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The #NeverTrump Gary Johnson Pickle

The leftist-“conservative” #NeverTrump folks have been promoting invadercoddler Gary Johnson as an alternative to voting for Donald Trump, despite the fact that some of these very same Johnson supporters excoriated people who voted for Johnson instead of Mitt Romney in 2012. One of #NeverTrump’s gripes about Donald Trump is that he isn’t well informed enough about the world to be President. Yet, somehow, they think Gary Johnson is a better choice.
Kinda makes ya wonder wth is going on in their heads, huh?



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#TrumpDay Through the Years Edition

Welcome to another glorious TrumpDay! I have admired Donald Trump ever since I first saw him on tv, back when I was a little girl and he was a young up and coming entrepreneur. Perhaps some of these videos showing The Donald through the decades will help you see what I saw in him then that I still see in him now. Enjoy!

Here is a compilation of Trump clips spanning from 1980 to 2015:

Here he is in 1991 speaking to Congress on the economy:

With the 15th anniversary of the islamic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 just around the corner, this interview with Donald Trump, mere blocks away from Ground Zero and two days after the atrocity, is worth watching. The interview is for German television but Trump is asked and answers questions in English:

Now I’m going to wrap this up on a lighter note, with a 1980s commercial for the Trump board game:

Happy TrumpDay, everyone, MAGA!




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President of Philippines to “son of a whore” Obama: Butt Out!

Obama had plans to lecture Philippines’ President, Rodrigo Duterte, on “human rights”, but President Duterte isn’t interested in hearing the choom ganging islamophile’s musings on Filipino affairs.
Via Daily Mail:

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte called Barack Obama a “son of a whore” on Monday as he vowed not to be lectured by the US leader on human rights when they meet in Laos.

The acid-tongued Duterte bristled at warnings he would face questioning by the US president over a war against drugs in the Philippines that has claimed more than 2,400 lives in just over two months.

“You must be respectful. Do not just throw away questions and statements. Son of a whore, I will curse you in that forum,” Duterte told a news conference shortly before flying to Laos to attend a summit. MORE

The article at the UK’s Daily Mail says that Obama had planned to bitch about how they handle drug offenders in the Philippines, but a quick perusal of recent headlines involving that country suggests that islamophile Obama likely has a bug in his ass over how the Filipinos are responding to the violent islamic jihad that has been raging there instead or as well:

PHILIPPINES: Beheading of Canadian citizen John Hall by Muslim terrorist group Abu Saddaf

‘Vicious and brutal’: A second Canadian man is BEHEADED by devout Muslims in the Philippines

Philippines’ Duterte tells army destroy militants or risk Islamic State ‘disease’

“Destroy them, that’s an order,” Duterte told soldiers at an army base in the southern province of Zamboanga del Sur on violence-plagued Mindanao island.

Dozens dead as huge bomb explosion rocks popular market in Philippines

UPDATE: Islamic group claims responsibility for the bloodshed. At least 12 dead and 24 injured as a bomb tears through busy market in Philippines president’s home town.  MORE

Philippines’ Duterte Ramps Up Fight With Islamic State-Linked Militants

At least 25 militants and 15 soldiers have been killed in a series of skirmishes in recent days


Mr. Duterte, who came to power in June, has elevated peace and order as his priorities. He has launched a violent crackdown on drugs, pledging to wipe out dealers and criminals, that has already claimed roughly 2,000 lives in eight weeks. His predecessor, Benigno Aquino III, also fought Abu Sayyaf and tried to combat drugs. But these efforts are getting far more emphasis under Mr. Duterte.

Obama is now reportedly having his staff look into whether his meeting with President Duterte would be “productive” or Professor Choomsky McCaliphface should go find something else to do with that time slot (it has gotta be tee time, 4:20, or happy hour somewhere).


H/T: Drudge

Scandelous Update: Big Fur Hat at iOTWREPORT also reports on this story, and includes a very good theory about where President Duterte got the idea for the “son of a whore” reference to Ear Leader.



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