#AdrenalInsufficiency Update: Stuck

It has now been one week and three days since I underwent very invasive and complicated oral surgery and I am still suffering the consequences of my Adrenal Insufficiency which has rendered my body completely incapable of producing an appropriate response to physical trauma.

I am still very sick, weak, nauseous, in a lot of pain, and suffering digestive issues that are really TMI for polite company, so I’m in bed blogging this update from the nifty Kindle Fire that a dear reader friend got me for Christmas and using a WordPress app that I have on it.

The Kindle Fire 7 HD is one of the best gadgets I’ve ever had. It brings me great comfort when I’m too sick to do much because I can surf the web, play games (shout out to all my pals who play Words With Friends with me and to fans of the game Puzzle and Dragons), and I can watch live TV on it thanks to an app from my cable provider (Optimum) along with Amazon Prime Instant Videos.

I am nearsighted, so I need my glasses for everything that’s more than a few inches from my face and my glasses hurt when my face and lymph nodes are swollen or if I want to rest my head on a pillow, so in this respect, the Kindle has been a godsend to me. Of course because it is a Kindle, I can read lots of books with it also and the Kindle versions of books I like are often cheaper than the paper versions and Amazon also has a huge selection of classic and other books for Kindle that are available totally for free.

I know it might seem silly to value such frivolous things, but the mindless entertainment helps me to think of something other than how rotten I feel while my brain is simply not up to the task of focusing on more serious things.

My days are spent watching life pass by without me as I summon all the strength I can muster to take care of my kids and plant a smile on my face so as not to worry them too much while counting the hours till husband will be home so I can try to take a break and then waiting for the day to end so I can try to sleep until pain wakes me and the cycle starts again.

I thought I would be better by now and I know my uselessness is wearing on all who I care about so I want to ask you to please pray for me that this misery passes soon.

I will try to write again when I can, and hopefully get around to writing about not me soon. Thank you for your friendship, encouragement, prayers, and support. I really do mean it when I say that I love you all.




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