Racist Educator Demands Segregation In Schools

So all that busing they subjected the black and white kids to when I was a kid, and all that protesting to integrate schools before that was for …. what, then, exactly?

Downtrend has the story:

While most of America works for a colorblind society and strives for equality, a certain segment of the black community hopes to combat racism with even more racism. They think the only way to achieve a post-racial society is through segregation and division. Last week I brought you the story of a black activist calling for a blacks-only president, and now we find black educator saying black students should only have black teachers.

In America’s Unspoken Education Issue: Black Kids Need Black Teachers Melissa D. Anderson (no relation) is more or less calling for a segregated education system where blacks would have their own schools with their own racially appropriate teachers. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a big civil rights fight to de-segregate schools so black children had access to quality education enjoyed by white students?

Before we get into this, let’s establish what a racist statement is. The best test for this is if there would be outrage if a white person made a similar statement. For example: if a white man said white children need white teachers, would there be an uproar? Of course there would. Hell, if a white guy said black children need black teachers he’d be accused of sending us back to the Jim Crow days.   MORE HERE


If you are a white family in a predominantly black neighborhood, and you decide to move for the safety of your family after a few (or more) disturbing incidents, you will be brandished a RAAAAACIST and accused of committing the thought-crime of “white flight”.



H/T: Blur Brain




This post is linked at Classroom Racism Exterminator, where the author expresses some interesting thoughts on the subject of black students and white teachers. Thank you, Dr. Campbell!





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