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  1. Sa-Weet! Congratulations to all the Conservative mommies! I voted for all of you, the Chicago way (once at home & once at Starbucks each day!). Is that wrong?

  2. Congrats, Zilla.  I had a lot of fun with this, even though some real bad actors tried to ruin it.  I’ve been strolling the webz enough to conclude that none of the left blogs got spammed like you and Karen.

    The only ID theft I saw committed against the left was two comments at mine, from someone impersonating a “left mom.”  While it was insulting to me, it also actually complimented the impersonated blogger.

    This left mom blogger told me about horrible insults slung at her and her 5 yr old son, and I believe her.  But I don’t buy that anyone from the right did it.  She didn’t hazard a guess, but I will.  All the insulting and spamming sabotage was the work of a lefty troll trying to ruin the right sides’ reputation.

    There is some kind of “henchmen” system on the left, and when they saw us marching up the ranks in the contest, wow these henchmen made their rounds.  We’ll never know if any of the other contestants are actually aware of these henchmen, but we sure are.

    What an eye opener.

  3. Thanks for sharing the info about the Shrine of Flaming Capitalism (Temple of MUT), as well as the support. Thrilled to see you in the top 10!!! Glad to see so many of us do so well, and I was delighted with new on-line friends.  Hugs and prayers!!!!

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