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  1. I wish I had something really articulate to add here, but I think I’ll just have to leave it at: Thank you, for giving voice to what so many of us have felt about this.

  2. Most of my (Catholic) family back East voted for this
    POS.  None of them paid any attention to any of the warning signs that we
    all saw early on.  NOW they’re pissed off because they think they were
    duped.  Duped my behind.  I told them that they should have paid
    attention in the first place and no amount of whining and 20-20 hindsight is
    going to change what they did to destroy this country.

    I take no pleasure (ok maybe a little bit) in shoving it down their throats when they start bitching
    about how their messiah has gone against everything they (supposedly) believe
    and as a consequence, I rarely hear from any of them any longer.

    Funny how when someone elses’ ox is being gored there’s no concern shown but
    when it’s YOUR ox, well then, the phony outrage begins.

    “When they came for……………….”

  3. Actually, I like your original title better.  Really sums it up.

     I refuse to cut any slack for the “Catholics” (and we have some at our former parish) who continue to support Obama.  You don’t hear a peep from them on Facebook or anywhere else.  In both hubby and my opinion, these people are the enemy and shall be treated as such.

     One notorious couple is an ex-Jesuit and his wife who teach Philosophy and Ethics at our local college.  What a freaking hoot.  They’re also awaiting the birth of their first illegitimate grandchild compliments of their high school age son (who “loves the sound of the Islamic call to prayer and has named Lenin as someone he really looks up to.)  WTF???  Perfect example of “social justice” run amok!

    This couple sits in the pews up front and to the side of the altar reserved for the altar servers.  They are the ONLY people who ever do such a thing. Can’t get anymore in your face than that.  Oh – btw, I don’t attend that parish anymore.

    Mare – I could go on for pages and pages how angry these people make me, but I won’t.   😉

    Thanks for the links…

    P.S. have you noticed that even Father Z has started to sound like Michael Voris?  About time these people woke up and started speaking the truth of the infiltration of Marxism in the Church. 

    1.  I am going to post here the content of an email I sent to Ann Barnhardt a few days ago (and which I have given her permission to use in an upcoming post):
      I spent three years in St. Lawrence Monastery in Beacon NY, both
      as a postulant and Novice. I experienced first hand the hold that
      homosexuality has on the formation of clerics and religious Brothers. On
      the day of my investiture as a Novice Capuchin-Franciscan, there were
      suddenly five more men to become Novices, men who had not attended the
      required week of silent retreat. These future priests were all Ivy
      League educated and all homosexuals from prominent and wealthy families
      (I was none of those things, being the oldest Novice at 33 years of
      age). The three original Novices were housed in the Novice floor in the
      traditional cells (8” X 16′) with only a cot, three-legged stool and a
      bookcase that had a fold out desk. The new Novices were housed on the
      professed floor where they had a two room suite with private lavatory
      and closet. It soon became very apparent, even in the assignment of
      chores, that these scions of the wealthy were to be treated differently.
      About halfway through my Novitiate year, I decided to leave as I did
      not believe these very obviously homosexual individuals were valid
      Novices and the obvious homosexuality of the priests in charge of the
      formation program upset my ability to concentrate on my studies. The
      Theology classes were full of Liberation Theology and Marxist thought.
      (A couple of years after I left several of the priests broke away and
      formed a new order, one of the most well known being Fr. Andrew Apostoli
      of the EWTN network, a truly holy man and my spiritual advisor during
      my years at St. Lawrence). Sadly, everywhere I have gone, the priests I
      have talked to all come to the same conclusion you do.

      Look back at the “National Church” created in the USSR and whose Bishops were chosen and invested by Lavrentiy
      Pavlovich Beria and others in the NKVD, including a number of
      westerners that were subsequently incardated into dioceses throughout
      Europe and the Americas. Additionally, the ComIntern supported the
      positioning of the sons of wealthy sympathizers in positions of power
      within the Church by whatever means possible, including bribery,
      purchase and endowment of burses as well as blackmail of Msgrs and
      Bishops that were homosexual.

      Keep it up Ann! I will as well. “
      Fake Catholics or false Catholics tick me off. If you follow the Magisterium of the Church you are a Catholic. Vary by one jot or tittle and you are not.

  4. There is a polished silver lining to all of this.  For lo these many decades, loyal catholics had been suffering under the betrayal of the “modernist” catholics.  God, in His divine compassion has decided that the time for our moral suffering shall finally come to an end.  This does mean however that the crucible is upon us as He separates the sheep from the goats.

    The line between true and false catholics is daily becoming far more clearer and Holy Mother Church is getting stronger for it.  I know a lot of people go on and on about how being “divisive” is bad, but God himself wants the division between good and evil.  If they won’t repent, they will be forced out by God.  I have high hopes that at least ten years from now, the vast majority of unrepentantly disloyal catholics will no longer be in the Church.

    So, don’t be too upset by all of this.  We all saw it coming.  We were warned by Our King himself about these betrayals.  Pray for them.  In the end the Immaculate Heart of Mary will prevail.

    Fiat Voluntas Tua

  5. Great blog.  I like your spirit.  Please lose the f-bombs..   just post f%&(   or use the word  flipping.  I can then reccomend  your blog to  lost souls and friends for another truthful view.  I know this sounds wuss ish but please?  You have something to say and your diction brings question to what appears to be a SPIRIT led message.

    1.  Sending lost souls to me for guidance would be like sending the blind to be led by the nearsighted; they might eventually find their way to wherever it is that they should be going, but they’ll be taking a lot of detours and bumping in to all kinds of scary stuff in the woods. If you look through my archives, you will see that is is rare that I use curse words, but you will also see that I am primarily at odds with many pious Christians due to the fact that I mostly write for the counter-jihad and my most important message, which is about the Christians who are in the midst of a genocide holocaust caused by rabid islamic supremacists, is largely ignored and that means that the pious who ignore it are frequently targets of my wrath.
      I have (personal) issues with the Church in its present state, and I am not a good role model for Catholics, but I know a blogger who is! If you’d like to read posts from a lovely Catholic who truly understands the faith and is filled with love and compassion, then please read my friend Lisa Graas’s blog, Catholic Bandita. Lisa is a wonderful person and a very good Catholic, she loves Jesus with all of her heart and is the real deal in terms of both her Catholicism and her devotion to pro-life issues. You can find Lisa here:
      Catholic Bandita – http://lisagraas.com/blog/
      Other fine Catholic bloggers who I highly recommend are:
      Pundit & Pundette – http://www.punditandpundette.com/
      DaTechguy’s Blog – http://datechguyblog.com/
      Adrienne’s Corner – http://adriennescatholiccorner.blogspot.com/
      Bread Upon the Waters – http://quite-rightly.blogspot.com/
      Battle Beads Blog – http://battlebeads.blogspot.com/
      There are far better people than me that folks can look to for guidance, I hope you’ll check out some of the above blogs and tell your friends about them.

      1. Don’t discount yourself so MJ! I would rather direct a lost soul to you, someone who knows mankind’s failings and has deep reservations with our Catholic Church as currently configured and represented than someone who does not believe in the Magisterium of the Church and the essential truth of the Bible as well as the Salvation of Christ but is a believer in the delusion of socialist/Marxist spin on the Word of God and a touchy-feely ‘happy’=happy expression of that emotional clap-trap christianity. A true Church believer like you would point them to a Church that preaches the truth about sin, Hell and salvation and doesn’t accept the bullshit that passes itself off as Catholicism in America today.

        Pax et Bonum MJ.

  6. Vent my friend, say what is on the minds of conservative Catholics (a seeming minority) as I have attempted to do with my posts on this subject. Shockingly, very few of those who claim to be Catholics really are. The practicing Catholics I’ve met and know (and being a former Capuchin-Franciscan brother I can usually tell quickly if someone is actually a practicing Catholic) are mostly conservative politically and socially. These are usually the ones who do the grunt work in every parish, volunteering their time and labor for the good of the parish without fanfare or usually, thanks.

  7. Zilla, It seems the idea of health care for all would be something Jesus would have been for in his day. In fact, I believe his selfless compassion, forgiveness (go and sin no more), and advocacy for the disadvantage that ultimately cost him a horrible death, is what has caused his story to live through the ages. It is his behavior Christian Churches try to worship and emulate through their outreach to the poor.

    So I can see why leaders of the Catholic Church would see no problem with the State getting involved in helping with this outreach to provide basic health needs to those who cannot afford it. Where the swords are getting crossed it seems is the churches belief in pro-life and the liberal States increasing belief in pro-choice.

    Would you favor state subsidized health care for the needy if it did not include birth prevention/termination? Do you agree Jesus would more than likely have been in favor of the Romans providing the kind of social services for the poor mainly liberals advocate and fight for in our time?

    1.  I’m not Zilla, but I’ll give you my opinion. No. I do not believe Christ would have agreed to this at all. If you actually read the teachings of Christ without the liberal Marxist interpretation you will see that Christ directs us to care for the poor, the sick, the jailed, the widows and orphaned. He commands us to care for them directly, individually and to our ability to do so. Nowhere in the Gospels does He direct us to surrender our obligation to do these things to a government agency or department. Instead He directs us to perform these corporal works of mercy out of love for God and love for our fellow man. Period. All else slips and slides into error.

    2. The source of the subsidized health care would have been a subsidy – a tax placed on everyone regardless of their motivation. Being as one pays taxes under threat (legal action, jail, and other), no one can claim they freely render money to Caesar, or in this case our government.

      Because the giving of money is forced, and the person who gives money is separated by a several degrees from the person who will receive the service, there is no connection between giver and receiver. That undermines Charity, which is a combination of empathy, sympathy, thought and action that Xt promoted because it reflected G-d’s own charity to humanity. G-d did not subsidize His charity, and in deed His gift of salvation is only for those who will take it.

      The Church and its reformist branches in Protestanism have abdicated teaching the lesson of Charity through the ceding of responsibility to our government. Whether the ‘charity’ is Social Security or Obamacare, the Church has no moral claim to complain until it seizes back its responsibility.

    3. “Zilla, It seems the idea of health care for all would be something Jesus
      would have been for in his day. In fact, I believe his selfless
      compassion, forgiveness (go and sin no more), and advocacy for the
      disadvantage that ultimately cost him a horrible death, is what has
      caused his story to live through the ages. It is his behavior Christian
      Churches try to worship and emulate through their outreach to the poor. ”

      Hoseshit of the purest ray serene.

      Please locate me the Scripture where Jesus thought that charity should be conducted by sending Caesar’s legions out to take the wherewithal at spearpoint, to be doled out by scribes, Pharisees, and lawyers in as public a fashion as possible for their benefit.

      I, on the other hand, can cite you many verses where Jesus said charity should be performed by the individual, and in as private a fashion as possible.

  8. FYI, I am more or less an agnostic. Quite conservative and a traditionalist. Believe the state should help those in need, including health care, but screw it up like most big centralized gov’t does, by doing more than ‘need’ed, gross over-site, and miss-management leading to budget busting spending politicians cannot stop and still keep their much loved positions of power. 

    1. You describe precisely why gov. should be trimmed / macheted back to its Constitutionally prescribed small size and scope and adhere to the 1st Amendment`s call to, contrary to the Supreme Court`s interpretation, stay out of the business of the church !

  9. It’s the same old story. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    Or, to put it another way: What is it about the suffering caused by Marxism that people fail to understand?

  10. I am also deeply troubled by the church of my mother, I cannot claim it as mine since I do not practice but out of respect I will not abandon it. Your post is spot on, Bravo.

    No need to “clean” the language, I curse entirely too much when I write because I want to convey the anger and not have a reader misconstrue what I mean.  I know your angry, a lot of us are…I just want to see if the Catholics will step up to the plate. I have little faith in the people I know that are active in the church.

  11. Zilla, my friend, you are wrong.  The majority of Catholics are not ‘pissed off’, they’re not outraged, and they don’t care.  The bishops and priests (sans Chaput and a very few others) have taught them well for decades since Vatican II and Obama knows it.  Since that time the Church has become a moral relativist, clinging (only in rhetoric) to the remnants of opposition to abortion, homosexuality, and women in the priesthood.  Catholics nowadays follow one cardinal rule:  Judge not…ever.  Oh, and be nice and don’t complain about helping the poor through your charitable giving, now called taxes.  “Peace be with you” is now used by the laity as a substitute for confession.  Since many of the communion rails have long ago been ripped out, they now receive the Holy Host in their grubby little hands from the priest or resident lesbian like a card dealer in Vegas.  The priest stands behind his little card table thingy saying Mass while smiling down on the congregation like a rock star.  No, my friend.  Catholics answered the call in ’08 based on their Feel Good doctrine that they have heard for 50 years and those same 54% couldn’t give a wit about ‘free’ contraception.

    1. I read and reread this post (above). I wholeheartedly
      agree.  I believe equally all Christian denomination share duplicity
       in this horrifying shame upon our country.

      Church elders and leaders are more concerned about property
      bigger buildings, church skits, sound systems, music and daycare facilities to
      increase attendance to gain more donations. With more donations they build
      bigger buildings and bigger gimmicks to get more people in the pews. The weekly
      messages from the pulpit is generally pabulum light, not to upset the
      sensitivities of those who attend.  They are blackmailed and coerced by
      the government.  The if the use the pulpit to save life, correct wrongs,
      they will lose their precious “government approved Tax Exemption”


      The following are excerpts from “Discovering America’s Christian Heritage; Part 10 – The Pastors Influence
      part 1” by Pastor Roger Anghis

      Revolutionary War pastors played a pivotal role in the
      forming of the opinions and beliefs of those who took part in wrenching the
      Americas from the grasp of Great Britain. They didn’t just preach an
      inspirational message, they preached the Biblical values that became the
      foundation of this nation and then when the war broke out, they took off their
      robes and put on a uniform and went out to the battlefield with musket in hand.


      When Paul Revere made his famous ride he was headed
      specifically to the home of Reverend Jonas Clark. The reason he was headed
      there was because Samuel Adams and John Hancock were staying with Reverend
      Clark. It is interesting to note that Reverend Clark was the political leader
      in Lexington and had helped write the resolution of separation for
      Massachusetts to separate from Great Britain. When Paul Revere got to Reverend
      Clarks home and announced that the British were coming, Adams and Hancock
      turned to Reverend Clark and asked him if his men were ready. His response was,
      “This is what I have trained them for”.

      The importance of the pastors
      in developing the principles that influenced the desire for independence cannot
      be ignored. John Adams commented on two pastors that he believed were
      instrumental in making the people aware of their Biblical rights, the Reverend
      Dr. Mayhew and Reverend Dr. Cooper. He stated: “Most conspicuous, the most ardent,
      and influential [in the] awakening and revival of American principles and
      feeling.” There are many others that were influential in leadership during the
      Revolutionary War. Reverend George Whitefield, Reverend James Caldwell,
      Reverend John Peter Muhlenberg and his brother Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg to
      name only a few. You can read about these and many of the other pastors of the
      Revolutionary War by reading the books ‘Pulpit of the American Revolution’,
      ‘Patriot Preachers of the American Revolution’, and ‘Chaplains and Clergy of
      the Revolution’.

      See the rest@  ~~~   http://newswithviews.com/Anghis/roger127.htm

      Where are
      the Priests, Reverends, Pastors, Elders, deacon and leaders?  Where are the Men of God?Where is the

    2.  I never said the majority of Catholics are pissed off, but there are a whole bunch of them who are, despite the fact that they are the reason we find ourselves where we are now. Otherwise, I think you make an excellent point about what has happened to the Church over the years. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Maudie.

  12. Yeah, this is what I went through (as a brand-new Catholic) back in 2008 in my little corner of the world–Corning, NY. Which incidentally, is the birthplace of Margaret Sanger (who was duly baptized at St. Mary’s, one of our parish churches).

    While attending a Respect Life committee meeting in 2008, our parish priest handed out some torturous statement by Dougie Kmiec that stated it was okay to vote for Obama and still be pro-life. I also had numerous email exchanges with another active parishioner who defended abortion (yes, it is bad, but a woman’s right to choose doncha know).

    To date, not a word from the pulpit about the HHS mandate, but our bishop Mathew Clark did send out a vague and lukewarm letter about conscience.

    If this isn’t the Great Apostasy, I don’t know what could be. Saints preserve us.

  13. I can tell that your blood is boiling over this.  Mine is too.  Excellent post, Zilla!  Sr. Keehan is one of the people who irks me the most.  The bishops and leftist laity should be ashamed of “dancing with the devil”.  You’re right. They’re a bunch of useful idiots to think Obama was going to respect their religion and religious rights.  Obama is pure evil to force people of conscience to cover abortion-inducing drugs, sterilizations, and contraception.  

  14. I will NEVER set foot in a Catholic Church again. From priests telling women to stay with abusive men to pedophile priests to abortion loving Pols ALLOWED to take communion to their endorsing ObummerKare to this, they are corrupt con men.

    Gunny G

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