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  1. Thank you, Zilla, for posting my article!  Your blog is terrific, and it is an honor to be seen here!  

    To everyone, the video is not an endorsement of Americans for Tax Reform or Grover Norquist, its president.  Rather, it is the story of a congressman caught in the middle of a big fat lie! A slick operator not quite slick enough…. Yep.  You gotta watch ’em!

    1.  You are very welcome, thanks for sending a great post! I gathered from your post that the overall message is that Ben is a flip-floppin’ liar-pants and that your post isn’t an endorsement of the loathsome jihad enabler Grover Norquist, and I am sure my readers will too, but thanks for the clarification in case there is any misunderstanding! 🙂 
      You sure do gotta watch ’em all, whether R, D, or I, they are a slippery bunch once elected, it’s like a disease or something, perhaps the DC water is contaminated.

  2. If we don’t pay attention to what’s happening lower in the ticket just as you suggest, we’re in for a world of hurt.  I think your new nick should be “Diogenes of the Dextrosphere!”

    1. Hi frank!  You just led me down a little research path on Diogenes. 🙂  Thank you for the reference…. I think.  Interesting character; and yes, I am looking for an honest man, and am terribly cynical about it all.  We surely can’t rely on anything these days except people like Chandler doing everything they can to maintain power.  We have to dig in and resist! If we don’t, we’re goners…

      Thanks for reading and commenting.  Both are greatly appreciated. 

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