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  1. LOL.  you must be doing something right, to get so much attention.  Awesome new site you got here.  No more of that slow response.  It’s as quick as a blink.

      1. Has anybody actually paid to be whitelisted for a day?

        I doubt that most trolls have money to spend, unless they’re being paid by MoveOn.org or the Obozo Administration. In that case, I suspect that their owners would forbid them to send you any money.

        But your policy does make a good point!

        1.  No trolls have paid, but they have also largely stopped bothering me, so “the system works” and not in the lying J Nap way, but in the way that it actually does what it is supposed to do, which is keep the lil bastards from annoying me and wasting my time. With an official policy like this, they can’t bitch and moan when I send them away, well they can, but not to me. 🙂
          A nice friend did try it out as a gag, and to see if it worked, and he let me keep the fee as a tip jar hit. 🙂
          I set the fee high to act as a true deterrent, and it works. Maybe I should add another option, like let them by troll privileges on an hourly basis. Tee hee. As soon as the paid period is up, their comments go bye bye, so it’s a win-win – for ME! Mwuhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey I like yer new site. Spiffy it is. Found ya at The Other McCain. Chargin’ the trolls is a good idea, hope ya catch a few, but them mama’s basement dwellers usually are broke dumasses. Give ’em hell!

  3. YO Zilla!!!

    Love the new blog page! It loads so much quicker now, the old one was sparatic at best for me. I have now loaded you into my fav’s list, feel privaliged LOL.

    The troll thing you have going here is absolutly awesome!! LOVE IT.

    The Infidel

  4. Shiite, why have I had problems posting in several of my other favorite spots?  I’m upset. and hurt.  and I’m really not a troll.  just sorta.

    1.  If you’re having trouble here, it’s because my DISQUS commenting system is acting up, the fact that you were able to post at all shows that you’re not somebody who I’ve banned. Do you know what commenting systems are used at some of the other places you’re having trouble? I have difficulty commenting at places which have Intense Debate installed, lots of people do, a it is riddled with glitches. Some places may also have moderation turned on where your comment has to be approved by an administrator. And sometimes, like I said earlier, DISQUS gets fussy. I hope this info is helpful.

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