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Mare Is Back In The Hospital

I just got off the phone with Mare and she’s back in the hospital. Her asthma has been acting up again and she was admitted today until they get it under control. She doesn’t have her computer so she isn’t able to blog or tweet but she does have email access. If you leave a comment wishing her well I’m sure she’ll see it and it will cheer her up. I’m sure it would also cheer her up to see the old “notification of donation received” email Pay Pal sends out when kind people hit her tip jar.

Mare, if you can read this, get well soon. We’re all praying for you.

Beware the Monsters of the Internet

Zilla’s not even hanging on by her fingernails so I thought I’d share something I posted yesterday about the monsters of the internet, because the monsters have also been harassing Zilla. These are truly evil people, and they walk among us. *** I’m not sure how the sociopathic monsters Stacy McCain writes of pertain to my sociopathicContinue Reading

Zilla’s In The Hospital

I heard from Zilla late in the day on Tuesday the 23rd and she wasn’t doing well. She told me (via email) that she could hardly breathe and her medicine wasn’t working. I hadn’t heard back from her and tried to email her yesterday with no reply. I didn’t want to call her house becauseContinue Reading