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The Bloody Bitch Of Benghazi Sinks In The Polls

hillary clintonWhen a person is able to stand by the casket of a grieving mother’s son, look that women in the eyes and then willfully lie, then that person is evil.

She refused repeated requests for security. She WOULD NOT send them help when they were under attack. She got our boys killed and then she lied to cover her butt.

It is a testament to the corruptness of the propaganda spewing communists in the state run media that this malignancy is polling higher than a bleeding hemorrhoid — 46% is an outrage.

(Politico) Hillary Clinton, in addition to President Barack Obama, is facing declining approval numbers, a poll shows.

Clinton has lost a majority of public approval dropping to 46 percent approval from 56 percent in April, according to the NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey released Wednesday. Thirty-three percent have a negative view of the former secretary of state.

The poll also highlights that Clinton is losing support among younger voters, independents and even within her own party.

BenGhazi Blood“I was told a few things and they were all lies,” Smith said. “Obama, and Hillary, and Panetta, and Susan [Rice] all came up to me at the casket ceremony — every one of them came up to me, gave me a big hug — and I asked them what happened.”

“And every one of them says, ‘it was the video,’ and we all know that it wasn’t the video,” she continued. “Even at that time, they knew it wasn’t the video.”

“So, they all lied to me,” Smith continued.

“I don’t count,” she added. “People of America don’t count. The only thing that counts is their own selves and their own jobs.”

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SHOCK! – Obamacare Deductibles OVER $1,000 To Be Paid Before Doctor Will See You #obamascare

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The Final Word On Cloture

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Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogosphere Award 2013

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Herman Cain The Dangers Of Compromising With Obama

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Worst Reporters Of Year – The Obamagasm Award!

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“Glenn Beck Is A Thief” – Pamela Geller

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Gun Confiscation Option Scrutinized by Michelle Malkin

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Allah turns Florida woman into frog for burning Qur’an!

It makes you wonder how many of the inbred SOBs actually think that this is real? We are not dealing with civilized people here. Half of the nasty suckers wipe their butts with their hand and smear it on the wall. The Virginian Cross Posted From im41.com