#TrumpDay – I forgot to give this post a title edition

Welcome back to TrumpDay! Here is a parody song making fun of those stupid brainwashed antifa dumbasses, enjoy!   Here is a video compilation of 18 months of Left Wing Violence – what their enablers don’t want anyone to know about:   RELATED: Name Antifa As Terrorist Organization Petition Passes 200k; New Goal is One Million … Continue reading “#TrumpDay – I forgot to give this post a title edition”

#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

I’m late to the date cuz I was busy doing MomStuff all day, but here we are now, again, for #TrumpDay! I’ll leave the serious analysis of the week’s events to some better bloggers; all I’m good for right now are some cool videos & badass tunes that I found for you. Enjoy! You can … Continue reading “#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition”

#TrumpDay – Referendum Schmeferendum Edition

Huzzah! It’s TrumpDay again! There was a special election in Georgia for Newt Gingrich’s old Congressional seat and it was supposed to be a “referendum” on the Presidency of My Donald where the leftist “Trump Slayer” carpetbagger propped up by Hollyweird would win as the media predicted he would and it would show everyone that … Continue reading “#TrumpDay – Referendum Schmeferendum Edition”

#TrumpDay – Happy Birthday, Mr. President Edition

Today is not just another TrumpDay, it is also President Trump’s birthday, yay! If you are looking for stuff about that shooting this morning (which was committed by a leftist, BTW), I suggest you visit America’s Last REAL Reporter, Stacy McCain. I prefer to keep things light hearted when I can on TrumpDays, so here … Continue reading “#TrumpDay – Happy Birthday, Mr. President Edition”

#TrumpDay – Bard Edition

MAGA and Shadilay, dear friends, TrumpDay is upon us once again! Shakespeare in the Park has caught a homicidal strain of TDS. Aussie anti-Trump antifa goons get their asses handed to them. Daily Pundit shares a poem from American Digest: I SAW the second-best minds of my not-so-Great Generation destroyed by Trump Derangement Syndrome, pasty, … Continue reading “#TrumpDay – Bard Edition”

#TrumpDay – #Covfefe Edition

Salutations and shadilay! On this glorious TrumpDay, our President has gifted us with a new meme, #covfefe. Honey Badger don’t care: Smart puppy: Covfefe explained in images: Text accompanying above video on YouTube: Published on May 31, 2017–I thank Covfefe for creating this beautiful song, way ahead of the curve there pal. ****************************** Hello all … Continue reading “#TrumpDay – #Covfefe Edition”

#TrumpDay – #MAGA to the World Edition

Rejoice! TrumpDay is upon us, Shadilay! This week, My Donald, accompanied by our lovely First Lady and First Daughter, is reminding the world what real American strength and leadership looks like. He made us proud in Saudi Arabia. Then my President went to Israel, and he also undid the Obama policy which pretended that Jerusalem … Continue reading “#TrumpDay – #MAGA to the World Edition”

#TrumpDay – Nontroversy Nonsense Edition

Guess what day it is? OK, I gave it away in the title, yep, it is TrumpDay! Another week halfway down and another batch of lies from the leftist media. They just make crap up and the snowflakes set their hair on fire and run off to riot “protest” with whatever the “scandal” of the day … Continue reading “#TrumpDay – Nontroversy Nonsense Edition”

#TrumpDay – Fire and Frogs Edition

Oh, yes, TrumpDay is upon us, hooray! Of course the big news is that My Donald finally fired that jackass, James Comey, who had hacksplained to us back on July 5, 2016 that Crooked Hillary is a criminal who committed crimes and that if anyone other than Crooked Hillary had committed similar crimes they’d be in … Continue reading “#TrumpDay – Fire and Frogs Edition”