#TrumpDay – Hardcore Edition

I’m late to the date cuz I was busy doing MomStuff all day, but here we are now, again, for #TrumpDay! I’ll leave the serious analysis of the week’s events to some better bloggers; all I’m good for right now are some cool videos & badass tunes that I found for you. Enjoy!

You can never have too many exciting Trump memes…

God Emperor Trump:

Here’s a hot take on that special election “referendum” on Trump last week – Liberals Went Down To Georgia:

‘Bout danged time we got a good John Lennon Parody, this one is straight outta Kekistan – Imagine Communism:

#BlackLivesMAGA – (gratuitous f-bomb & n-word warning):

Ya know how they say right wingy is the new punk? How about some actual right wingy punk music? Crank it up!

Emperor Washington –

Russian Collaboration:

Trolling Snowflakes:

Like A Communist:

Run Over Protesters:

I hope you had as much fun with those as I did. Until next time, Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!


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