Thank You

I spent my morning at the dentist today for my broken tooth, the visit made possible by some kind and generous readers, and I now have some temporary filling action going on where there had been sharp jagged edged painful holes.

The dentist thinks I may be able to keep the tooth and avoid root canal, but because so much of the tooth is gone, permanent fillings aren’t possible and I’ll need a crown after they build the tooth back up.

It definitely feels better right now than it has in a long time and I’ll be able to (carefully) chew on that side again. I go back in about two weeks so they can start working on it, and a few weeks after that it will be crown time.

Now there is time to see if I can qualify for one of those dental loans that they do now to finance the thing.

Thank you to everyone who helped, prayed, and/or offered some kind words to me. I love you all.

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