A Little Help, Please?

Ever since I died & came back, I have been avoiding discussing my health and trying to stay out of medical offices, because I hate doctors now and I’ve come to accept a certain level of pain and misery as part of my every day existence.

But there are some things I can’t ignore, like the persistent cellulitis infection I’ve had in my left earlobe that multiple rounds of strong antibiotics since the fall, over and over again, just won’t kill so I keep going back to urgent care for it just to get it to calm down but knowing that I’m ruining my kidneys with the medicine and knowing that as soon as the scripts are finished my ear will blow up again and bring with it fever, chills, serious fatigue, and more body aches on top of my usual pain from nerve damage (leftover from the Lyme and other tick diseases I spent so many years in treatment for). What really drives me nuts about the ear thing is that it itches like crazy, before it gets so bad that it becomes a deep pain. Urgent Care is out of ideas and have suggested I go to the ER to try to get IV antibiotics and to see a plastic surgeon to see if maybe they can dig the infection out. Both ideas fill me with all kinds of anxiety. I wonder if anyone reading this might have better ideas?

The other thing I can no longer ignore is this damned toothache that has been bothering me for a while. It’s on the same side as the bad ear and comes from some broken molars that used to have fillings until a few years ago. It used to be my “chewing side” since you all helped me get some teeth pulled on the upper right side two years ago. So now I try chewing on the missing teeth side but that hasn’t stopped the broken tooth side from hurting and now it is becoming unbearable. I suspect they can’t be saved and will need to come out and it is scary because dental surgery is always risky for people with Addison’s Disease. I have always been prone to the types of abscesses that require serious care, but because I have to take steroids daily for the Addison’s my immune system is compromised so these bacterial infections are more of a recurring issue.

I never thought I would wish for dentures, but they would probably make my life easier at this point.

I hate to ask, after you all have been so kind to me over the years, but I’d really like to get a handle on the dental stuff before it gets worse and I end up really sick again, so I’m asking anyway, if you can spare it, please help a blogger out.

I don’t like talking about or thinking about my health, I guess I’m all burnt out on it after so many years in a medical nightmare before my near death experience, which had seemed to actually help some things, and I’ve been treated so badly by the local Emergency Rooms where they are clueless about my condition despite always having my medical records, that I have let my anxiety get the best of me but I don’t think I can put off the stupid toothache much longer because it is becoming disruptive and I don’t want it to get dangerous. Unfortunately, I don’t have comprehensive dental coverage and I’ll need to pay the dentist or oral surgeon at any appointments I make, and I just don’t have that kind of funding available. Hence this bleg.

I don’t want to become a bore again, so I will try to avoid discussing my health junk again except to thank people if they can help, but I’ll be linking this post at the end of my regular posts, for a while.

Thanks for reading, and helping if you can.


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