#TrumpDay – #MAGA to the World Edition

Rejoice! TrumpDay is upon us, Shadilay!

This week, My Donald, accompanied by our lovely First Lady and First Daughter, is reminding the world what real American strength and leadership looks like.
He made us proud in Saudi Arabia.
Then my President went to Israel, and he also undid the Obama policy which pretended that Jerusalem isn’t in Israel.
After that, he went to the Vatican and met with Pope Francis.
Next, to Brussels, for meetings with NATO, the EU, and France’s new president – and euroweenie leftists are all kinds of triggered about it.

Our own triggered snowflakes continue their demonstrations of organized manufactured outrage.

Here is a neat song parody, poking fun at SJW commies:

Russia! Russia! Russia! In this short video, a MAGA man attempts to educate some dumbasses:

Swamp creatures Can’t Stump The Trump – Comey edition.

That’s it for me for now. I hope you’ll check out the links and enjoy the rest of the week.

Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!

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