#TrumpDay – Fire and Frogs Edition

Oh, yes, TrumpDay is upon us, hooray!

Of course the big news is that My Donald finally fired that jackass, James Comey, who had hacksplained to us back on July 5, 2016 that Crooked Hillary is a criminal who committed crimes and that if anyone other than Crooked Hillary had committed similar crimes they’d be in trouble but because this is Crooked Hillary we are talking about nothing was gonna happen. Of course the TDS crowd is in full meltdown over this, as to be expected.

Adrienne brings us Newt on the Comey affair, and MOTUS knows what should be done with both Comey and Crooked Rotten Hillary Clinton.

Political Clown Parade offers a selection of Mean Tweets about the whole thing, my favorite being this one:

PCP commenter sig94 had this to say, which I find immensely quote-worthy:

Nothing says “You’re an incompetent, corrupt, ass kissing, double crossing, back stabbing, venal, unprincipled, faithless, dishonest, untrustworthy, clownish, two-faced, two-timing, perfidious, deceitful, treacherous political hack,” like a Termination of Employment Notice from the President of the United States.

Bunkerville has some more background on just who this James Comey really is, and The People’s Cube weighs in on the left’s love hate love relationship with the now former FBI director.

In other news, the cartoon frog that launched a million memes has been declared dead by its creator. Pepe is dead, long live Pepe. Related, by me and ICYMI, SJWs lost their fricken minds recently over a cartoon frog that wasn’t even Pepe. They are so easily triggered! Remember, if they are blocking your way, there is only one appropriate way to deal with them, and it might become fully legal to do so, at least in North Carolina, anyway! Odie has a suggestion for them:

Mike Huckabee seems to enjoy making snowflakes soil their red diapers nearly as much as Trump does, see my post about it at DaTechGuy’s Blog: The HuckaBadger.

The left really does intend to protest every single friggen day, all over the country, because they apparently have nothing better to do. Here is where you can find a schedule for their idiocy. Today, of course, among the dozens of other things that have them triggered to riot “protest”, block traffic, and make nuisances of themselves, they will be protesting the firing of James Comey. Today’s TDS protest is taking place outside of the White House.

Among the demoncrats who are bitching about My Donald’s firing of the con-Comey is Dick Blumenthal, who you may remember for having lied about serving in Vietnam. Trump calls him out on his stolen valor. Good.

Colbert is still a commie d-bag, and his fans are morons.

Professor Donald Douglas offers a dose of sanity for the fever-swampers.

Trump gets another cabinet pick confirmed, and the FDA gets a new leader.

Click the above links, read the stuff, and enjoy the winning. I gotta go do some things. Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!



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14 thoughts on “#TrumpDay – Fire and Frogs Edition”

  1.  Some day, I hope to get to see Niagara Falls for myself. The roar and the mist reminded me of a magazine cartoon I saw back in the `70s; Mom, Dad and their young Son are standing on a viewing platform below the falls, dressed in rain coats and hats, dripping wet. Mom leans over close to Dad and whispers, “Tommy has to tinkle !”

    I well understand how running water has THAT effect on you, but what I thought was funny was, even amongst the roar of the falls, Mom still felt the need to whisper.

    1. Niagara in person is awe inspiring. Caution though – many people feel the urge to jump in from the bridge. I can’t remember the name for this phenomena, but I felt it.

      1. Crazy WordPress put these comments to some other posts from five years ago as comments to THIS post. Weird! And those old blog posts were lost last year when my website imploded and I lost the database so I don’t even know where WordPress FOUND these comments.

    1.  She was beautiful (more so than in photos), articulate, passionate, and determined to see this thing through. I do hope she also wins in the primary for U.S. Senate because Elizabeth Emken not only polls the lowest of all the candidates but was pre-chosen behind closed doors by the RHINO’s who are, sadly, in charge of the CA Republican Party.

  2.  “MCA” is the name used by Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, he passed away recently.
    Poor Mudge has not eaten or drank anything in a week now, but she is still having seizures. I wish that God would have mercy on this little creature of His and either miraculously cure her or end her suffering and take her home. It is heartbreaking for everyone here, and especially for her little companion Henry. Mudge needs to be at Peace, she does not deserve to suffer like this and for so long, she is a sweet little animal.

  3. I love Odie’s idea. Yeah – block those trains (high speed preferred.)

    Sig’s comment is wonderful. So many lovely adjectives.

    Thank for the linky love, Zilla

    Happy Trump Day.


    1. Thanks, Bunk! My comments section has been doing crazy stuff lately, so it’s possible that you are not imagining things.

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