#TrumpDay – April 12, 2017 Edition

Welcome to yet another MAGAlicious TrumpDay!

The era of invadercoddling is over! President Trump’s Justice Department is ending the Obama administration’s suicidal and treasonous “catch and release” policy for those caught entering the country illegally. Remember, opposing invaders is not “anti-immigrant”, no matter what the leftist language butchering propagandists try to tell you. An invader is not an immigrant. An invader has no rights, other than the right to criminal prosecution and deportation. Also, what race is “invader”? That’s right, it ain’t raaaaacist to oppose invaders either. Americans and LEGAL immigrants to America first.

Patriots are growing bored of violent hostile leftist jackasses who keep rioting and attacking people for being non-commies, and the non-commies are fighting back.

Based Stick Man has a website and Twitter account, and a PayPal for bail money and legal fees since he keeps getting arrested for beating up on commie pinko rat bastard d-bags.

Apparently, Shia LaBeof isn’t done humiliating himself yet. Now he is off to Finland and has abandoned his silly “He Will Not Divide Us” thingy and his new “art project” is called “#AloneTogether”, where he will be texting from a cabin, or something. Okey Dokey! Thoggy is here to give you the scoop, and someone should get Thoggy a beer:


Here is another Trump movie parody video from Simon Bravery, this one spoofs The Truman Show. Enjoy:

That’s it for now, friends, I have got to go and do some things with my kids today.  Happy TrumpDay, y’all, MAGA!


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