This is what felonious #TDS dumbassery looks like

The dumbass pictured below is, sadly, from a town not far from where I live. Ronald Atzmon, of  Carmel, NY, has been arrested for stealing and damaging a New York State park sign that bears the name of Donald Trump. The fact that Donald Trump has nothing to do with the park (he donated the land and having it be named for him was part of the deal he made with the state in 2006 but other than that President Trump is not involved with the place) was apparently lost on this weirdo.

Ronald Atzmon, of Carmel, New York – DUMBASS

Creepy looking freak, ain’t he? And he was driving a van, completing the pervo vibe. Ronald Atzmon, of Carmel, NY, is 32 years old – old enough to know better but apparently not too old to be a felonious TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) afflicted moron. He was arrested by New York State Police and charged with third-degree criminal mischief, a felony, and a misdemeanor for petit larceny after publicly released surveillance footage helped to identify him. This was not some  Trump supporter’s cardboard lawn sign, this was government property, and a 32 year old should have better things to do than stealing anyway.

So far, there is one comment to the article at my local radio station’s website about this:

A shame to post his photo and name for such an insignificant incident!! – Jane LaLone

Those big state park signs aren’t cheap, Jane, and a 32 year old creepy man in a van committing a felony crime isn’t an insignificant incident. If 32 year old weirdo Ronald Atzmon, of Carmel, New York, didn’t want to be named and shamed then he shouldn’t have committed the crime, and his picture was already out there – from the surveillance footage showing his dumb ass at the scene of the crime.

Surveillance camera was at the scene of the crime


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