#TrumpDay – War to the Knife Edition

Happy TrumpDay, everyone, Shadilay and MAGA!

Our buddy Mike at Cold Fury inspired the title for today’s TrumpDay post. Mike links to an article at Taki’s Magazine about how freedom loving right minded Trump Supporters are FINALLY fighting back against the violent hostile leftist jackasses  who have been attacking innocent people since last year. Definitely read the Taki article, and be sure not to miss Mike’s fighting words in their entirety at Cold Fury, but here is a taste:

A genteel insistence on fighting fair when your opponent is a dirty, sleazy, conniving scumbag willing to use every nasty, unfair, and/or illegal trick in the book against you is a recipe for one thing, and one thing only: defeat. Does anybody seriously think they’ll suddenly discover magnanimity, honor, and integrity once they’re well and truly victorious? Hell no; they’ll go right on as long as we allow them to until they’ve crushed us entirely, humiliating and scourging us as grotesquely as possible, allowing us not the slightest shred of dignity or hope. Then they’ll turn right around and blame us for the whole fracas, and see to it that we’re harshly punished for starting the whole thing.

Thanks, but…nope. Maybe it’s time to let them be the ones who fear to speak their minds in public for a change; let them have their longstanding assumption of general agreement with their position turned into a reluctance to be outed as a Leftist at all. Let them worry about finding themselves suddenly surrounded by a hostile group eager to slam them bodily to the pavement, or getting a swift sucker-punch in the mouth at one of their little protest melees. Let them get locked up for incitement to riot when they get beat down by ten or twelve fed-up, aggressive counter-demonstrators; let them lick their fucking wounds in the hospital, and then go straight to jail from there. Let them get their cars overturned and burned, their businesses destroyed, their homes picketed, their livelihoods lost for daring to dissent from traditional American beliefs.

And let them cry, cry, cry about it the unfairness of it all too. When they do, let them be mocked for it.

Yeah, I know, I know; its un-American, and it’s depressing as all hell to contemplate the prospect, too. But America was lost a long time ago; this is the world they’ve made, and now we have to live in it, until such time as we can find a way to unwind the skein of authoritarianism they’ve bound us with, if we even can. So why shouldn’t we see to it that they have to live in that world, too?

It’s ugly, and it’s awful, and we all hate it. But it’s becoming more and more apparent that they’re never going to rediscover the value of free speech, of tolerance for dissent, of decency and civility, until they’ve been made to suffer themselves for having deprived others of those things with impunity.



Joe Dan Gorman, of Intellectual Froglegs, reminds us that the lunatic #Resistance to everything Trump is trying to do for us is coming from both the left and the right, see Trump Train vs Crazy Train:

It’s not just liberal media that’s going crazy during these first months of the Trump Administration— Trump is also playing a little havoc with the right wing media too — albeit for different reasons.

We’ve watched as the hysterics of the irrational leftmorphed into white noise— their freshly acheived plateau of irrelevancy is second only to their wildly misplaced arrogance.  Yet amazingly, they seem undeterred and impervious to embarrassment.

Nobody’s paying attention to them anymore.

Well, except for a lot of our friends on the right, who jobs rely on news, news and more news. RTR

H/T iOTWReport

I have a piece at DaTechGuy’s Blog, Laughing at the Left, featuring funny tweets from spoof Antifa accounts. I hope you’ll check it out!

Bill Quick notes that TDS continues to show up in places where political activism really has no business.

Didja hear that stupid people are freaking out over a costume they find “offensive”? Amazon has a onesie that says, “Make Mexico Pay” over a brick wall pattern, and snowflakes are outraged – so they have demanded that the product be removed from the site. Sanely, Amazon refused and if you want it you can still buy it, and if you use my Amazon links (to buy anything) I will get a small commission. They look like perfectly reasonable pajamas to me:

If you have the time, read the reviews for fun; some of them are hilarious. If you have money, maybe buy one or ten of then of them and make some red diaper wearing crybabies lose what little remains of their closed up minds.

Today’s Deals at Amazon

Adrienne has a story & video about some looney LGBTers who held a dance party protest or whatever in Ivanka Trump’s neighborhood. Don’t those morons know that President Trump is on the side that frowns on gays getting murdered for being gay and that the left stands firmly on the side of the people who routinely and brutally murder gays for being gay? Even if they have no common sense, do they also lack a sense of self preservation? CRAZY!

Remember how people used to be afraid of criticizing the Leper Messiah during his miserable eight year reign? They would look around to see if anyone else was listening and even then whisper whatever it was that Obongo had done that was grinding their gears. Kinda like how folks look around to see what minorities may be in a room before telling an ethnic joke. Now we have a President that people are afraid to openly say anything good about because the TDS goons are so freaking rabid. Don’t contribute to it, fight it! Support our President, be loud and proud about it, but also be smart and be prepared to defend yourself (just about any damned thing can be turned into a weapon if you need it). I am NOT afraid! I love my country and I love My Donald, and anyone who doesn’t like that can go stuff themselves.

It’s time for me to wrap this up, I have got to get started cooking dinner now. Again I wish you all a Happy Trump Day. Be brave, stay calm, and MAGA on, y’all!



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