Victory Over Da Agony Of Da Feet

I have really messed up feet. It used to just be a hassle to get shoes because my feet are two different sizes and they are also wide, but after having kids my feet became a nightmare. They hurt all the time. They make it hard to fall asleep and then they wake me up repeatedly, and if I am in a sub-par pair of shoes, my feet cripple up my whole body in muscle spasms and walking all our dogs is misery.

Visiting brick and mortar shoe stores has long been an exercise in frustration and futility as nobody around here carries decent wide shoes and even if I find a wide pair the fit is still all wrong somehow but it often isn’t that evident until I wear them for a day or so and then I get to regret wasting all that money and the shoes get passed on to somebody who doesn’t mind slightly used nearly new shoes and whose feet aren’t all messed up like mine are.

So I started shopping for shoes online, preferring places with free return policies because I know the odds are slim that something I buy will actually fit. Again I had problems, because some shoes that seemed ok at first turned out to have been cheaply made and hurt my feet within a few days but they are already “worn” so they can’t get sent back and some relative of mine gets another “new” pair of shoes or they go to the local donation box.

However, about a month ago, I decided to invest in a pair of Dr.Comfort brand shoes, that I saw on Amazon, because they claim to be designed for people with bad feet. I got a pair of cute “hiking” shoes, and let me tell you, they are the first pair of shoes I have worn in well over a decade that do not make my feet feel worse! They don’t squeeze my toes, or press down on the sensitive tops of my feet, or make my arches spaz out, and no matter how many darned dogs I have to walk every day, these shoes do not make my feet cause my back to hurt! The soles don’t slide off to the side like every other danged pair of shoes I’ve owned in the last 20 years, and they are not hard to get on and off, which is important to me because my hands are kind of messed up too. They weren’t cheap, but they also aren’t cheaply made and I have paid more for poorer quality shoes before so I am satisfied. Finally!

By the time I am done with THESE shoes, they will be worn out completely, so apologies in advance to the people who used to get my barely used shoes.

Dr. Comfort says their shoes are for diabetics, but really, I think they’re great for anybody who has failed to find a decent fit in other brands, and if you shop through my Amazon links, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you.


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