Gone to the Dogs

Who wants to see some adorable puppies?

I do eventually get around to doing what I say I’m going to do sometimes. I finally put the pictures from my old phone onto a computer so I can add them to blog posts. Yay, me!

On October 7, 2016, our Bella, the beautiful white Siberian Husky, delivered six little half breed pups, who were fathered by Oreo, who is a Dalmatian Black Lab mix.

Bellah’s Siberian Husky Dalmatian Lab Puppies.

Here is my little Bessie, who fit in the palm of one of our family’s Best Friend’s hand when she was just a day old:

They grew fast, and there was so many of them that Bellah needed my help around the clock for several months, but now they are nearly as big as their parents, or in puppy Becket’s case, bigger than them already!  Pic dump time!

Slatey Cat babysitting puppies
Puppies with Pumpkin Kitten
Slatey Cat with Misty Puppy
Misty Puppy at puppies’ 1st vet visit
Bellah insisted on going with her puppies to vet visits
Sleepy little puppies

Now they are much bigger (and they tore up the floor – good thing we will replace it one day anyway):

Bessie! So little at the time
Bessie, getting bigger!
Momma Bellah, still lovely
Pumpkin Kitten is still little!
Bessie and Misty, Teddy or Becket in back
Becket, once the runt, now the largest of all pups!

Zeke the cat with puppies when they were still little.

We gave two puppies away to our family’s best friends, and we kept four. They are almost 6 months old now and they are big beasties. We have two girls, Bessie and Misty, and two boys, Becket and Teddy. They are getting huge, but the girl puppies are spoiled like their mom and hog my bed along with Bellah and a bunch of cats. The king sized bed barely has room for me and hubby, but at least it’s warm! Here are pictures of the puppies taken just a few days ago while they played in their puppy yard outside:

Bellah and Misty


Their father, Oreo, only liked the pups until they became bigger than cat sized, now he prefers the company of the cats again, and he’ll try to bite the pups if he gets the chance so we keep them apart for the sake of harmony. I did get a shot of him with Bessie before he started biting everyone again though (please ignore the peepee pads, potty training pups ain’t easy):

I hope you enjoyed the puppy show! They are mayhem, but the cats love them (especially Slatey, he can’t get enough of the dogs, and Pumpkin Kitten who sees them as siblings – she even wags her tail like a dog when she plays with them), and so do all the people here. Life is better with puppies no matter how hard you have to work for them. Everyone has all of their shots and their momma Bellah is spayed now, so the next big thing will be to get the puppies neutered. If you’d like to help make doing that a little bit easier for us, please consider hitting ye olde tip jar if you can, thanks!


The Siberian Husky Dalmatian Lab Puppies are getting big and strong! We could use a lil help in keeping up stock on supplies for them…
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