The Long Knives Are Out For @Instapundit – The Mob Demands He Lose His Job

USA Today, competing for the lucrative birdcage liner and fishwrap market, has suspended Professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds (AKA Instapundit, AKA The Blogfather, AKA the only reason to read USA Today) from his column there following hypocritical leftist “outrage” over a three word post on Twitter that resulted in Reynolds’ temporary suspension from Twitter.

Leftists can use violent rhetoric and actual acts of violence against people with impunity, but a politically incorrect statement by a non-leftist MUST be punished, according to our self proclaimed moral superiors, so the “offended” will scream and howl until the target of their rage is utterly ruined.

USA Today published an apology from Reynolds along with a statement from the paper that his column has been suspended for a month, but in the comments section, predictably, there is screeching that he should also lose his job at the university where he works.

The University of Tennessee is now investigating the good professor.

The PC mob will not be satisfied until they have utterly destroyed a good man’s reputation and ability to make a living.

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UPDATE: Donald Douglas at American Power is, like Glenn Reynolds, a college professor and he has long been subjected to a (thus far unsuccessful) campaign to get him fired for publicly being a non-leftist. Professor Douglas links to this post (thanks, Donald!) and says:

Frankly, it wasn’t what he said. It’s who he is. Leftists hate Glenn Reynolds and they want his scalp. The Internet’s one big lynch mob and demonic fever-swamp progs seized a chance to destroy the Instapundit.

Of course Donald is right about this; I honestly would not be surprised to learn that this was just the latest excuse leftists were using in attempts to cause Glenn Reynolds to become unemployed. This is the left we are talking about, and this is what they do.

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UPDATE II: The Blogfather appears to be keeping his cool despite all the hullabaloo. Keep your head up, Glenn, the Army of Davids has still got your back.

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UPDATE III: The legendary Bill Quick, The Guy Who Named The Blogosphere, weighs in (and links in – thanks, Bill!) at the Daily Pundit. Here are some highlights:

The hag-ridden zombies and ghouls scent blood in the water, and now seek to destroy a good man they regard as one of their Soviet/NORK-styled Enemy Number Ones.

Let’s not let them do it.


I’m not too pleased by the eager capitulation of USA Today, and the fact that UT would open an “investigation ” of one of the shining stars in their intellectual crown is disheartening.


If there are any sane alums of UT, especially those who are generous donors to the university I hope they weigh in on this matter, quickly, vigorously, and forcefully.

I hope there are some sane University of Tennessee alumni and donors who will do as Bill suggests.



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14 thoughts on “The Long Knives Are Out For @Instapundit – The Mob Demands He Lose His Job”

  1. It was self defense. If I hadn’t stomped on the accelerator and run over dozens of rioters, they would have dragged us from our car and set it on fire, then beat, robbed, raped and killed us. I was in fear for our lives.

  2. I’m not much of a fan of Twitter, but this whole brouhaha is ridiculous. I’m also shocked that Mr. Douglas wasn’t canned from his community college years ago when he was posting so many “girlie” pictures.

    1. Donald always fights back against attempts to get him fired and has been fighting against such attempts for as long as I’ve known him. I’m glad he is good at fighting!

  3. I have actually had this experience in a mob attack in Venice CA. One of the rioters was using a crowbar to try to smash the windows of the car. I was fortunately drunk enough to do the right thing and drive directly into them. No one was killed. They jumped aside, but I had to wreck several cars. It works well,.

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