Worse vs Explosive

Smartphones are all over the news right now.

The big story about the new iPhone 7 is that the iPhone no longer has an earphone jack. Here is an ad parody about it:

“Because please.”

The new iPhone’s top competitor, the Samsung Galaxy 7, has an explosive problem: it freaking explodes into fire when the battery charges. Here is a “Hitler finds out…” Downfall parody about that:

When Hitler finds out about the lack of a jack on the new iPhone, he decides that an explosive Samsung Galaxy is the better option:

Here is Hitler again, in the classic Downfall parody format, flipping out over the missing jack. He is more ranty in this one:

How about another ad parody for the “slipperiest” iPhone:

One more for the road, and this one is clean:


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3 thoughts on “Worse vs Explosive”

  1. People and their phones. Ugh. The vast majority of people walking around with their noses in their stupid phones don’t need one. They are frying their brains. It’s just another way for the elitists to control us. Turn everyone’s brain (what’s left of it, anyway) to mush.

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