#TrumpDay Superstar Edition

Wednesday is Sundae at Carvel, and it is TrumpDay at MareZilla.com.

Donald Trump has been fabulous for as long as I can remember. Hollywood used to be aware of this fact. Here is a compilation of Donald Trump cameo appearances in movies and TV shows:

Here is an Inside Edition clip showing some Trump appearences over the years on Saturday Night Live. Note how they just HAD to add a nasty statement from radical anti-American hispanohustling La Raza for no apparent reason (kinda like how MSM jerks feel compelled to give a free platform to genocidal islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood Hamas-CAIR whenever someone tells the truth about islam or when muslims kill a bunch of people for allah). Look at how handsome Donald Trump is:

Here Donald Trump is edited into a parody of The Dark Knight. The videomaker is clearly not a Trump supporter but the thing made me laugh, which is why I’m including it, so maybe you’ll laugh too.

In the interest of fairness, here’s something starring Hillary Clinton that I think you’ll like:

Happy TrumpDay, everbody! MAGA!

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10 thoughts on “#TrumpDay Superstar Edition”

  1. Happy TrumpDay, Mare! The last video with her barking like a dog in the “Lights Out” trailer had me busting a gut! Hey, I got a new header candidate for you. Copy it from here:
    But you’ll need to crop off the LEFT side to make it fit. If you can’t crop it, just let me know if it’s long or short, and I’ll get it cut up for you.
    GruntOfMonteCristo recently posted…HuffPo’s David Seaman Freaks Out And Expects to Be Killed for Questioning Hillary Clinton’s HealthMy Profile

    1. I actually only needed to shrink it a bit and crop off some from the bottom. I like it, thanks! It is way more betterer than the one Ed #NeverTrump Driscoll keeps posting at insty with Trump as Sta-Puft marshmallow! Today I happily added the Comment Luv feature so blog friends can share their stuff easily with all my fives of readers. I had forgotten about CL till I saw it at Patriot Retort. I couldn’t use it when I had Disqus, but then Disqus started malfunctioning on my site so now I’m free of it.

  2. The Dark Knight one was hilarious. Isn’t it funny that even when someone tries to insult Trump, Trump still comes out the winner?

    I think Trump was pretty dang hot when he was younger. He’s not bad now, but he’s no sexy Paul Manafort the Great.

    1. Trump was my second ever crush as a young girl; Elvis Presley was the first. And yes, I do so love how attempts to mock The Donald only make him stronger. I can hardly wait for him to be President. Comedians should want this as well after eight long years of having to avoid making fun of the POTUS. Trump can take a joke, he will be fine when entertainers remember that its ok to make fun of office holders. And WE will be ok because non-snowflake people are able to take a joke and even laugh at our own without requiring a safe space or therapy or a riot or whatever it is that makes butthurt leftists feel better when someone makes hash from their sacred cows.
      I know you miss your Sexy Paul, but I am sure he will land on his feet and you’ll see him again. In the mean time, I kinda like that Kelly Conway who is on tv lately for the Trump campaign. She is likable, cute, funny and smart, and an American of Irish ancestry to boot!

      1. My mom was wild for Elvis. I was only about 13 and didn’t find him that hot. However, when he did the ’68 special on TV, I sat back and said, “Whoa – now I get it.” Gorgeous and unique. No one ever looked like him.

        I had crushes on guys like Bobby Hatfield of the Righteous Brothers, or, as my mom would say “white bread.”

        Kelly may be “likable, cute, funny and smart”, but ain’t no Paulie. More’s the pity.

        I’m waiting for LL to arrange for Paul to have breakfast with me (after leaving crumbs in my bed. Yahoooooo)

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