Blogiversary of the Resistance

Today is my sixth blogging anniversary, my blogiverary. Six years ago, I opened the Zilla blog on Google’s Blogger platform.

I am not feeling particularly celebratory at this time though, as I am still reeling from losing the constant rambunctious company of my three sweet puppies who all got sick and died last week, but I didn’t want this blogiverasry to go by unremarked so here we are. would also have a blogiversary coming up, but trying to save our puppies and their parents (adult dogs are still ok, thank God) completely drained all my resources and then some so I didn’t have the twelve bucks needed to rent another month on the server I use for that site so, while I still own the domain, the site is down. I currently have more pressing expenses to worry about, such as my son’s birthday and a new year of homeschooling for both kids to prepare for while still behind on money due to all the vet and medicine expenses from our nightmare ordeal with the parvo outbreak. I am sorry to say I don’t know when or if I’ll be putting the BsCN Weird News for a Weird World site back up, but stuff happens.

Thank you, dear readers, for all the support and friendship you’ve so kindly shown me over the years. I love you all.





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