Please, God, No More Death

Breezy puppy died yesterday, now his brother Moose is sick, and we still don’t know what is wrong. I am afraid we are going to lose all our dogs without ever knowing why. I am waiting for a call back from the vet to see if they have any interest in working with us on prices to save lives or if they will be content to demand hundreds more dollars to not tell us what is killing our puppies. Please pray for my dogs, and please pray that I find the strength to keep my patience and hold my temper in check during this heartbreaking and infuriating time.

Moose puppy before illness
Moose puppy before illness


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4 thoughts on “Please, God, No More Death”

  1. I’m really sorry to hear that Breezy died. He was a beautiful pup. But, you’ll see him again.

    The vet did check him for Parvo, didn’t he? I lost four pups in two days to that. It’s a nasty illness.

    You guys are in my prayers – especially the children. I know how much it hurts to lose a dog; or any pet, for that matter.

    1. They are going to test for largo today. I lost 2 dogs to it when I was a kid. Moose is not doing well at all. We leave in 40 minutes for the vet. Boscoe puppy still seems ok, but Moose was fine until this morning and is deteriorating fast.

  2. I put this at Adrienne’s….but then worried that you might not go back over there to see it in time to start and have a good result……

    Vladimir Solaratov Zilla of the Resistance • 11 minutes ago

    Zilla, you can save the puppies (MAYBE) if you put in a lot of work . Pepto Bismol to stop vomiting and baby (not ‘formula’ but has electrolytes) to fight dehydration. About 5cc using a syringe (you’ll need 2 syringes) Give it about every 45minutes to an hour. Alternate down the throat with up the ass like an enema. It’ll be absorbed by the lining ; and will be less likely to cause vomiting. Give the Pepto (about a teaspoon) every time the pup vomits.. Don’t bother with food.

    You’ll get no sleep….but I have saved a few puppies like that. You can get more information/directions by googling for it. The antibiotics will be good, too.

    Interesting note: if a pup makes it to 18 months without getting Parvo, he will never get it.

    I’m now praying for all the pups….to God, St.Francis, St.Jude and any passing saint that likes dogs.

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