Deadly Outbreak

… And we are ground zero.

It’s Parvo; it killed Breezy puppy yesterday and the veterinarian does not think Moose puppy will survive it. Boscoe puppy has symptoms but is still walking around under his own power. Of course that means nothing because Moose and Boscoe were perfectly fine yesterday and now poor Moose may not even see tomorrow. $700 for Tamiflu for the surviving puppies and their parents is recommended along with booster Parvo vaccinations for the adult dogs, and antibiotics for Moose and Boscoe because they can become septic with their systems weakened by the virus. My own long fight against Lyme disease finally offers something useful in that at least I have antibiotics handy that I don’t take anymore which are suitable for the pups.

My kids are devestated, especially my daughter. This is a horrible situation. It is very sad here. The cats are very upset, because they love the puppies, but Pumpkin kitten and her daddy Slatey are doing their best to keep the puppies’ spirits up – the puppies still wag their tails when their favorite kitties go to them.

Please pray for us, animals and people, we really need God’s help to get through this.

Boscoe and his brothers before they got sick


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