Breezy Puppy – Update

After a long night and day, Breezy is still fighting. Breezy is still very weak and sleeping a lot, but I got him to drink some water and eat a little chicken with his medicine this morning – he vomitted a few hours later but the vet said it was ok because it was enough time for the medicine to get in his system before he threw up. I went back to the vet today and got four pills for thirty bucks (whatta racket!) to help with nausea and vomitting so hopefully he will eat for me and keep it down along with his evening dose of doxycycline for the Lyme we suspect he has been stricken with. If he is not improving or worsens by tomorrow morning, back to the vet we go.

One thing that perks Breezy up a bit is bringing cats to him. All my dogs love the cats. Breezy will lift his head and wag his tail for kitties. Please keep my sweet little puppy in your prayers. I’ll keep you all posted when I can. Thank you.

Breezy before he got sick
Breezy before he got sick

UPDATE 8/21/2016 12:45 pm:
It doesn’t look good for our sweet baby puppy, friends. Breezy is very weak and wont eat, but he will get up to drink water. He is drooling profusely and has had water come back up on him in addition to what comes out the other end looking very scary. No vet is open today that we could remotely afford to bring him to, and I don’t know if our boy will make it to tomorrow. The vets charge a huge rate just for an appointment and then want more money to give any more than a cursory glance at him. We’ve spent several hundred dollars already on vet visits, tests, and meds that haven’t helped and we still dont know what is killing our puppy – and even with kindness from some blog reader friends (you know who you are, thank you and God bless you), we are tapped out. Breezy seems to have trouble swallowing so we hoped a vet could do an x-ray or ultrasound or something to see if he has a blockage, but they want $115 just for the appointment and then the cheapest diagnostic they would do is $168 for one X-ray, I was afraid to ask what else they’d charge, and then of course they will want to charge us into oblivion for whatever treatment they might give.

I hate being unable to help Breezy. All of the animals are taking turns trying to comfort him. He is such a good little dog. He is my kids’ favorite puppy out of the three brothers. Everyone is sad. I wish I had better news, I am sorry. A miracle recovery sure would be nice right now.

If Breezy can hold on for us till tomorrow, the vet will still be expensive but not as outrageouly so because it will be a weekday. Prayers for Breezy would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: It was a little past 2pm when sweet baby Breezy died. Everyone is heartbroken.


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