Sick Puppy – UPDATED

Our puppies are nearly six months old now and they are getting big, but today there is something wrong with Breezy, who was the “swimmer puppy” runt of the litter.

Above is Breezy as he usually is, the happiest living thing that I have ever seen. Today Breezy does not want to get up, or eat, or play, or even drink water, and when he does get up he is moving very gingerly. His mother, Bellah, is hovering over him which is not something she does since the pups got big. Breezy is not himself at all and I am very worrried about him. We have a vet appointment for him this afternoon. Please pray for sweet little Breezy puppy.

Back from the vet UPDATE:
So we went to the vet, it cost over two hundred dollars, but we still don’t know what is wrong with Breezy and he is still sick. Since this area is hyper-endemic for Lyme Disease in not just people but dogs as well, Breezy got tested even though false negatives are possible in early Lyme because his symptoms show it could be tick diseases. The test came back negative but we got doxycycline anyway just to be safe because dogs usually get better fast if they get antibiotics right away for Lyme and waiting is dangerous. I also had to give them a specimen sample of Breezy’s poo. Breezy has a fever and he weighs 37 pounds. They would like to run more tests but that would be a couple of more hundreds of dollars that we simply do not have available right now so all we can do is wait and see what happens over the next day or so. Breezy is just laying on the floor, he won’t even eat people food. My poor little sweetie! Please pray for our sweet little puppy. Thank you. I’ll keep you all updated as best as I can.


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