It’s #TrumpDay – #TrumpTrain Edition

Last week, it was declared that Wednesdays are better as Trump Days than Hump Days, and being that it is Wednesday again, here are some Trumptastic videos for your enjoyment…

Trump Train Anthem:

Lloyd Marcus is on the Trump Train:

If you like country music, check out Bobby Mackey on the Trump Train HERE, because embedding is disabled on that video.

There are a lot of Trump Train videos out there, here’s another:

Here’s a new catchy little ditty from Angel Leydig:

The Trump Train has to run through the jungle. You can run with the Lion or you (#NeverTrumpers) can side with the jackals and hyenas:

I hope you liked the videos and that you enjoy this, and every, Trump Day!




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7 thoughts on “It’s #TrumpDay – #TrumpTrain Edition”

  1. I’m running with the lion! I have been since the day he rode down that elevator. Had no idea there were all these Trump vids out there. Been too busy with all the painting to get around much. Only one smallish wall to go. I’ve been painting on average every other day. One day of painting and I’m pretty wiped. Not a good idea to be climbing up an 8 ft ladder when you’re a bit tired or sore.

    1. Donald Trump was my second childhood crush after Elvis Presley. I first saw him on TV being introduced as a “bold young entrepreneur” in the early eighties and he was so handsome and smart that I was smitten. I have followed his career and always rooted for him even though I never did watch The Apprentice. He is the first presidential candidate that I have honestly believed could help the American people since Ronald Reagan. I was a little kid when Carter was president, I tied yellow ribbons around trees for our hostages in Iran and prayed for victims of Islamic hijackings, and I waited with my dad in hours long gas lines. It was a miserable time in my community and it started to get much better the moment Carter was out of office.

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