Inside the mind of #NeverTrump

BigFurHat goes there:

BFH: Hey, thanks for you all being here. Let me start by asking straight out, “Do you want Hillary to be the next president of the United States?

NT#1: And let me answer straight out that we know where you’re going with this, and no, we do not want Hillary to be president.

NT#2: Speak for yourself. I really don’t care if she becomes the president. This is not about who wins at this point, it’s about principles. I have them. They are great principles, terrific principles and they are huge principles and they are winning principles. My principles are going to win so much you’re going to be sick of how much I’m winning with my principles.

NT#1: Uhh, he doesn’t speak for the majority of us. We don’t want Hillary to win, no.

BFH: Well, what are you doing to prevent Hillary from winning?

NT#3: We wanted Ted Cruz to win, he would have beat Hillary, that’s what we were doing to prevent Hillary from winning.

BFH: No, not what were you doing. Cruz lost. What are you doing now to prevent Hillary from winning?

NT#4: Cruz didn’t lose yet, and we’re not going to forgive what Trump and Trump voters did to Ted.

BFH: What’d Trump do?

NT#4: He beat him. MUCH MORE HERE

The “only Ted Cruz can save us” cult is supporting Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton instead of Trump because they KNOW Hillary will be an unmitigated disaster and the hope is that we will all be so beaten down by another four years of unchecked leftist abuse that we will eagerly jump at the chance to elect creepy Cruz in 2020 – and that can’t happen if Trump wins because there is a chance he can help America get off her knees and back on her feet which might result in a Trump second term which would put off creepy Cruz’s Oval ambitions off until 2024 and we mustn’t make him wait because principles or something.


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