A New Gig!

I have been invited to join the crew at the fabulous ‘Nox & Friends blog. It is one of a handful of places that I still visit and read daily (my reading list has shrunk due to the rampant Trump Derangement Syndrome on teh interwebz) so I’m honored to be welcomed as a writer there.

Of course, I am still keeping this blog, as it is my home, but while I currently enjoy an audience of dozens of readers, N&F has a readership of many thousands and a bigger platform to beat up on the enemies of Freedom and Civilization from is a good thing to have access to.

Please join me at ‘Nox & Friends, where you will surely find lots of great reads from the excellent team of bloggers who have so kindly welcomed me into their ranks. My first two posts there are HERE and HERE. Hope to see you there!


The puppies & kitten are growing and so are their appetites and other needs. I am holding a fundraiser to help meet the expenses of veterinarian visits and supplies. Please consider helping, if you can, and prayers are also welcome and appreciated.
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