Parents Gone Wild

This seems nuts to me, but I’m just a boring stay at home mom who homeschools and even if I wanted to I could not afford to send my kids away for the summer (and I wouldn’t want to): Parents having drug fueled sex parties while their children are at sleepaway camp:

“As soon as [our children] left, we’ve been in nonstop [party] mode — it’s seven weeks of freedom,” says Elle, a fitness instructor whose two kids are away for the first summer ever, leaving her to enjoy parties with pot, magic mushrooms, ecstasy and group sex.

“This is the first time in nine years I’m not having to be a mom — I want no responsibility,” says Elle, who, like many in this story, declined to give her last name for privacy reasons. “Some friends have swingers parties — I’ve seen group sex . . . It’s no pressure, go with the flow. It’s summer.”

“It feels like we’re kids at an adult camp — we’ve earned it,”   MORE DEPRAVITY HERE

They’ve “earned it”, and they’re gonna do whatever they want. I honestly cannot imagine handing my kids off to strangers for weeks at a time and not missing them or worrying about them, but I guess I am just an old fuddy duddy because mate swapping and group sex in the children’s bedrooms seems creepy to me as well. Also, hangovers suck, and I’ve heard that STDs aren’t all that much fun either.


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2 thoughts on “Parents Gone Wild”

  1. Holy crapola – is that what my parents were doing while I was at girl scout camp? Back in the old days, girl/boy scout camps were pretty awesome. The boys camp and girls camp were on opposite shores of Forest Lake. We had horses and earned badges in all sorts of different things. That’s where I earned my Red Cross and life guard badges.

    I remember thinking that the camp was a gazillion miles from home. Reality? 25 or so miles.

    The other thing I remember was the counselors having to get us Catholic kids up at dawn on Sunday to go to Mass in town. We tied a sock on the foot of our bunk so they’d know who to roust out in the morning.

    Did you just have birfday?? If so, happy, happy birfday.

    1. I did have a birfday, yesterday, thanks!
      I never went to camp, but that’s probably a good thing cuz I never liked trying to sleep away from home. Day camp might have suited me, but my folks didn’t have that kind of money so they invested in a backyard pool which was great to have.

      BTW, hubby just texted me about the feral cats at his job site – a runt of the litter kitten was abandoned so guess who will be its new momma? That would be me. Hubby will be home soon, I already mixed the kitten formula & have a syringe ready to hand feed it cuz Sky has finished nursing baby Pumpkin. I hope the kitty family will help me out with cleaning & cuddling the new baby though. We all still grieve terribly for baby Telly, hopefully we can save this new orphan kitteh.

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