July Seventeeth

Today is my birthday. I’m enjoying a nice quiet day at home, with the family and pets, and the weather is nice today for mid-July, not too hot or humid after some storms rolled through yesterday, also, there is a The Walking Dead marathon on TV today and a new episode of Preacher on tonight, so it is a good day.

Here are some links from around the blogofriendosphere:

Adrienne recently asked for our opinions on the Pokemon Go fad, see her comments section for the discussion.

Pat Austin at And So It Goes In Shreveport has gotten herself hooked.

Here are some news stories about Baton Rouge, Louisiana, see if you can find any coincidental commonalities:

New Black Panthers Chapter formed in BR, LA

Seven cops shot in Baton Rouge

Three Baton Rouge Cops Killed; one suspect dead, two at large

It was an ambush

Baton Rouge boy arrested amid investigation into alleged plot to kill police

Recently, Barky had nice things to say about some guys who got themselves shot by cops and gave a lecture about how RAAAAACIST he thinks cops are while at a memorial service for five cops who were assassinated by a black supremacist douchebag

All of it, of course, unexpected and unrelated, just like how islamic terrorist attacks have “nothing to do with islam“. Uh-huh.

See also, “Hope and Change” Becomes “Death and Destruction” at Doug Ross

In other unsurprising news, The National Review is still in the throws of malignant TDS.

The Daily Pundit is holding a fundraiser to escape from San FranHellHole and move back to where people still love America, please help him out if you can!

If you need a palate cleanser from all the depressing and crazy news that’s out there, take Grunt’s advice and go spend time in small town right wing America, where people are still decent and good times that will make great memories may still be had. Just watch out for those freshwater sharks!

My friend Whoopie at Blur Brain shares some very important thoughts about all those flowery balloon & teddy bear shrines that spring up every time islamic savages butcher a bunch of innocent civilized people, HERE.

Insty brings a bit of optimism with the news that we may soon see a vaccine for dementia brought to human trials.

DaTechGuy is looking for a good writer or two to add to his stable of fine bloggers that he calls The Magnificent Seven.

Did you know that Turkey has 50 US nukes to hold hostage? Go read about it at Maggie’s Notebook and also be sure to see everything you need to know about Gulen Schools there as well, it is important WTF stuff!

Some (new) messed up tyrannical stuff is going down in Chicago, read about it at HillBuzz.

Well, that’s enough at the computer for me for now, I hope you get good use out of the above links and I hope you enjoy the rest of this fine day, which, again, happens to be my birthday. I’ve got some yummy ice cream birthday cake to eat that my husband got for me, zombies on tv to watch, and a bunch of puppies looking at me who need to be walked. The puppies are getting big, I still have all three and their parents, I will try to get some new photos of them and Pumpkin the Kitten up soon in a new post. See ya later!





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