Is This Thing On?

I have been having problems with this site for months now but have been too busy with puppies, kittens, and kids to get on an actual computer to deal with it until now. I noticed that this blog seems to vanish from teh interwebz for hours or days at a time for no apparent reason and that my sharing buttons vanish even when the blog does not. This, after having lost five years of my database earlier this year.

What’s going on? I am not sure. If I were paranoid, I might suspect something nefarious due to my having poked a few hornet’s nests over the years, but since I am not nearly as active as I used to be and haven’t poked at anything meaniepants for a while I think there is probably just a glitch somewhere in my files so I will have to go digging around in them and hope not to screw more stuff up while I do. Wish me luck with that last bit, please!

If I don’t end up blowing up the place (again), I’m hoping to do some design changes too that might make the place look and function better. So, “please pardon our dust” and if you are reading this and my comments thingy is working, I’d love to hear from you. Thank you for your patience.



With the arrival of puppies and kittens following quickly on the heels of some unexpected financial obstacles, I am holding a fundraiser to help meet the expenses of veterinarian visits and supplies. Please consider helping, if you can, and prayers are also welcome and appreciated.
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9 thoughts on “Is This Thing On?”

  1. Oh goodie – it’s all white now. Looks great, Zilla.

    Problems with site? I blame WordPress. WP hates, hates, hates me, and so I hate WP. Tit for tat!

    I know people say in order to look professional you must either have your own domain or at least use WP. I’ve never had a lick of problems with Blogger, and don’t give a rat’s ass if I look “professional”.”

    Maybe if I earned my living off my blog, I might be concerned. Besides, I see YUUUUUGE places like Zero Hedge that have horrible sites and couldn’t care less.

    Trump 2016

    1. TRUMP!

      Yeah, I got the server for this site for free as part of my interwebz package but I never had problems with the old Blogger site except for that one time when all the Blogger sites went down years ago for like a day or two, but I was always afraid I’d find myself deleted because I used to do a whole lot of hard hitting stuff against islamomaniacs and commie pinko rat bastard d-bag jackasses who like to complain to bloggers’ hosts to get them shut down. Blogger was a lot easier to work with for the type of design purposes I prefer than wordpress and a lot less hassle, I kinda miss it but I like being in control of my property even if my property is a bit jacked up. Sucks that I lost all those years of stuff though when I had to nuke my database to make the stupid blog show up again. Can’t win for losing, as they say. LOL Luckily, my blogging kinda sucked the past few years so I didn’t lose too much GOOD stuff, and I can still dig up the lost posts with the way back machine so maybe I’ll put them back some day.

  2. Site looks awesome and very clean, Zilla. If you like, I’d be happy to design a fire-themed header for the Blog of the Resistance, but no pressure. Hmmm. Maybe we could come up with a reclining Zilla in a black, skin-tight catwoman, crimefighting suit… Flames all around. Flaming skulls! Coming right up! LOL!

      1. Whoa! You’re using it already! It’s still going through the review process, and Adrienne vetoed it because it’s not clear enough that Sky (or other random cat) got too close to the bonfire, and she thinks it might look like animal cruelty. Your thoughts? I need to rework it anyway. What do you prefer?

        1. Got your message via email about substituting Godzilla for the Catchick. Are you sure? I can try a few things. I’ll put them up over on your Header post. Oh, BTW, you spelled my link “Monte CRISCO!” How embarrassing! 🙂

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