Heartbreaking Update

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Telly. I brought him home last night and stayed up around the clock for his feedings every two hours and to administer the vitamin the vet had given us, and the kitty family pitched in with nursing and cleaning him and for a while today he looked like he was coming around, but then he started to fade after his 3:30 pm feeding today and he died in my hands a few minutes before what would have been his 5:30 feeding. We are all devastated by the loss, he was such a special little guy! Momma Sky is upset, losing her second kitten even though she had adopted Telly, Daddy Slatey is hiding, but baby Pumpkin kissed her little brother goodbye and is trying her best to use her cuteness to wrong smiles through our tears. Apologies for typos, I can’t really see what I’m writing and I am not going to proofread this. Thank you again for the prayers and for the help some of you sent that made it easier for me to get the kitten formula we needed. We actually had to supply it to the veterinarian’s office while Telly was there because it isn’t something they keep on hand. I am sorry that I could not provide a happier update. Sweet little Telly will be forever missed and never forgotten. I gotta go hug my kids and surviving pets some more now. May the good Lord welcome our Telly into His loving arms.