Please Pray For Baby Telly!

A few weeks ago, we adopted a day old abandoned feral kitten that my husband had found in a perilous situation and we named him Telly.



Telly was adopted by cat parents Sky & Slatey and their kitten Pumpkin. Sky’s willingness to nurse Telly is the reason why he is alive. Slatey and Pumpkin also help to clean him and cuddle him so momma Sky can take breaks.




Things were going well, Telly was growing and starting to do adorable kitten things, until the night before last when he apparently took a fall after I accidentally fell asleep while Sky was nursing him on my bed – I usually put them in the bathroom at bedtime so they are all together and out of mischief. The next day he was out of it but still nursing and I hoped he’d recover but things deteriorated rapidly overnight and when I brought him to the vet this morning he seemed barely alive at all. His temperature was very low and he was incredibly weak. We LOVE little Telly and are devastated to see him in trouble.

We have had to hospitalize baby Telly the kitten. He has gotten IV fluids, meds, and a feeding tube. They suspect he may have neurological damage so even if we do everything we can he might not make it, but we know that Telly is tenacious and tough so we are going to do everything that we can to save his precious life. I believe in the power of prayer and I believe in the goodness in the hearts of all of you, so I think your prayers could really help our poor baby Telly to pull through. Please pray for him! He really is a sweet little thing and we all love him more than words can express. Please, please, pray for our tiny Telly kitten. Thank you.





With the arrival of puppies and kittens following quickly on the heels of some unexpected financial obstacles, I am holding a fundraiser to help meet the expenses of veterinarian visits and supplies. Please consider helping, if you can, and prayers are also welcome and appreciated.

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