Puppies and Kitten VIDEO!

I’m doing this from my phone so hopefully it works ok. Here is BRAND NEW video featuring the  puppies, Breezy, Boscoe, and Big Moose, and the kitten, Pumpkin.


Puppies & Kitten of the Resistance – May 4, 2016

PS If you would like to help with the pet vet & pet supply fund, please see the tip jar button in the sidebar, we need all the help we can get!

3 thoughts on “Puppies and Kitten VIDEO!”

  1. Okay – I’m all rested up from watching this yesterday. Just watching all that activity wore me out, Zilla. Good grief – you are one strong woman!!!

    Puppies are so cute. And I like how papa doggie just stands around doing nothing except looking confused. Sort of typical, wouldn’t you say?

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