Puppy & Kitty Families of the Resistance – Today’s Pictures

Here are the puppy & kitty families during the one quiet moment I enjoyed today – I only got two good shots before critters & kids woke up, but I hope you like them!


Clockwise from the top that’s baby Big Moose, Daddy Oreo, little Breezy, Boscoe, and Momma Bellah.

Below are Sky and her surviving baby Pumpkin, who is growing fast. Pumpkin opened her (or his, we don’t know yet) eyes yesterday and is already climbing around in the box on my bed where Sky insists I keep them:


That’s it for now, as all the young here are in need of my attention. Please say a prayer for little Breezy, he doesn’t give up and we’re working hard to help him, but he has a long way to go. Thanks!


With the arrival of puppies and kittens following quickly on the heels of some unexpected financial obstacles, I am holding a fundraiser to help get meet the expenses of veterinarian visits and supplies – especially for our pup Breezy, the runt, who has Swimmer Puppy Syndrome. Please consider helping, if you can, and prayers are also welcome and appreciated.
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6 thoughts on “Puppy & Kitty Families of the Resistance – Today’s Pictures”

    1. Pumpkin is one and a half weeks old now and has reached that stage of kitten development where EVERY SINGLE THING about Pumpkin & every little thing Pumpkin does is absolutely ZOMFGosh the cutest thing in the history of evah!!!!eleventy!!!!!11ll!!!! Sleeping is cute, upside down face is cute, tiny meow is cute, chirp from momma Sky is sooo cute, stretching AWWW PUMPKIN PIE IS STWWWETCHING OMGAWWWWZODANGEDCUTE,

    2. Wait till I start getting video of the babies in motion, pups are doing all kinds of cute things at one month old, and Pumpkin is already walking a little and climbing in the box.

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