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While Barky & Mooch were on vacation in Communist Cuba, islamic savages once again launched major attacks against Western Civilization with violent mass murders against non-muslim targets.

Barky took a break from praising Cuba’s dictatorship, and saying that the Castros’ criticism of the United States has merit, to spend about fifty seconds to acknowledge that he heard about the atrocity in Brussels that was committed by apparently generic “terrorists”. Then Barky took in a baseball game and later danced the Tango, while being led in the dance LED BY A FEMALE, while Mooch moved awkwardly on the floor with a male dancer. The hectoring of the American people against the imaginary threat of islamophobia and praise of Obama’s beloved islamic faith would just have to wait – but not for long!

Via Bare Naked Islam:

After the latest Muslim terrorist attack in Brussels, the Muslim-in-Chief warns Americans against “stigmatizing” Muslims

Time-Obama-MuslimIn the wake of even more Islamic terrorism, we don’t need a lecture on Islamophobia, we need a commander-in-chief whose loyalties are to America, NOT Islam. Barack Obama stated that it was important to avoid measures that might “stigmatize” Muslims – but the Republican presidential candidates did not agree.

Breaking IsraelNews  (h/t Mike F) In his weekly media address, President Obama responded to the double attack in Brussels that left 31 dead and approximately 300 wounded. Two of the dead and 14 of the wounded were American citizens. The Islamic State (ISIS) took responsibility for the attack.

Obama said that targeting Muslims would be “counterproductive.” MORE

Barky Hussein then went on to remind us of all the imaginary good things muslims have contributed to our country, yada yada, bla bla bla let in more unvetted and undocumented muslims who will never assimilate but will try to assimilate US to islamic servitude bla bla bla religion of peace yada yada bla bla, you know the drill.

The Obama administration also let the public know that muslims blowing stuff up and killing innocent people in Western cities is a sign that we’re, like, totally winning at degrading ISIS. I don’t have a link for that one, but I heard it on the TV news so you can probably find it parroted at PuffHo or WaPoo or some other hopenchange state media propaganda outlet if you’re interested. Go back to the BNI story for what Donald Trump and Ted Cruz had to say in the aftermath of these islamic terrorist attacks and what should be done (but won’t be until the left is out of power) to try to stem the body count of islamic terrorism here in the United States of America and in Europe.

By the way, Easter was celebrated in Pakistan by muslims who deliberately murdered at least 65 Christians and wounding 300 more (mostly women and children) with bombs detonated at a playground.

Also, ISIS, crucified a Catholic Preist on Good Friday. There does not appear to be a video or cartoon handy to blame these heinous islamic acts of depravity on, so it must be the fault of islamophobes or something because it would be meaniepants to blame islamic savages for acts of islamic savagery committed by muslims for islam.




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