Surprise! KITTENS!

Three weeks ago, our dogs had puppies. One year ago, as some readers may recall, hubby rescued two feral kittens from getting crushed by construction equipment at his job. The kittens, Sky and Slatey, have grown up. Slatey got big, and we thought (hoped) that Sky had simply gotten fat. Yesterday, Sky showed us that “fat” wasn’t the correct word.

There was a pet disturbance in the basement with kitties staring at the ceiling and what sounded like mouse squeaks up above. And then Sky came out of the ceiling with a wet bottom. I had a feeling that it was a new kitten, not a mouse, up there. Sky wanted to eat and then back in the ceiling where she would growl. But mostly, Sky wanted to follow me wherever I went to meow at me. So, I sent the kids to fetch hubby and he tore apart the basement ceiling until he pulled out a very tiny, very cold, live little kitten. I put Sky and her baby in a box with some towels, and after helping the kitten to warm up, I helped the kitten find its momma’s milk supply. Sky still wanted to be with me wherever I went, so I ended up brining the kitty box into whatever room I had to be in and all the pets inspected the baby and kissed little Sky, the new mother. Bellah, who just had puppies, took it upon herself to help clean Sky’s uh, lady stuff. Eventually, Sky finally let me leave her and the baby in the bathroom with the door closed and when I checked on her a little later, she had just delivered a second kitten. The second baby is much bigger than the first and much better at nursing. I think the little one is struggling due to its first few hours being stuck inside the basement ceiling, hopefully it will get stronger now that it is freed and warm.

We will be needing lots of visits to the veterinarian for all these mommas and babies, but we recently got clobbered with some obstacles to being able to do so including hubby recently losing a over a week of wages after an unfortunate accident with a log splitter, my car self destructing, and my primary care doctor no longer accepting my insurance (I’m still not recovered from nearly dying in November and I still need medical care), and our local grocery store going out of business which forces me to borrow husband’s car to travel further and pay much more than I used to have to in order to get groceries.

We could use some help, if anyone can spare it, and prayers, and maybe encouraging words to keep me going while kittens and puppies, and their mothers, show me that they want my attention desperately every time I try to close my eyes to sleep at night.

Of course the silver lining is: PUPPIES AND KITTENS!!!!!! I will post pics of both whenever I can. The other silver lining is that being overrun with animals born right here, hubby ought to be cured of his taking home every stray that crosses his path – I hope! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is Sky with her kittens:


Here is a pile of puppies (I just took this):




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9 thoughts on “Surprise! KITTENS!”

  1. Consider the tip jar hit, Young Lady. Hope you get some sleep! Good luck with all that love, and good luck to hubby with the accident. I hope it’s just that he got struck by flying debris and had a minor break, but not anything worse. Prayers on the way.

    1. Thank you so much, Grunt! With the bank still hitting me with NSF fees for the check I didn’t write, I need all the help I can get. Hubby lost a week of work but went back on “modified” duty afterwards for a while but is mostly healed now. It was a disgusting injury to his hand involving a “degloving” of one of his fingers, tearing a nail OFF (they sewed it back on – it was NASTY) and an open fracture. He was using a log splitter to process a giant downed tree when his work glove got caught on some wood and then he got mashed up badly. The kids & I spent the day in the ER with him, and the kids behaved surprisingly well.

        1. Thanks, Grunt! It could have been much worse, he’s right handed but injured the left one. He is a mechanic and welder who works on big construction equipment so he needs both his hands which is why he was forced to miss work. Luckily for me, he did not complain much, except for worrying about the lost income. He still has to keep an eye on it and go back to the surgeons if weird stuff happens like with the nail growth where he had gotten sewn back together but he’s back to being able to do everything he could do before and now he is super duper careful when dealing with the giant dead trees that need to be smallenated around here.

          1. That is so great. Fast recovery for that type of injury. I don’t use the splitters, but often work with big chainsaws and large table saws that constantly keep you on your toes. One mistake could cost you a hand or worse. He’s a brave dude to be back at work already.

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