The Unfortunate Side Effects of #TDS

Trump Derangement Syndrome’s unfortunate side effects include, but are not limited to:

Fanatical leftists rioting like the idiot savages that they are

Republican political hacks getting into bed with violent fanatical leftists

Conservative bloggers giving tacit approval to violent fanatical leftists by refusing to condemn the violent attacks against free speech and the right of people to peaceably assemble

Fits of the verbal equivalent of explosive diarrhea by conservatives condemning Donald Trump because leftist savages in the throws of full blown TDS are acting like leftist savages


Incendiary douche baggery, as exemplified by the National Review’s Kevin Williamson who wants working class white people to DIE. (You first, Williamson, you stuck up self righteous asshole).

Ted Cruz, the Canadian candidate who claims to be Mr. Constitution, revealed himself as just another hollow weenie by sympathizing with violent leftist rioters and condemning the target of the violence rather than the rabid rioters for their disgusting behavior. Not to worry though, to his fanatical supporters he can do no wrong and they will likely cheer if/when the #occupy mobs return and Canadian Cruz joins them in pooping on cop cars and packing rape tents.

Little Marco Rubio, trying in vain to not to be outdone by the Canadian, sounded like a whiny little child while paraphrasing Barky Oblather’s schpeel about how words mean things and “have consequences” or whatever. I can’t say I paid much mind to what he was saying because his high pitched voice threatened to make my ears bleed, as opposed to Ted Cruz’s smug face which threatens the same to my eyes.

And of course, Kasich also failed to support the Republican front runner’s supporters’ right to attend political events unmolested, but few are paying much attention to the hand puppet guy anyway, so he’s not worth a whole lotta pixels here.

Before the Chicago TDS riot, I could have voted for any of them if they were the GOP nominee (even though the Canadian renders himself less likable every time he starts speechifying in either lawyer talk or preacher speak) but now, after the way these dummies pandered to the hostile jackasses who’ve been fucking shit up for normal people for years with impunity, screw them. They leave me little doubt that they’d be about as effective as Cryin’ John Boehner and Milquetoast Mittens Romney were in opposing anti-American hostile jackasses and their destructive agenda if given the opportunity to hold our nation’s highest office. They are buckling to the slightest breezes blowing from the left through the corrupt media, how could they possibly stand strong against leaders of regions of the world that have declared themselves our mortal enemies?

Am I supposed to infect myself with a rabid strain of TDS because acolytes of the Canadian and the ManBoyRobot say that Donald Trump is not conservative? Yeah, fuck that noise, they can take their mealy mouthed hand wringing panty waisted brand of “conservatism” and shove it.

These chumps are doing more damage to the Republican brand than Donald Trump could ever hope to do if he were so inclined. Not that I care about the Stupid Party much these days anyway, but still, screw them.


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18 thoughts on “The Unfortunate Side Effects of #TDS”

  1. WOW honey, this is GREEEAATTT and so true!

    Tired of these pompous windbags.
    Look at their age (some of them) like Katie Pavlich–she lives in a P.C. bubble and does not even GET that the only way to come out of the Progressive/Commie cancer is to face it head on with F Bombs and whatever it takes—like we’ve been doing for YEARS!

    Great write up on these stuffed shirts.

    1. I am now 70 years old and have no desire to listen to a bunch of 20 and 30 somethings pontificate about that which they no nothing. Surprised they haven’t published their first autobiography. Dopes.

  2. Great post Zilla, you nailed it! I thought Cruz had enough sense not to fall for that, just proves they are not near as smart as they think they are! In fact dumber than I thought he was! I already knew I couldn’t vote for any of the others, and wasn’t sure Cruz was trustworthy. His actions just proved he’s no different! These people just don’t get it! They convinced enough people last to support Romney and he was a real loser, same with McCain! They are the ones who are scared of a real winner! Romney showed more passion going after Trump than he did going after Obama! And Glen Beck, I don’t even want to get started on him.
    God bless you my friend!

    1. God bless you too, Patricia, and it is so nice to see you here! Nobody wants to get me started on GB either, cuz I could go on all day long!

    1. I guess I’ll need to blog more then. Thanks, Ironbear! By the way, I forgot my login for TDP so I can’t comment there till wordpress correctly handles password requests, but I first heard the phrase “Fuck that noise” in the late 80s on Long Island from a girl I went to high school with. I don’t know where she got it, but I liked it. 🙂

      1. Ahhh… Hmm. I picked it up in the late late 70s and then mid 80s in the circles I ran in in Texas, so it’s been around. Have no clue.

        I have a deep suspicion that it’s like “Fuckin’ A!”, a phrase that originated in the leather jacket, motorhuckle boot, and ducktail hot rodder counter culture of the East Coast and made its way down through the “Tough Guy” counter culture along with James Dean, Lucky Strikes, Elvis, and that whole sort of “Oh yeah? Bring it,” and “Whattaya got?” attitude from a certain generation.

        But that’s just a suspicion.

  3. *grin* Watch Streets of Fire sometime, and pay attention to Pare’s Tom Cody character, and you’ll immediately get why that movie’s a bit of a cult classic with us from the “Born in the 60s, razed in the 70s, and fucked in the 80s” generation right on the cusp between the Boomers and the Gen-X. It… resonates on a gut level, the whole attitude. “Fuck that noise, and fuck you too. Right in the ear, pal.”

  4. Zilla, someone gave me a heads up days before Mitt Romney attacked Donald Trump that Rinsed Prius was about to sic Romney against Trump. The Sunday before Mitt Romney launched the attack, word was out about the plan. With the Soros instigated attack on Trump to add insults to injury, the GOP has become its own worst enemy. It reminds me of a Christian apologist Bob Morey blaming Satan for his problems and Former GOP Congressman Bob Dornan blaming his defeats on Liberal Democrat Loretta Sanchez’s campaign staff and illegal aliens when they alone wounded themselves and took a beating they inflicted on themselves by their own arrogance. I replied to an email that Rinsed Prius’ staff sent by telling them they better support Trump if he wins the nomination. It looks like my home state California might be a huge influence which could get Trump the victory in getting the needed delegates to become the nominee. Ben Carson’s endorsement put me on board as likely to vote for Trump in the GOP California primary this June.

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