U.S. Trade Deals: What Do We Know About Them?

One of the big stories today and I hope stays a big story is how fundamentally hosed America has been on its trade deals.  Just like the genesis and history of the housing bubble that flamed-out our economy back in ’08/’09, the decades-old history of trade legislation and the who’s who behind it all, including all the crony capitalists, is coming to the fore.   And, as it turn out, it’s not all that complicated to understand.  In fact, when it comes right down to it, none of our problems are  that complicated to understand.  That’s just what the people who don’t want us to know the truth are always telling us so we can feel stupid and inadequate about discussing any of these things.  The challenge is to understand the issues of foreign trade from the 40,000 foot level where you can see the patterns, connections and results over decades.  You know the phrase well:  “There are just a lot of moving parts.”  Don’t you believe them!

This piece from Pat Caddell, done for Breitbart, is a good summary of one of the driving forces behind our economic woes and why Americans are getting behind Donald Trump.  Note, particularly, Caddell’s writing that the Republicans have looked upon this “nexus issue” as politically “ancillary.”  Whaaat?   The contempt the Establishment has for Americans becomes clearer and more stunning with each passing week.


Pat Caddell: ‘The American People Have Figured Out They’ve Been Screwed’ By Free Trade

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Caddell said Ted Cruz has been on “both sides” of the recent trade authority dispute, a position Cruz clarified during the Thursday night debate by saying he was in favor of the authority process, but against the trade agreement that emerged. Caddell thought Trump has done a far better job of tacking into the wind of the Republican base voters’ disenchantment with trade agreements, saying he “struck there” first, at a time when the issue was still largely regarded as “ancillary” by Republican strategists.

He argued that the press has fundamentally misunderstood the Trump phenomenon all along, because they think Trump’s personality and celebrity shifted GOP voters’ positions on issues like free trade and immigration, when in truth Trump was tapping into a “free-floating anxiety” about economics, and sense of “political alienation,” which had been building in those voters for years.

“The ‘independent variable’ is the American people who are driving the election, and Donald Trump is the dependent variable,” Caddell declared. “He has been the vehicle closest, for many, many Republicans – despite all of the other problems – substantively, on the issue, and it is economic nationalism.”

Don’t let your knowledge begin and end with one or two articles.  Dig deeper to understand the subject of trade and economics so that you can identify who is and who is not defending America’s right to a secure economic future.

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  1. Thanks for bringing big brains to the Zilla blog – if folks don’t catch the “author” line to this post they might think I’M smart!
    You’re right, America is forever getting hosed on this stuff – cuz putting American interests first would be politically incorrect, meaniepants, and, RAAAAACIST.

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