They Stole All That I Had And More

If it hadn’t been for the pizza joint, I have no idea when I would have finally found out that I’ve been robbed.

Being that today is a Friday during Lent, I called to have a pizza delivered for dinner. My car gasped its last a week ago so I’m housebound for the foreseeable unless hubby is home from work and I can use his car. I don’t have any paper money handy here, so I put the pizza on my debit card. A few minutes after I ordered it, the restaurant called me saying that my card had been declined.

I knew there was around $400 in my bank account so it made no sense to me that a two digit dollar amount would not go through. I checked my balance online and to my horror I saw that my account was overdrawn by nearly $150 due to a pending electronic check of about $500 that I never authorized. I have no idea who made this fraudulent check and unlike every transaction that I ever actually made, there is no information available about who this fake check is even going to! 

I called my bank hoping to find out what the heck was going on and they could not tell me who is stealing my money and they can’t (or won’t) stop the unauthorized transaction from going through, so I can’t access my money until after they do an investigation and there’s nothing I can do except wait the five days they say it will take to look into it. The fake check is “pending” but the bank won’t stop it from processing and giving the criminals my money – if the bank would stop the crook’s fake check from processing then I would not be overdrawn and I’d still have access to my money instead of some criminal getting it while I wait, penniless, for the bank’s procedure to play out.

It’s almost as if the bank is more interested in protecting thieves than it is in protecting its customers. Five hundred bucks might not seem like a big deal to some people, but that was my freaking grocery money. And money to buy dog food for my dog who just had puppies and needs extra nutrition to make good milk for her babies. So the criminal and the bank are not just hurting me and my family, they are also hurting sweet innocent helpless little 11 day old puppies. How evil is THAT?

Too bad my bank didn’t use some of the taxpayer funded bailout money they got a few years ago to make it so customers didn’t lose all access to their funds when a some unknown criminal makes a fraudulent transaction against a customer’s account.

I just had to get that off my chest.

I will be blogging about those sweet little puppies soon, I’m waiting for my dog to let me take pictures and she isn’t ready yet. Momma dog is very protective of her pups. Too bad I can’t feed the crook who robbed me to her, because she is gonna be hungry and since she had those babies she is also perfectly happy to try to bite people.




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