Guaranteed to be the Best Interview You’ve Ever Heard!

Donald Trump’s former butler, Tony Senecal, who says he worked for Mr. Trump for “20-some” years, went on CNN today to respond to some of the meager smears the media and the Establishment are hoping will take hold.  Like that other interview (which will be posted below this one), the media minion went on a fishing trip and got skunked bad!

Then there was this comedy gold:

Aren’t the media pathetic?


6 thoughts on “Guaranteed to be the Best Interview You’ve Ever Heard!”

  1. What a terrible interviewer. Granted, Senecal gave many “dead end” answers, because she asked “dead end” questions.

  2. Adrienne — I laughed ’til I cried! He wasn’t giving up ‘nuthin! I could only imagine that after that many years in Trump’s close employ, the man has had to deal with his share of nosy people with a microphone. Priceless.

  3. I guess the hope was to uncover some terrible secret about Trump being meaniepants. FAIL!

    Thanks for posting this, AA!

  4. Zilla, Heck! If I had been the interviewer I sure wouldn’t have wasted my time asking those stupid questions! Heck no! I would have asked all the kinds of insider gossipy questions about Trump’s personal life 🙂 What kind of shaving lotion does he use? Why has he never changed his oppressively heavy maintenance hairstyle? What’s his favorite meal? What does he do for fun? LOL!

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