Hey Ted, You’re Next! The Establishment Is Calling.

Cruz Rubio

On the heels of Trump’s Tuesday trampling of the Establishment’s carefully executed barrage of anti-Trump missiles, including the hilarious visage of Willard — “Never saw a Crony I didn’t adore” — Romney warning us all  how awful it would be to vote for someone who wasn’t part of enacting socialized medicine (!), the same folks who backed Jeb!, Rubio, Kasich, Graham and the rest of the GOP insiders, are at the end of their rope!  And sweeter still, it is probably the same rope with which they thought they would hang the Republican party’s front-runner, Donald Trump.

Now, having run through the list of so-called Silver Bullets, those Trumpire Killers, Jeb!, Rubio, Kasich and the rest have turned out to be nothing but noisy blanks.  But like their insider cohorts of elections past, Trump refused to go down in favor of the GOPe’s selected candidate.  He refused to play the crazy game they play every four years, “Let’s Pretend Voters Have a Choice.”  Nothing surprising about that.  He’s not one of the insiders and he doesn’t play by their rules.

Politico reports:

Republican elites are begrudgingly embracing Ted Cruz—and hanging Marco Rubio out to dry.


“He seems to be the only guy who’s got some momentum, and is probably the best situated if there is anybody out there to beat Trump,” said Austin Barbour, a prominent Mississippi-based GOP operative. “That’s why there are many people like me—Ted Cruz wouldn’t have been our first choice, but as we go through the process, we’re reevaluating our vote, and he seems to be the guy at the top of the list.”

Now the GOP Elitists have to turn to their back bencher.  Ted Cruz, the guy who has spent his entire campaign trying to convince everyone that he is a true political outsider has been tapped by the Committee to End America as We Know It.  Oh my!  This is turning into quite a cliff hanger, isn’t it?  Does Edward Cruz play the game, knowing that he will be the next target of the GOPe’s wrath?  Does he cut a deal to keep Trump from having a clear claim to the nomination?  And what does he say to all those people who believe him to be fighting for them, leading the charge against  the Establishment?
Rubio Phone
“Hey Ted, it’s for you.  D.C. calling.”

6 thoughts on “Hey Ted, You’re Next! The Establishment Is Calling.”

  1. What I just said today:

    Could Trump be any worse than the people who’ve held office for the past 100 years? People, who I might add, go to Washington and become millionaires before they leave, that is, if they leave. Since when has politics become a life-long profession?

  2. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful writer here at MareZilla.com, thank you for another wonderful post, AA!

    BusTED is CRUZing for a bruising! The TDS crowd will see news of Jebby’s cuddle with corrupTED as a good thing, though, I’m sure!

    1. They’re doing good, they are like plump little piglets now & I think they’ll open their eyes within a day or so. Hubby said it looks like they are all boys.

  3. I remember a warning the Tea Party issued to the GOP in 2010 after the Democrats refused to listen and heed the warning from the Tea Party: they’ll be punished for not listening to what the people want. The Democrats threw an infantile temper tantrum, with Dr. Howard Dean leading the way. The GOP tossed a bone, and thought they would get a permanent green card. Their political green card is now getting yanked.

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